Arlington, VA

Concerned about “very low utilization” of certain metered parking spaces, Arlington County will be experimenting with lower hourly rates.

There are about 4,800 metered parking spaces in Arlington, according to Traffic Engineering and Operations Bureau Chief Wayne Wentz. After studying the occupancy rate of parking spaces around the county, officials decided to take action to improve the utilization of about 180 spaces that are on the fringes of commercial areas.

The rate at those spaces will be lowered from $1 per hour to $0.50 per hour for a six month “trial period.” After the trial period, county officials will evaluate the results of the change and decide what to do next.

Wentz said making the change is “relatively easy.” It involves flipping switches inside the meters and changing stickers to reflect the new price. The new parking rates should “go live” by the end of February, Wentz said.

The changes are being made in the following areas. More detailed information was not immediately available.

  • Sequoia Plaza (near the county’s new Department of Human Services facility) — 70 spaces
  • Outside the Courthouse area on Barton Street — 35 spaces
  • Penrose area near Columbia Pike — 31 spaces
  • Pentagon City (Joyce Street south of 15th Street) — 23 spaces
  • Arlington Ridge area — 12 spaces
  • East Falls Church (Westmoreland Street, near Metro) — 10 spaces

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