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BREAKING NEWS — BB&T Bank Robbed in Rosslyn

by ARLnow.com January 26, 2011 at 1:46 pm 4,304 26 Comments

(Updated at 3:05 p.m.) An armed robbery has been reported at the BB&T Bank in Rosslyn.

Initial reports suggest two men robbed the bank, located on the 1900 block of Fort Myer Drive, around 1:40 p.m. One of the men was armed with a gun, police were told.

The men were seen fleeing from the scene. Police radio reported that the men dropped the money after a dye pack exploded in the nearby Holiday Inn parking lot.

Police set up a perimeter and used dogs to try to track the suspects. So far, the suspects remain at large.

As commenters have pointed out, the BB&T Bank branch robbed today was also robbed in 2008.

  • TryTheTacos

    Sounds like the suspects dropped the money near the Holiday Inn. Must have had a hotel bill to pay.

  • Gotta love the dye packs.

    What morons

  • EM

    Hotel, motel, Holiday Inn

  • Ryan

    Still lots of cops around, dogs out sniffing around too.

  • Lou

    Damnit, that’s my bank! Their branch in Georgetown, which is the one I actually go to, got hit several months ago, although that was more of an armored car robbery.

  • Ryan
  • Steve

    That branch got robbed about 2 years ago.

  • South Arlington

    North Arlington is like the lawless Old West.

    • ClarendonKing

      Uhm…well…but it’s Rosslyn! It doesn’t count.

      • DouroDouro

        As far as I know, its still referred to as the “Rosslyn – Ballston corridor”…

    • well back in the day rosslyn was known for its brothels, not sure about shootouts in the street but maybe some old west era culture is coming to arlington, i wish a west coast police force would come to arlington, again today arlington police showed how amatueristic they really are, as usual i was there and saw first hand and listened to it first hand. try talking to these guys on scene while interupting two officers casually chatting and getting defensive when i happen to ask them to confirm the callout time. they way these guys parked their cruisers on the perimeter was just aweful. i’m suprised they had a mindframe to place an officer on guard up key a few blocks away but then again he stood there looking at the sky as no one had a clue if there was any real solid suspect info anyways. however it was a nasty day, does that help the cops or help the suspect?? its safe to say that someone fitting the ethnic description was not hanging around rosslyn or going up key, they definitely dont live around there or know that area, i almost responded directly to gateway park, its a safe bet that theres a bigger chance the suspect crossed lee highway before making a move and proabbaly determined his escape based on the police response and traffic direction of travel on lee hwy as its splie there between eastbound and westbound travel, seperating it ofcourse is gateway park, full of homeless and “other types”. So did officers place themselves on lee highway around scott on the bike trail, or behind the marriott or did they bother cruising the key bridge and meeting a dc metro pd unit at key park on the dc side just incase a suspect went that way? how about seeing if park police had an available “eagle” unit, its entirely possible they were flying or willing to fly then, it was a little nasty out but still within flight capability, park pd flies in worse conditions anyways. too many units responded directly to the bank and then to the hotel after they leanred the suspect could have been there. majority of units should stay back and in correlation with an air unit, let the air unit guide officers on the ground to better locations and let the officers position their cruisers that way. DC police should be notified and park PD to of the robbery as 2 primary ways of escape are the bridge into georgetown and the GW parkway, ACPD can set a dragnet on lee highway blocking entrance to 66 west of scott and blocking 66 at lynn, also you have the still on scene scenario where only a couple units come to the location, more then likely the guy is long gone, it takes one officer to callout descriptors and direction of travel,if the guy is still there then let the officer or 2 officers or maybe 3 officers there do their thing, hold at gunpoint, go into foot pursuit or even find what could be a get away vehicle and disable it., plus if the suspect is still there and only a couple or few units are onscene, all that has to be done is holding that outside perimeter, caution your police tactics to limit your visiblity to peopl inside the bank, he might not run if he sees you, he just might take it into a standoff. you can little by little draw units from the outer perimeter to seal any escape routes of the bank and after calling for SWAT you can either sith a supervisor or with an air units start to re positioning officers to hold the bank and prevent traffic flow till SWAT arrives.. something that i meant to point out is that right before i left the scene today, someone from FBI showed up. just a side note. theres alot of ways to lay a perimeter especially in rosslyn, the building around the bank provide not only cover but can help shield the visibilty of an approaching cruiser, officers should turn of overhead lights or switch to back only if they are bloching traffic flow, but those blue lights refelct and echo off of buildings block by block and suspects can see blue lights from a distance. more important at night but even today those lights were traveling for blocks.

      • R0bespierre

        One word…pilcrow

  • Jennifer

    Scary, I’ll be in that vicinity in about 40 minutes. And I’d prefer to not walk into/be part of a crime scene. I hope they catch the lawless bastards soon.

  • Ballstonian

    Didn’t these guys ever watch Point Break. You take the cash the teller’s have on hand right there and never take a bag of cash or go to the vault. Greedy…

    That or just pull a heist off like that guy did at the Bellagio and take casino chips…now that was a robbery.

    • Lacy Forest

      Yeah, but what do you do with casino chips? You really can’t spend them like money and I think someone would get a little suspicious if you turned up a couple of days later looking to cash in several thousand chips.

      • MB

        You play tiddlywinks. Duh. Kids these days, no imagination . . .

    • Boom! Roasted

      It shouldn’t be hard to force the teller to remove the dye pack. Vaults I agree are a hassle.

  • I guess that’s why there were 8 police cars racing down North Lynn a few minutes later. We were wondering what was going on, thanks for solving that mystery.

  • Ryan

    Sounds like karma to me–BB&T has been robbing customers for years.

  • bob

    YEp, I was wondering where all those cops were going.

  • Walker

    I heard an empty quiver was found on the scene. Have the cops checked Sherwood Forest yet?

  • Cyrus

    The Wachovia across the street on Wilson gets robbed every once in awhile as well.

    • charlie

      so the HYBRID taxi ran out of fuel and they had to make a break for it. hysterical, if true.


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