‘Spiedie’ Sandwich Draws Crowds

by Uriah Kiser February 4, 2011 at 3:10 pm 3,345 25 Comments

A food truck with atmosphere and sandwiches with strange names had office workers in Rosslyn lining up Friday to get a taste of the “Bing.”

Bada Bing DC parked near the Rosslyn Metro station, offering their assortment of cheese steaks and Spiedies – cubed meat marinated in herbs and spices, cooked over a flame and then sandwiched with toppings in between a submarine roll.

Mozzarella cheese, tomato, barbecue sauce, and cheddar cheese were just some of the ingredients available for Spiedies.

The sandwiches on his menu all have their own names like The Don Ho, with soy ginger glaze, carrots, green onion and crispy rice noodles.

With its unique menu and being in operation since October by a former New York City chef, the Italian-themed Bada Bing DC is a quick escape from the ordinary.

“I wanted to start out on my own and this isn’t really the economy to open a new restaurant, so this was a great option for me,” said chef and owner Nicholas Terza]ella.

Rosslyn’s been good to Terzella, but the Spiedie name comes from the town where he’s from: Binghamton, N.Y.

“A lot of people think of the Sopranos when they see the name but it’s really from where I grew up. When people there referred to Speidies the would always say “where are the ‘Bings?’” he said.

His prices are comparable to other food trucks in the concrete jungle, between $6 and $8 for an entrée.

This summer, he plans to begin operating a second truck just across the river in Washington.

  • irishin dc

    dont’eat the cheese steaks. they are pretty lame. coming from philly, these are the worst. I’d rather eat one from the quarterdeck then the slop they pass off here

    • BadaBingisDELICIOUS

      thanks for your input, but maybe we could let the customers decide what they think is good or garbage. I happen to like their sangweech’s (spell check). And yes, I’ve been to both Pats and Genos, love those as well. It’s a great addition to the increasing food lineup of Arlington.

      • Katie

        Clearly, that was a customer weighing in.

  • rosslynworker

    this is my favorite food truck, great menu

    • FrenchyB

      My favorite too. Glad to see that they’re doing well.

  • arlingtongal

    love, love, love them. so delicious they’re addictive. absolutely authentic spiedies!!!

  • Travis

    Just curious, was ARLNow.com paid by Bada Bing DC for a writeup?

    • Lou

      You mean this one, or the one back in October?

    • Take it down a notch

      There are plenty of articles about restaurants, bars and food trucks on this site. COnsidering the number of comments they generate, I’d say they’re very popular with readers.

    • If we got paid for restaurant write-ups, I’d driving a nicer car right now. The only “paid” posts we do are contests, and the promotional arrangement is always disclosed. Plus there’s always something in it for readers.

      We occassionally do articles where the subject is an advertiser. Those are disclosed but the posts are not paid for. We only do such posts if we would have done the article anyway.

      • Dan


    • Zilla

      LOL, yes, the thought “promotional consideration paid by the following…” also went through my head after reading this “article”.

  • Arlington-ite from Philly

    Quarterdeck? Really? The Bada Bing truck has the best cheese steaks in town!

  • wat

    I grew up very near Binghamton, and even though I had been to Spiediefest a few times, curiously I have never tried one. I keep meaning to check it out since I work in Rosslyn, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

  • The Bing-Hamptons

    Bada bing completely rocks…yea for year-round spiedies! (once available only from my summertime backyard grill!)

  • OX4

    Cubed meat?

    • PCB

      Meat cut into cubes.

      • Frenchy B

        Or possibly meat to the 3rd power.

        • Einstein

          Ha! Well done.

  • vestal gal

    HA! Nobody calls Spiedies “bings”– they are from The Bing… and take it from a local, these guys are hitting the mark with their awesome sandwiches! OG for LIFE!

  • BadaBingisDELICIOUS

    it’s be really nice if the pricks from Chopt and every other established place would stop calling the cops to shake them down. They’re legit, before you call, look at the damn permits taped to the side of the truck! The cops have better things to do then play middle man and mitigate this petty crap. They’re not going to put your restaurant out of business, and trust me, I like Chopt, but this crap pisses me off to high hell, it’s not like Chopt is struggling at all. Everyone else, quit bitchin and step up your A-game. These sangweeches are f*ck*n delicious!

    • Katie

      ArlNow, can you please correct the misspelling of mozzarella in the article? Thanks.

  • brian

    get these eye sores out of arlington!

    these and other places park on public property in rosslyn and block the sidewalks. and if they park on the street their customers block the sidewalk.

    i had to walk around 2 of these trucks to get to mcd’s.

  • ARLSouth

    I’m really surprised people thing their cheese steaks are good. Both times I’ve gotten one, the roll tastes like it’s day old, the meat is bland and there’s not enough cheese on it. Everyone knows the key to a good sandwich is the roll and Safeway has better rolls than these guys.


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