Brink Declines to Run for State Senate

by ARLnow.com March 8, 2011 at 8:22 am 2,147 7 Comments

Del. Bob Brink, who has been mentioned as a possible candidate for the state Senate seat of the retiring Sen. Mary Margaret Whipple, announced this morning that he will not be seeking the Democratic nomination for the seat.

Brink released the following statement regarding his decision this morning.

In the days since Senator Mary Margaret Whipple announced her intention to retire from the General Assembly, I have been weighing the possibility of running for the seat she has held with such distinction since 1996. I am gratified that many people have encouraged me to seek the Senate nomination, and it would be a tremendous honor to succeed Mary Margaret in the Senate. However, I have decided that I can best serve Arlingtonians by remaining in the House of Delegates.

This has been a tough year for Arlington in Richmond. Despite the unified efforts of Arlington’s General Assembly delegation, important measures that were aimed at bolstering the County’s economy, protecting its interests, and upholding its values, met a hostile reception. Next year the entire Arlington delegation, including the new Senator from the 31st District, must be prepared to work at restoring the trust and respect for the County that it deserves and that so many have sought to achieve.

Eyes now turn to Del. Patrick Hope, another possible candidate who was expected to defer to Brink should he have decided to run. Hope would face county board member Barbara Favola in the Democratic primary.

  • Wayne Kubicki

    How would the Dem posters here handicap a Favola/Hope Senate primary?

    Story going around that Sen. Ticer has endorsed Garvey in the other Senate race – can anyone here confirm?

    • FedUp
      • Walkin ma dog

        I can’t see how garvey is going to beat Adam Ebbin. Has she ever had to run a competitive race? Not to mention what has she really done for her constituents, besides take credit for what others have done

        • SA Resident

          She’s spent about $4 billion of your money while on the school board. How could you miss that?

  • charlie

    and Vola Lawson has endorsed Krupicka.

  • roquer

    Oh boy, Patrick Hopeless, the newest ultra socialist in Arlington. Perhaps the only delegate outside of Arlington that actually agreed with Tejada in not sending fingerprints of arrested illegal aliens to the FBI. Yep, yet another liberal siding lawlessness in Arlington.Wonderful

  • Clyde

    As a fellow Progressive, mentored by the Honorable Chris Zimmerman (D), I suggest that Mr. Zimmerman run for the Senate seat. As a Progressive economist, Mr. Zimmerman has a firm grim on how to limit profits that small businesses make and as a result, the owners will not get too rich and live better than their workers. He also believes that all workers, including illigal aliens, deserve a living wage.

    I also believe Mr. Zimmerman has a firm grip on how people should live in liveable communities, like the “Urban Village” he personally created here, so that we don’t need as many cars, people can congregate near Metro Stations, and places in outer counties can be preserved as open space with limited access for humans, just as UN-Agenda 21 prescribes.


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