Crime Report: Shooting and Syracuse Edition

by ARLnow.com March 2, 2011 at 3:46 pm 1,745 24 Comments

This week’s Arlington County crime report features a Rosslyn Holiday Inn guest who’s accused of firing a gun at what he “thought” was an intruder in his room. As police dryly noted, “there was no intruder.”

RECKLESS HANDLING OF A FIREARM-ARREST 03/01/11, 1900 block of Ft. Myer Drive. On March 1 at 12:45 am, a man in a hotel though there was an intruder in his room and fired a round from a handgun. There was no intruder, and no hotel patrons were injured. Russell Wooten, 60, of Vienna, West Virginia, was charged with Reckless Handling of a Firearm and Released on a summons to appear in court.

Last weekend two men were arguing on Washington Boulevard, two blocks from the Clarendon Metro, when police say one hit the other in the face with a beer bottle. The perp was wearing an orange Syracuse basketball jersey, cops say. Also of note: the Syracuse men’s basketball team defeated Georgetown earlier in the day in a game played in D.C.

MALICIOUS WOUNDING 02/27/11, 3200 block of Washington Boulevard. On February 27 at midnight, two men argued. One struck the other in the face with a beer bottle. The suspect is described as white male in late 20’s, 5’8″ with an average build. He was wearing an orange Syracuse University basketball jersey.

The rest of the crime report, after the jump.

ROBBERY 02/27/11, 3500 block of S. Stafford Street. On February 27 at 1:30 am, two unknown men forced a male victim to withdrawal money from an ATM. The victim was also assaulted. The suspects were both African American men in their late 20’s wearing dark clothing. One suspect was 6′ to 6’5″ and 240 lbs with a goatee. The other suspect was 6′ tall and wore a ski mask.

ROBBERY 03/01/11, 100 block of N. Wayne Street. On March 1 at 10:15 pm, a woman was walking on a bike trail when an unknown man ran up from behind her and took her purse from her hands. The suspect was a white Hispanic male, 5’2″ and 120 lbs. He was wearing dark clothing.

ARSON 02/26/11, 4400 block of Four Mile Run Drive. On February 26 at 10 pm, an unknown man was seen set a vehicle on fire and flee the scene. The fire department responded to the fire and is investigating. The suspect is described as a white Hispanic male, 5’5″ and 165 lbs, wearing all dark clothing.

ASSAULT AND BATTERY 02/27/11, 6800 block of Little Falls Road. On February 27 at 4:45 pm, a woman observed a woman park a vehicle and throw trash onto the street. The witness confronted the suspect, and the suspect assaulted her before driving away. The suspect is described as a white female in her 20’s with blond hair, 5’10” and 150 lbs. She was wearing a white t-shirt and gray sweatpants.

PEEPING TOM 02/24/11, 1500 block of N. Rhodes Street. On February 24 at 10:45 pm, an unknown man was seen looking into an apartment window. The suspect fled when a person inside the apartment screamed. The suspect was a man approximately 5’11” tall with a skinny build. He was wearing a hat.

BURGLARY 02/23/11, 700 block of N. Jackson Street. On February 23 at 11:45 am, a window was found broken on the basement level of a house. No items were stolen. There are no known suspects.

BURGLARY 03/01/11, 5900 block of Wilson Boulevard. On February 25 between 1 pm and 2:30 pm, an unknown person stole jewelry from a room at an assisted living facility.

ATTEMPT BURGLARY 02/23/11, 5100 block of N. 37th Road. Between 3 pm on February 18, and 10:30 am on February 19, an unknown subject attempted to break into a residence through a basement window. There is no suspect description.

ATTEMPT BURGLARY 02/26/11, 2700 block of S. Arlington Ridge Road. On February 26 at 8 am, an unknown person attempted to enter a residence by breaking a piece of plexi-glass off a window. Entry was not gained and not items were stolen. There is no suspect description.

GRAND LARCENY AUTO-ARREST 02/26/11, Rt. 110 Southbound at the Pentagon. On February 26 at 2 am, officers conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle reported stolen out of Georgia. The driver was also wanted on multiple charges from another jurisdiction. Jose Antonio Rodriguez, 40, of no fixed address, was charged with Grand Larceny of an Automobile, No Operator’s License, False ID to Avoid Prosecution and Fugitive from Justice. He was held without bond.

LARCENY FROM AUTO (SERIES) 02/23/11, 800 block of Army Navy Drive. On February 23 between 7:45 pm and 9 pm, a suspect broke into at least two vehicles in a mall parking garage. Various items were stolen. There are no known suspects.

LARCENY FROM AUTO (SERIES) 03/01/11, 500 block of S. 15th Street. On March 1 between 3 am and 6:30 am, an unknown suspect broke into at least eight vehicles in the same parking garage. An additional vehicle was stolen from the garage in the same time period. There is no suspect description.

STOLEN AUTO 2/24/11 VA XJS2481 2006 Audi sedan, blue 1000 block of N. Daniel Street

STOLEN AUTO 2/27/11 PA PZ505M 2003 Volkswagen Jetta, red 1000 block of N. Quincy Street

STOLEN AUTO 2/28/11 FL Y27680 2009 Suzuki motorcycle, blue 4500 block of Four Mile Run Drive

STOLEN AUTO 3/01/11 VA XNV7485 2008 Mazda 3 sedan, blue 500 block of S. 15th Street

  • Creebs

    SAT Time: Syracuse fans are to college football as Eagles fans are to _________.

  • G. Clifford Prout

    Someone really needs to proof read these before they go out the door. This report is almost as bad as some of the DC Alerts. “On February 26 at 10 pm, an unknown man was seen set a vehicle on fire and flee the scene.” “a man in a hotel though there was an intruder “

    • CW

      Let’s play the “finish the sentence” game.

      “A man in a hotel, though there was an intruder,” [finish the sentence]…

      • OX4

        A man in a hotel, though there was an intruder, set a vehicle on fire and…flee the scene!

      • dss10


      • borf

        Your post is really

  • Tabby

    Whenever I’m in the mood for a little A&B, I use cupcakes.

  • CW

    He ridin’ on his bike, he snatchin yo purses up, tryin to take them, hide your purse, hide your wallet…

    • Tre

      and hide your grocery bags cause they takin’ everything out here

  • SouthArlJD

    He “thought” there was an intruder so he just blasted away? What a maroon. I’m sure, though, that he will report to the NRA or whoever it is who’s been keeping these self-reported statistics about the number of times people have used guns to protect themselves, that he successfully repelled an attack with his trusty handgun.

    • Banksy


      [waits for gun-nut sh*tstorm to begin…]

      • SouthArlJD

        You know, I read that there was one guy involved in that record-keeping who was claiming upwards of 12 attacks being repelled PER YEAR. And it was all written down and dutifully reported as if absolutely true.

    • PikeHoo

      Show that maid who’s boss!

      I’m glad nobody was killed.

    • Sheriff Gonna Getcha

      what a maroon? like a maroon 5 band member??

  • MC

    Good thing there was no innocent person like a maid in the hallway while the armed paranoid guest to Arlington was shooting away.

    Why does someone come from Vienna to Arlington with a loaded gun and book a hotel room?

    • g_clifford_prout

      Vienna WEST VIRGINIA. Didn’t even know there was a Vienna WV.

      I must admit “thought” that most peeping toms do “wear hats.”

      • borf

        Google confirms. Weird.

    • SouthArlJD

      If it had been someone from Vienna, VIRGINIA he would have just thrown his Starbucks Latte cup at the “intruder”.

      • Tre

        and someone from South Arlington would’ve tried to rob the intruder!

        • SouthArlJD

          No, someone from South Arlington would have tried to kick the intruder’s ass.

  • Lacy Forest

    I wonder where the bullet went.

    • DT

      Away from the gun. /physics lesson 😀

    • SouthArlJD

      Thus bringing up the primary reason why possessing a gun when one lives out in the hinterlands and has to wait 20 minutes for a cop to come for an emergency might make some sense, but doesn’t make a lot of sense when an errant bullet can go through drywall or travel down a crowded street and hit someone. My sister lives in the country. Everyone on that side of the family has guns. She was once rescued from a rabid animal when her husband shot it as it was advancing toward her. It actually does make sense for them to have guns. But in Southside? Last time I called a cop for an emergency he showed up in less than 90 seconds. Why the hell would I want a gun in my home?

  • R0bespierre

    I was on hand at Whitlows one night several months ago when some short white guy in his 20s smacked another guy over the head with a bottle too. He managed to somehow slip away. I wonder if it’s the same jackass.


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