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Cops Nab Cross-Dressing Shoplifting Suspect

by ARLnow.com February 24, 2011 at 8:00 am 3,971 31 Comments

Arlington police arrested a shoplifting suspect in Pentagon City last night after two store employees gave chase.

Just after 5:30 p.m., a call came in for two men chasing a woman down South Hayes Street. Later, the person being chased was described in police dispatches as a six-foot tall man dressed as a woman.

The man had allegedly stolen an item from a store in the Pentagon City mall, and the two men were identified as store employees.

The men chased the suspect into a condo complex on 15th Street, across from Costco. Police arrived and apprehended the suspect, who was handcuffed and later placed in the back of a squad car.

The store employees declined to reveal their employer but confirmed that they chased the suspect after a theft.

ARLnow.com was in Pentagon City on another story and was able to arrive at the scene shortly after the incident.

  • CrystalMikey

    If you can’t afford Nordstrom, the Rack is right across the street…

    • NPGMBR


  • Ben

    Ha! That last line cracked me up. Reporting live from the scene….

  • LP

    Well done, ArlNow!

  • Runaway Train

    “That ain’t no woman! It’s a man, man!” – Austin Powers.

    A true cross dresser shops at Ross. Cross dress for less!

  • Arlwhenever

    Oooohhh, let him go. The turquoise and fuchsia combo is so garish — a wardrobe update was in order.

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  • el burrito sabanero

    ya’ll are funny… this is as dangerous as it gets here in Arlington hahaha

  • Why did you hide the perps face?

    • Eponymous Coward

      Why did you hide the <> perps face?

      Fixed that for you. 🙂

      • Eponymous Coward

        alleged Damn HTML.

      • So we don’t get sued.

        • Well how about a mugshot now?

  • SoCo Resident

    Why would ArlNow make such a big deal of arresting a transvestite or a cross-dresser? How is this so noteworthy versus arresting any other person? ArlNoW sure showed its bias here!

    • mehoo

      1. Because it’s unusual. The unusual is always newsworthy. That’s not bias.

      2. Because there are photos!

      • Bender

        Trust me — it is NOT all that unusual. I’ve represented more than a couple of “cross-dressers” on theft charges over the years.

        • SoCo Resident

          As an attorney who has handled cases for transvestites, you must recognize the many possibilities for legal action here, on the part of the arrested person. You also must recognize that the person in the pic is innocent at that moment and how extraordinary it is that this was made into a major ArlNow story as compared to many major violent crimes just reported by Arlnow. Many might argue that ArlNow wanted to “mock” this “type” of person and this subset of society; nearly every discussion comment presented here has enthusiastically joined in the mockery.

          • First, I’m surprised that you don’t see how a foot chase across Pentagon City is newsworthy. Second, while we don’t usually report on shopliftings, we’re not unique among news organizations in being more willing to publish stories we have photos for. Third, nothing about this article is mocking. Fourth, we protected the individual’s identity. Fifth, how do you know the outfit was a lifestyle choice and not a disguise?

          • SoCo Resident

            “We don’t usually report on shopliftings,” ArlNow states, which makes it SO extraordinary that this news organization headlines “Cross-dressing Suspect,” knowing full well it was more about the dress of the suspect than the “alledged” crime. Why was the headlines not just “Supsect Arrested”? Publishing this story also promoted a rash of mocking, juvenile comments about a subset of our population, something ArlNow probably anticipated and certainly encouraged by the simple act of publishing it! Grasping at straws here, ArlNow now asks “how do you know the outfit was a lifestyle choice and not a disguise?” We’ll take a good look at the picture. And, be very careful in using “lifestyle choice” here. (ArlNow can now add a new headline and knock this embarassing, poorly-thought-out story to the archive.)

    • Maria

      SoCo Resident: I finally have to ask… why in the name of all that is holy do you continue to read this site since you seem to hate every single thing anyone says on it, both writers and “commenters” alike? Sheesh.

      • Glebe Roader

        That’s a great question that could be asked to several regulars on this site.

      • SoCo Resident

        Questioning Arlnow’s bias toward a group of human beings is now “hate” according to Maria. Many might argue that Arlnow’s purpose clearly was to mock this individual for dressing differently, not necessarily report a crime.

        • Aaron

          I think Maria called hate crime on you first, hater.

  • dpan

    This is just part of life in South Arlington.




  • Guliel

    How could they sue you for posting a photo taken in public?

    • Arlwhenever

      Let’s say this really is a woman, could lead to some defamation action. Doubt that Arlnow checked the goods, at least I hope not.

  • John Fontain

    It takes balls to shoplift while wearing that bright outfit.

    • Dan

      Very PUNY …..

  • SoCo Resident

    If, for questioning any news organizations’ mockery of subsets of human beings, I am labeled a “hater” by Aaron or Maria or any other contributor, so be it. I have a long, long history of questioning the treatment of minorities. ArlNow’s story and the accompanying “mocking comments” reflect very negatively on the authors.

    • Teyo

      Where in the story is there a mention of minorities? Are you referring to your assumption that this person was a transvestite when you’re making that claim, or are you referring to the fact that the person was African American, as seen in the picture? In the first case, you have no evidence that the person is a transvestite, you merely assume it, and since you have no evidence to the contrary, the author’s suggestion that the person was merely dressed as a woman in order to disguise himself is equally plausible. In the second case, not a single comment on this article mentioned the person’s ethnicity and no mention was made in the story itself. As the author said, an alleged shoplifter being chased by two employees through the mall and leading to his capture across the street in a housing complex is not something that happens every day and is definitely something that is newsworthy, especially when there are pictures.

      Also, how do the comments on a site reflect badly on the author of the story? By your logic, I could say that I will stop coming to ARLNow because of the fact that argumentative people who feel the need to trot out their resume to lend themselves credibility keep posting on this site and that really reflects badly on the writers. I believe it is you who is pulling at straws to find a reason to complain about something and, in the process, provide information about your professional background that is both unsolicited and completely irrelevant.


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