Smoothie Store Coming to Clarendon

by ARLnow.com February 15, 2011 at 2:42 pm 2,572 35 Comments

A homegrown smoothie store called South Block Blends is coming to the corner of 11th Street and North Garfield Street in Clarendon.

South Block Blends will specialize in “California-inspired real fruit smoothies” and “exotic & healthy burritos,” according to its nascent web site. The store’s Facebook page shows various views of the currently empty, 714-square-foot storefront, on the ground floor of the Clarendon Center project’s “south block” building.

Typically, build-out and permit acquisition for a store like South Block Blends would take about 6 months.

Photo via Facebook

  • Glebe Roader

    Steve, I wonder if they have a smoking room???

    • steve

      Get alife. It’s not a bar. Bars are meant for unhealthy activities. not a smoothie place.

      • Lalaland

        Have you seen the people who consume smoothies? They’re pure sugar. Hardly healthy.

        • GMo


          • steve

            To be honest, with how many liberals infest arlington, I cannot tell if you are being sarcastic or not.

        • DD

          Shhhhhh….don’t tell Mrs. Obama.

  • GMo

    Smoothies are for marxist libs. Milkshakes are where it’s at.

  • Stew Magnuson

    Hope they’ve done their market research. There is another smoothie spot down the street, next to the cupcake place, another “hoola-hoop” of food.

    • steve

      Nah, smoothies are a bit more than a fad. The cupcake crap will die away, soon, hopefully.

      But does this have the snob appeal?

      If you recall, Spider Kellys used to be the India Curry House, which wasn’t at all snobby, and closed down. In fact. Clarendon used to have all these great, non snobby restaurants that closed down, and were replaced with snob central. Like OMG, having a Vietnamese place was just so unsophisticated! Now we need another place for people to drink their idiotic overpriced trend drinks.

      • Arlwhenever

        More that a fad — agreed. Should be a historic smoothie preservation district. The new smoothie store is on top of an old parking lot, that was across the street from another old parking lot, that was behind an old Grand Union grocery store, that housed a Gold’s Gym that had a smoothie station near the front desk. Incredible heritage.

        • nicole


    • LP

      I wouldn’t call Red Mango a smoothie place, while they have smoothies, they definitely focus more on soft-serve yogurt with fruit toppings.

      Besides, competition is great for the consumer.

  • OX4

    “Exotic Burrito” would make an excellent band name.

    • notahoo

      A cover band for Los Lobos?

      • OX4

        Maybe the opening act.

  • steve

    Kinda interesting how Pho 75 isn’t really that busy except for lunch time, and never busy with the trend idiots. Gee, I wonder why, could it be that it’s not brand spanking new, DOESN”T TAKE CREDIT CARDS, and isn’t the “place to be seen” despite having incredibly good Pho?

    Arlington is filled with trend morons, who only care about what others think. They go to places because of other people, what others think, and then when that trend dies, the place vanishes after the people vanish.

    Herd mentality. Idiocy.

    • GMo

      I hope you’re either working hard to change this or looking hard for a new place to live.

      Should you move you can still come back here to say ‘I told you so!’ when you discover that magical place that isn’t filled with ‘places that people go to because other people go there.’

      • steve

        I shouldn’t have to leave my home because all the filthy transients choose to live here.

      • OX4

        Shhhhhh dont feed the troll.

    • R.Griffon

      Wait – I thought that Clarendon was hipster town, and that hipsters only like things that AREN’T popular. So as soon as everyone starts going somewhere, they go somewhere else because it’s not cool anymore. But you’re saying they only go there BECAUSE lots of other people go there?

      I’m confused.

  • Hello! I am the owner of South Block Blends. Thanks for the write-up! Just wanted to jump in and say “Hi” and that I am really excited about my new shop in Clarendon (and I hope you are too). For the past few years I have owned a shop on campus at GWU called Campus Fresh, you can check out the website here for a glimpse of what to expect from South Block Blends, http://www.gwfresh.com/.

    Our Burritos are made with brown rice, whole wheat tortillas, low-fat cheese and range from flavors such as Classic to Spicy Thai Peanut. As for our smoothies, they are made with 100% fruit, whole fruit sorbet and non-fat yogurt, pure juice and no added syrups, flavors, sugar or sweeteners. Plus every smoothies gets a free nutritional boost. I think you will find that there is enough variety to suit most dietary needs and tastes, but most importantly they taste awesome!. I hope you will agree that these smoothies will be the best smoothies to hit Clarendon since Jamba Juice moved out of Whole Foods!

    Can’t wait to see you everyone when we open…even you Lalaland and GMo I would love the chance to win you over!

    • Glebe Roader

      SBB, thanks for posting. Just don’t piss off Steve or he’ll come into your place sucking on his cigs.

      • steve

        And the rare earth elements in your prius with obama sticker are just so wonderful for the planet, especially the way they were mined.

    • Mkt Common

      Darn y’all. Now I’m craving a burrito. And a smoothie. (And some pho!)

    • AllenB

      Thanks for the info… looking forward to trying you out!

    • GMo

      With an attitude like that you just may win me over! Welcome.

    • AddOatmealPlease

      SBB, thanks for the post and welcome to the neighborhood. I’ve been in Seattle and Los Angeles a lot on business and one thing that set JambaJuice apart was they offered steel cut oatmeal with fruit topping, it was like $3 but a perfect pairing to a small smoothie. I didn’t see this on the menu you linked, but if you hadn’t planned on it, please consider that an option. Robek’s doesn’t offer it last I checked, and Smoothie King is just garbage. I’m a fan of supporting small business over franchises, hopefully your place is as good as it sounds.

    • Transient

      Thanks for the post- looking forward to trying it, but apparently I can only do that when everyone else goes….that’s the only way I make decisions according to Steve.

  • R.Griffon

    BROWN rice? Great – there goes the neighborhood.

    But thanks for posting, and welcome. The menu sounds delicious, and right up my ally. Hopefully it won’t take you too long to get up and running as I’d hate for you to miss out on those prime summer months (and I’m eager to try it).

  • M

    On a side note, what’s going on with the red velvet cupcakery that’s supposed to be coming to clarendon? I haven’t heard a word about it since november.

  • Sam

    What’s the difference between a California-inspired real-fruit smoothie and a regular smoothie from, say, Robek’s? (No, that’s not the start of a joke, I’m serious).

    • Sam – Nice question! Robeks is actually “California Inspired” too, or “West Coast Style” which typically uses more natural ingredients vs “East Coast Style” which normally uses more sugar, syrups, artificial flavoring and is more of a dessert.

  • Suburban Not Urban

    Wow – another key cog in our community

  • Donna

    I’m still lamenting the loss of the Jamba Juice that was inside the Whole Foods. When they got rid of it, well, that was a sad day indeed.
    It’s been years and I’m still not over it.

  • Gdub chic

    OMG…this is great news! I used to go to GW and was a regular at Campus Fresh. So glad to hear SBB is a spin off by the same owner. The burritos, salads and smoothies are all delish, smoothies rival Jamba Juice, seriously good! I’ve been craving them since I graduated. So glad they are coming to Clarendon!


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