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Overturned Jeep Snarls Traffic on King Street

by ARLnow.com March 3, 2011 at 1:08 pm 2,405 18 Comments

A Jeep rolled on its side after a T-bone collision at the busy section of King Street and South Walter Reed Drive/Beauregard Street.

The accident and the resulting emergency response by Arlington and Alexandria units snarled lunchtime traffic in all directions.

A White Top taxi cab was also involved in the accident. It’s unclear if there were any injuries.

  • Lacy Forest

    Dang. One less Cherokee in the world.

  • The Dope of South Arlington

    Obviously an illegal immigrant behind the wheel.

  • CW

    Wouldn’t be surprised if they rolled that Cherokee right back over and drove away in it. Those old ones are tough.

    That said, if, in the very likely case that the taxi was at fault, can I echo my calls for more enforcement of traffic laws targeting taxi drivers? I don’t get why taxi drivers get a free pass to do whatever the hell they want. They’re generally a dangerous nuisance and I don’t see any particular reason why they would have much clout with the police or other authorities. And yet they get free reign to endanger the lives and property of citizens. How about we start some targeted enforcement? Don’t get me wrong – taxi service is indispensable and necessary, but it need not be a danger to the community as well.

    • CW

      I guess I should add that the article does not specify if the taxi was the striking vehicle or just a bystander. From the location of the Jeep it does look more like the latter. But, while maybe not in this case, I think my statements still stand.

      • G

        I think the cab t-boned the jeep. You can see the damage on the side of the jeep.

        • CW

          That’s what I thought too. You can also see the front end of the cab hanging down. But then I wondered about the position of the jeep. If the jeep was more or less stationary upon impact, then it could have ended up there. But if it had been coming from the left of the picture, an impact straight into the picture would not had taken all of its left-to-right momentum and I would think it would have ended up further to the right.

        • CW

          Although I guess it depends upon how elastic the collision was. The dent in the jeep is deep enough that the striking vehicle may have stuck to it.

    • Easton

      Definitely. If I drove like the typical taxi driver, I’d get about 1 reckless driving ticket per week. But cabs do crazy stuff all the time – wild u-turns, inattentive driving, erratic maneuvers, etc. – often right in front of Arlington cops, they hardly ever seem to get pulled over.

      It’s highly annoying, especially when Arlington Police seem to be targeting drivers for increasingly petty violations.

      • CW

        I got pulled over on my bicycle earlier this year for running a red light in Rosslyn. True, I did run it, but that was only because 2 or 3 cars coming the opposite direction and turning left decided to make said left turn as I was coming into the intersection, forcing me to come to a complete halt and miss the light. Yet these clowns can get away with pretty much everything up to and in some cases including murder on a daily basis. And why? Maybe they’re paying off the cops with plates of kebab?

        • Toucan Sam

          Running a red light is running a red light. Everything after the comma in, “True, I did run it,” is meaningless noise. Excuses are for losers.

          • Easton

            The point is consistency. Drivers (and in CW’s case bicyclists) seem to be getting ticketed a lot for fairly minor offenses; meanwhile we all see cabs endangering people through flagrantly aggressive driving, and yet rarely ever see one get pulled over.

          • CW

            You are a fool, plain and simple. No, I was not going to run full speed into the side of a car which was illegally failing to yield to oncoming (cycle)traffic and which caused me to have to stop for 10+ seconds and miss the light. If you are on the beltway in the outer lane, and a semi starts drifting into your lane, I hope that you stick to your morals and don’t veer outside the solid line, because the a law says not to go outside of it. The only “meaningless noise” in that situation will be caused by your car being passed over by a dozen truck tires.

            Easton, you are a reasonable human being who understands illustrative anecdotes.

  • ian l

    Since when did this site turn into Alexandria Now? This accident was firmly in Alexandria…so what if Arlington responded they respond to PG county and Mont. county too….

    • Shirley

      The intersection is part fairfax, part Arlington and part Alexandria.
      This location is served by whichever response team is closest as are many other locations in Arlington.

      • arlcyclist

        Shirley you understand that folks like ian l don’t realize Arlington exists south of Rt. 50.

        • CW

          And don’t call me “Shirley”.

  • Cyrus

    Hoping upon hope the Five Guys in that strip mall wasn’t affected by the accident…

    • brian

      Where in the story does it say anything about that happening?

      stick to the facts. not your stomach.


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