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House Displays Flag and a Note at the Door

by Uriah Kiser February 7, 2011 at 2:39 pm 2,656 53 Comments

The Great Star Flag was on display Monday at a home in the 1400 block of N. Lincoln Street, in the Virginia Square neighborhood.

As the older version of today’s American Flag waived proudly in the winter air, a small white board set inside a front window of the house it hangs on.

On the board in green marker was written “Today’s Flag: Great Star Flag 1836,” as if to give a brief history lesson on what flag is on display next to the door. No one was home early Monday afternoon to answer questions about the flag, or why it hangs there with its brief description.

Other flags have been known to hang in the same spot, all with their descriptions spelled out on the white board.

The outside walls of the house are pained a mixture of blue and white, and the door a fiery red, clearly matching the flag that adorns the façade. While the flag had the same red and white stripes we’re used to seeing on the flag today, the stars in the field of blue were all arranged into a larger star pattern.

  • Westover

    Outstanding! A home owner that loves our great Nation!

    • mehoo

      Because putting up a flag is the only way to love America.

      • Burger

        Because that’s what Westover implied in his post.

        • mehoo

          Yes, he did, though I’m sure it wasn’t intentional.

          • Andrew

            He may have implied that just because you put up a flag means you love our nation, but don’t think he implied you have to hang up a flag to love it.

          • mehoo

            I think by implying one he implied the other. But again, I’m sure it wasn’t how he meant it and I’m not making a big deal out of it.

          • Westover

            What Andrew said. Obviously this person loves our Country enough to share its history with their neighbors. But, now I guess Mehoo seems to be to embarrassed to show any love of/pride in America.

          • mehoo

            Your response proves exactly what I was saying in my original posting.

            I have no problem with displaying a flag. I think it’s great. It’s one of many ways to show love for our country.

          • Westover

            No, you were trying to express the same ridiculous elitism that Obama did when he refused to wear a flag pin. I was just expressing gratitude to someone who shows a lot of respect to our Nation’s history, in fact more respect than the average citizen does. You took the opportunity to try to make it something else.

          • mehoo

            Yes, that’s true – Obama was also expressing the notion that it’s insulting to imply that you don’t love your country because of a piece of cloth or a little pin, or that all you need to do to prove your love for it is throw up one of those symbols. I respect real patriotism, not just symbolic. But no, that doesn’t mean I frown on the symbolic kind.

            As for making it into something else, I said it was unintentional on your part. You’re starting to make me wonder though.

          • KalashniKEV

            Wow, you seem to know a lot about him!

            What was BHO implying in September ’07 when our national anthem was played and he stood there like some slouch?

          • mehoo

            I only know about him what I read. On the anthem thing, he said: “My grandfather taught me how to say the Pledge of Allegiance when I was 2…During the Pledge of Allegiance you put your hand over your heart. During the national anthem you sing.”

            Right or wrong, that’s what he thought he was supposed to do. But I’m sure it means he hates America, Kev.

            This is exactly the stupid attitude I’m talking about. If you only trust shallow displays instead of real actions, you’ll be led astray by false prophets every time. The bastards are always the ones who are the most eager to show they’re not.

            “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” – Samuel Johnson

          • VA Square Mike

            WALKER #1: Hey, where’s your ribbon?

            KRAMER: Oh, I don’t wear the ribbon.

            WALKER #2: Oh, you don’t wear the ribbon? Aren’t you against AIDS?

            KRAMER: Yeah, I’m against AIDS. I mean, I’m walking, aren’t I? I just don’t wear the ribbon.

            WALKER #3: Who do you think you are?

            WALKER #1: Put the ribbon on!

            WALKER #2: Hey, Cedric! Bob! This guy won’t wear a ribbon!

            BOB: Who? Who does not want to wear the ribbon?

          • mehoo


          • KalashniKEV

            I’ll never understand how some people can keep their heads in the sand on BHO. Even after it’s too late there will still be an army of glossy eyed sycophants in utter denial of reality. The emperor truly has no clothes.

          • V Dizzle

            This is a false dichotomy (Doing X or doing Y = patriotism while not doing X or Y = un-patriotism), and I’ve wasted 40 seconds reading it. Not to mention, I’ve now wasted an additional 60 seconds reacting to it. Thanks…

          • Westover

            It was only one poster who diverged things down this path of discussion. So I really want to know if Mehoo believes in American exceptionalism?

          • KalashniKEV

            Keep ignoring all the red flags. If you vote for him in 2012 he’ll pay your mortgage and put gas in your car. Don’t use logic. Don’t add it all up. Don’t be analytical. Don’t ask questions. Just keep trusting in the silver tongued serpent…

          • mehoo

            Westover – yes, I strongly believe in American exceptionalism.

            Kev – no, I don’t believe Obama’s going to put gas in my car. I do believe he’s not an America-hating commie who was born in Kenya.

  • Josh S

    In other news, I passed a house yesterday that seemed to have a box on a pole located near the intersection of the house’s walk and the sidewalk. It appears that the purpose of the box is to receive daily mail delivered by a representative of the United States Postal Service. The box is painted black, in contrast to the red brick of the main body of the home.
    More later.

    • YourWaitTimeIs5Days

      Josh S – that looks to be about what’s news on ARLNow today. Though it could have made an interesting feature if the “reporter” actually spoke to the home owner and found out why they do it, how long they’ve been doing it, etc. Geez … on top of today’s urgent stories about someone ordering a “sangwidch” at a lunch truck in Roslyn and an old house with a stay out notice on it, I’m wondering about ARLNow as a site for items of interest.

      • Westover

        Scott had to post SOMETHING today. Otherwise we would have wondered about his safety and the on going existance of ARLnow. It really is a sow day in the county.

        • I’m glad people are concerned about my health and safety. I spent the day traveling — my first non-holiday four day weekend in a year. Uriah did a great job filling in, considering that it really was a slow news day in Arlington.

          It looks like the interest in this story means we’ll be doing a follow-up with the owner at some point in the near future. Stay tuned.

          • Westover

            Keep up the good work, Uriah!

      • OX4

        Yea…I don’t want to pick on ARLnow too much, because it is a great place for (very) local news…but…seriously, couldn’t the reporter have posted this tomorrow after they had actually spoken to the owner?

        • Burger

          You don’t get page hits that way.

      • Sikudhani

        The residents of that house travel a lot, and generally fly the flag of the country they’re currently in.
        I suppose this means that they’ve managed to find a way to travel back in time.

        P.S. Half of this is true.

        • Westover

          Patriots, but not the most security minded of folks. 😉 Good for them having faith in our Nation and our Community like this!

          • Lou

            Because that’s the only way to show you have faith in your community.

          • Westover

            Yeah, that is what is being implied. Good Grief.

          • Lou

            Just messing with you.

          • Westover


  • NArl

    It must be a slow news day in the county

    • local

      You read it though.

      • NArl

        I did, it was also a slow day at my office, just don’t tell my boss.

  • mehoo

    Anyway, the flag history lesson from this house is appreciated.

  • Michael

    The flag was displayed by the homeowners to show their support for newest version of the star spangled banner.

  • Arlwhenever

    Here’s a US Flag timeline, including the Great Star Flag.


    Next up, a Star Spangled Banner lyrics timeline.

  • V Dizzle

    This was clearly an attack on Alaskan statehood.

    • Westover

      If taken as an attack, it would be on the last 24 states to join the Union.

      • V Dizzle

        And so it begins…

        • Westover

          Well I am not going to take the time to type out all 24 of those states! 😉 Heck all the states I have lived in except one is an original colony, and the exception is the 50th State where a sizable bit of the population would just as well revert to its former Kingdom status.

  • Dave

    I used to live by this house and always enjoyed walking by and seeing what flag they had displayed. I agree with some other commenters though, the post would possibly have been more interesting if the author had waited until talking to the homeowner before publishing.

  • The Native

    Westover, do you actually think for yourself or just plagiarize the Bohner handbook of talking points. ‘Obama Élitism’ like I haven’t heard that before. God forbid someone should stand up to people like Rumsfeld who is currently on his book tour telling everyone how he was right about the war in Iraq… It is people like you with your ‘can’t be an A’mercan if you dont fly a flag or wear a flag pin. Those are just props. To me being an American means standing up for yourself in the face of adversity. It seems our leaders at the time of 9/11 were unable to do so. So instead of leading they falsified information to take America down a dark road. I reject your judgements and others like it and say that a true patriot like a true leader does not need to shout to the hilltops to tell others how virtuous they are but rather is one that does what is best for the love of their country and fellow citizens. This was not the leadership that failed our country. And so I say to you don’t do what’s easy. Do what is right. Your lack of insight is no longer needed. Good day sir.

    • Smilla

      Thank you for this, The Native, though I think your ire is more appropriately directed to KalashniKEV in this post (not sure of Westover’s comments on other postings).

      Shorter version of KEV: “I’m afraid of the black man.”

      • KalashniKEV

        When all else fails, reach for the race card.

      • South Arlington

        To defend Kev, he doesn’t care for destitute people either.

  • The Native

    Correction: this WAS the leadership that failed our nation.

  • The Native

    Also respect to the people that put up the flags. Cool idea.

  • The Native

    Smilla , thanks and you are probably right. However Kev is a non- thought. Not worth responding to in any post. I dont take him seriously and I hope no one else does.

    • KalashniKEV

      Well good for you, non-thought is a prerequisite for adhering to the Obamunist Agenda. You’re well on your way, Tovarish!

      • mehoo

        Saying that people who disagree with you are stupid, don’t think, gullible, etc. is so easy, Kev. It’s lame. It’s not an argument, it’s avoiding one. But every side does it, so don’t feel so bad.

    • JackFan

      I don’t take KEV seriously. I don’t know why anyone engages him actually. Every post on this board turns into Obama-bashing. He’s just a troll trying to get people spun up.


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