Arlington Christmas Tree Collection Schedule

by ARLnow.com December 27, 2010 at 10:42 am 2,331 11 Comments

Arlington County has released its Christmas tree collection schedule.

Trees will be picked up for recycling between Monday, Jan. 3 and Friday, Jan. 14. The county is asking residents to remove all ornaments, lights and stands, and to place the tree outside by 6:00 a.m. on their regular trash collection day. Do not place the tree in a plastic bag, say county officials.

Apartment, condo and townhouse dwellers who don’t have curbside garbage pickup can drop off the trees for recycling at the county’s Solid Waste Bureau (4300 South 29th Street) provided they show proof of Arlington residency.

Trees collected by the county will be ground down into wood mulch. Find out more information about tree collection here.

  • bob

    Can I just complain a bit?

    1. We love density right? But anyone who lives in a “dense” area isn’t going to get curbside recycling for their trees, and have to haul a very dry and dead tree to the SWB. Talk about a mess. Can’t you do something a bit more convenient, arlington? It is a one tim deal. Just putting up something on Quincy and Columbia Pike would help.

    2. Have to prove Arlington residence? Is there a pressing need for this? Do we think homeless mexicans from Alexandria or blacks from DC or salvadordan gangs from Fairfax are coming to Arlington to dispose of their Christmas trees?

    3. Why turn it into mulch? Turn them into wood pellets for electricity. Use them at the incinerator for power. Hell, turn them into paper.

    There was a great article about a town in Sweden that managed to use bio-fuel for most of their electricity. I don’t think it is a model for Arlington, but it is an excuse to get a little creative.

    • AllenB

      Don’t underestimate yourself. By your posting, it’s obvious you can complain a lot.

      • Arlington, Northside

        I like the county’s free mulch! I think it would be great for them to just set up the trucks in the neighborhood school parking lots on the weekend after Christmas, let everyone haul their own tree over and pass out the mulch right there for anyone that needs it. Montgomery County did that in the old days, might still even.

    • V Dizzle

      So, would this whites-only tree disposal create a little or a lot of smoke when we burn them for electricity? What percentage of the Swedish energy model is comprised of burning wood? Is this a new form of bio-fuel? Burning pine?

      • Arlington, Northside

        they don’t just mulch the White Pine, they do the Scotch Pine and Doulgas Furs too.

        • V Dizzle

          Ahh, I’m happy that the pines are not subject to prejudice. The “blacks from DC” will be appreciative of this.

          • AllenB

            As will the Salvadoran gangs of Fairfax and the Mexicans of Alexandria.

    • Requiring proof of residency is a good idea, or you WILL have people from other jurisdictions using the dump.

      • tuesdayschild

        Hey, how about proof of residency for use of arlington parks and basketball courts while we are at it!

  • NorthAdams

    the mulching of the trees, by weight, goes towards meeting our EPA mandates for recycling. that is more measurable than wood pellets.

  • Arlingtonthen

    We cut the branches off our tree and put them in our own mulch pile.


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