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Redistricting Could Shake Up 30th District State Senate Race

by ARLnow.com March 10, 2011 at 9:02 am 2,549 12 Comments

The 30th District state Senate race now has a clear set of Democratic candidates. Those contenders, however, still don’t know exactly what they’re contending for, since the upcoming state redistricting process could change the district’s boundaries.

We’ve heard rumors that the redistricting plan currently under consideration by Senate Democrats would push the 30th District further into Fairfax, Alexandria or both. Already, the 30th encompasses most of Alexandria, part of Fairfax and part of South Arlington.

A redistricting plan that subtracts from the already small Arlington portion of the district could be bad news for Arlington School Board Chair Libby Garvey, who just captured the endorsement of retiring 30th District state Sen. Patsy Ticer.

“I’ve worked with Libby for years,” Ticer said in a statement earlier this week. “She is a fast study and is committed to the issues important to me.”

The kind words from the well-liked Ticer is a big boost for Garvey, but it doesn’t change the fact that she’s an Arlingtonian running in a minority Arlington district.

The rumored redistricting plan could help Rob Krupicka, an Alexandria City Councilman who has been positioning himself as the clear Alexandria candidate. Krupicka picked up the endorsement of Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille last week and the endorsement of former Alexandria City Manager Vola Lawson this week.

“Before he was on Council and his children were born Rob worked hard to increase citizen and parent participation in our public schools,” Lawson said in a statement. “As the proud father of two daughters at Mount Vernon Elementary School, he continues to fight for quality education throughout the Commonwealth.”

Del. Adam Ebbin, who currently represents parts of Arlington, Fairfax and Alexandria in the House of Delegates, has an opportunity to bridge the gap between the three communities. Over the past week Ebbin formally announced his candidacy and won a straw poll in the Mt. Vernon section of Fairfax County, at the southern end of the 30th District.

“In these difficult times, our community needs an effective, progressive voice in Richmond, one who knows the legislative process and who will be ready to hit the ground running on day one,” Ebbin said in a press release announcing his candidacy. “I’m running to continue that tradition, and to ensure that citizens of Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax have a Senator who will not allow their priorities to be overlooked.”

Garvey, Krupicka and Ebbin will face off in the Democratic primary on Aug. 23. The winner will face a theoretical Republican nominee in November. No formal announcements have been made on the GOP side, but Alexandria businessman Michael Maibach has said that he’s considering a run.

  • PikeGurl

    It was nice of Patsy to endorse her friend Libby, who also happens to be a woman. But Adam Ebbin has firsthand experience in the statehouse and a reasonably good record to show from his time there. He’s initiated a number of bills and gotten a few of them passed. He’s also thrown his support behind a bunch of worthwhile efforts.

    • pikeboi

      From what I see, Adam is a guy who is completely complicit in everything that is wrong with Richmond, working for lobbyists rather than for us. It’s broken down there. Adam even voted for the bill that allowed Cuccinelli to sue the Obama Administration over the healthcare law, because Ward Armstrong told him to.

      Libby has done great things for our community and sacrificed a LOT over her 14 years on the school board. I’m voting for her because I think she’ll be a breath of fresh air and really shake things up in Richmond. For you to imply that Patsy endorsed Libby solely because she’s a woman just shows your ignorance.

    • Toucan Sam

      School Board to State Senate is a big leap. School Board members don’t do legislation. They don’t do Richmond. I find it a stretch for Libby. Ebbin is in Richmond, but what defines him? What are his accomplishments? Krupicka is a wonk and a hard worker. His time on the Alexandria City Council has been significant and a City Council seat is arguably more significant than a delegate slot. If I were in the District — I’m not — Krupicka for State Senate. [Hey, everybody’s got an opinion, right?]

  • So Libby has been on the school board for what, 6 months and now she wants to upgrade?

    Screw her.

    • Arl

      Um… she’s been on the Arlington School Board for 14 years. Try reading.

      • TGEoA

        Ah, my bad. I was mixing her up with Sally Baird.

        • Arl

          Sally Baird has been on the school board for 4 years. Keep digging.

  • Just sayin’

    Oddly, the concern is that the 31st District (Whipple’s) may stretch further into Fairfax, potentially districting, say Patrick Hope, out of the district. If that is the case, it would seem that the 30th district would pick up MORE not less of Arlington, favoring Libby and Adam.

    • Wayne Kubicki

      There are numerous rumors going on about how the Democrats will redraw the Senate lines, but the one I seem to hear the most has the 32nd (Sen. Howell) dipping into North Arlington and taking some of the current 31st – which would have the effect of shoving the 31st either further west into Fairfax than it currently is and/or further south (the current southern boundary is mostly Columbia Pike). If it’s the latter, then some of the Arlington precincts currently in the 30th would move up to the 31st. We’ll all know in about a month! Also remember – if some candidate(s) end up on the “wrong side” of a line, they can always move.

      • Jamie

        I don’t think you have to live in the district to be a candidate. Granted you would want to politically, but a candidate could run and plan to move into the district later.

    • The plan I’ve heard extends the 32nd into Arlington, thus subtracting from the 31st and the 30th.

  • Wakefield Parent

    The number of high school drop outs in Arlington has significantly increased over the past two years. I won’t vote for Libby Garvey. Fourteen years is enough.


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