An anonymous tipster alerts us to a wave of Nazi propaganda left on the doorsteps of houses in an (as yet unnamed) Arlington neighborhood.

According to messages on the (as yet unnamed) neighborhood listserve, the flyers are similar, if not identical to these leaflets that were distributed on Metro in 2006.

Last week I came home to find a 2 page flyer (yellow and cream colored) stuck in my door. The sponsoring “groups” are “New Order” (with a swastika in the center of the “O”) and “White Workers Emergency Action (WWEA)”. Both of these groups use PO boxes in Milwaukee,WI, and require you to send a $1 to them for more information. The basic message of these hate filled flyers was to support “White pride” and to end “RaZism” The messages were quite disturbing to me – as was seeing a swastika front and center. I’ve spoken to a few people, but they didn’t receive them (or notice them) – just wondering if anyone else did – and to find out if there’s anything we can/should do about this. I’m no lawyer, but I do know they have a right to express their opinions – but is it lawful to solicit this way?

Another listserve missive recalled the days when Arlington was the home of the American Nazi Party.

Remember that George Lincoln Rockwell, the paragon of these goofballs, had his HQ in [Clarendon-Courthouse], just above the Java Shack (it wasn’t the Java Shack then), and was assassinated on Wilson Blvd. coming out of the Econowash.

We think the unnamed neighborhood in question is either Virginia Square or Douglas Park — if someone could please confirm that in the comments, we’ll update the story.

Update at 2:00 p.m. — The same flyer has apparently been randomly distributed in various parts of Arlington over the years. One local resident says the leaflet was left on the doors of homes in the Westover / Highland Park neighborhood in June.


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