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Fire Marshal’s Office Monitoring Crowds At Local Bars

by ARLnow.com March 17, 2011 at 3:56 pm 3,423 38 Comments

As it does on New Year’s Eve and Halloween, the Arlington County Fire Marshal’s office has sent staff out to a number of local bars to monitor building occupancy.

About a dozen fire marshal’s office personnel have spread out across the area to make sure St. Patrick’s Day crowds don’t get out of hand.

So far we haven’t heard of any problems.

  • BallstonDude

    Sometimes I think Arlington likes to micro-manage our lives.

    • John Goilios

      Sometimes I think Arlington wants to prevent this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Station_nightclub_fire

      • Arlington, Northside

        Or this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beverly_Hills_Supper_Club_fire
        Enforcing the fire code is not taking away your freedom, it is ensuring your longevity.

        • BallstonDude

          Looks guys. As a single item, this is good. When you factor in *everything* the county does one might reach my initial conclusion.

          • borf

            But you posted that comment on THIS single item. You obviously implied that THIS is about controlling our lives. That’s silly.

            I welcome the government taking away my freedom to be in a dangerously packed bar and not allowing me to exercise my constitutional right to die in a fire.

          • Lou

            This is part of their new pro-business attitude. Check the last three paragraphs of this article: http://bit.ly/fPtiyY

          • BallstonDude

            I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at that.

          • borf

            That’s likely a response to neighbors who have complained about noise, drunks, crime etc. I don’t see anything wrong with trying to deal with those issues.

    • FireMarshalBill

      I assure you, it’s not the county’s mission to piss on your campfire. Just want to make sure everyone is responsible and has a safe evening, even if it’s a bunch of non-Irish amateurs from Fairfax County.

  • shirley

    hey is that a fire hose or are you just happy to see me?
    sounds like a tough assignment. I heard there should be a ton of drunk talent out tonight. party on!!

  • irish i wasn’t working

    anyone have updates of the arlington bar scene? are the lines to get into bars outrageous?

    • Bard

      i would appreciate such an update. friends are headed to p brennans. i want to know if it’s worth it, or whether i should enjoy basketball from the comfort of my own home

      • Arlingtonian

        P Brennan’s is huge so it’s probably easier to get into than all the rest, which are smaller and will be jam-packed full of Fairfax people

  • Cas

    Saw one guy at Four Courts in Courthouse. Good to see they are monitoring…

  • Aaron

    If “monitoring” fails, “supervising” and “investigating” are both pretty good gerunds as well.

  • SoCo Resident

    Hope everyone has a safe time and fully respects our police officers, and especially the fire marshall who does not seem to be getting any respect lately from the County Board and Lyon Park Citizens Association. He just out to protect our lives, thats all!

    • Chris


  • Anne

    They shut down Hunan Number One for nearly an hour- such a shame- was a surprisingly good night for a chinese place.

    • CW


    • LyonSteve

      Um…Who went there to celebrate St. Patty’s day?

      • barlington

        because everywhere else had lines around the block

        • LyonSteve

          Ok – I’ve never been there, but it sounds like a Chinese take out place. Am I missing something?

          • borf

            Thousands of people went to Clarendon for a drink, and the desperate ones who didn’t want to wait in line for two hours just to cram into a joint for an overpriced beer went to the local Chinese place instead. Which in turn got overcrowded.

            Glad I stayed home.

          • Tabby

            Good Lord! I stayed home and sent (and received) salacious text messages.

          • CW

            Yes, you are missing something, which is that their “happy hour” lasts ten hours and includes 36 ounce beers for $5-6. But that is probably not the sort of thing in which you would be interested, right?

          • LyonSteve

            That’s insane. What are the happy hours and what days?

            I won’t bother to guess what they serve for $5-6, but maybe you could educate us?

          • CW

            Sure, at the risk of sounding like an advertisement for the place, happy hour is every day. The beers on draft always include a couple light beers, blue moon, yuengling, and sam adams’ seasonal, magic hat #9. Not your small-run craft brews, but not mop water either, and for the price…I mean I’m a yuengling guy to begin with, so not complaints here about what more or less amounts to $2.50 pints all the time.

          • CW

            spelling and grammar…ugh, brain rotten today.

            Cheap food too – sushi rolls, americanized chinese stuff, dumplings, and everything you could ever imagine deep-frying. I really like the place.

          • Lou

            Technically per ABC regs, you can not run a “Happy Hour” promotion after 9 pm. The definition of Happy Hour has always escaped me though.

          • CW

            Yep, they run it until 9 sharp.

          • GA

            And, sometimes there are bands in the back room.

      • CW

        YOU RACIST PIG!!!


    • Josh

      There was 9000 people in there when right across the street they wouldn’t let one in over the capacity at rira with the fire marshall doing laps through the bar.

  • clarendude

    We ended up at Mad Rose Tavern last night – spent most out on the patio. I’m an old dude so I’ve seen a lot of crowds. That place seemed very well managed to me. And, the beer selection was excellent and the food was good.

    • Too Easy

      Was Steve there?

      • CW

        I need a cigarette…

    • GA

      I was at Mad Rose – not super crowded. I have to say I wasn’t impressed by the food though. Nice beer selection though! 🙂

  • PF

    The trouble with H1 was the Band was set up right infront of one of the exits, the Managgement didn’t even know how many people he could legaly & safely accomodate. Don’t have to hit me with a stick duhhhh.


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