Comcast Switches on HD Channels in Time For NCAA Tourney

by ARLnow.com March 18, 2011 at 11:57 am 3,365 20 Comments

Update at 6:40 p.m. — Readers are reporting in the comments that the channels are not operational in all parts of the county.

Two days after we reported about a delay in Comcast’s plan to switch on additional HD channels for Arlington customers, the company has managed to get the promised channels up and running.

As of this morning, channels including CNBC HD, Comedy Central HD, BET HD and ESPNews HD were up and running. Also available was truTV HD, which is carrying a number of NCAA March Madness basketball games.

The new additions were made between channel numbers 800 and 900.

The channels were originally supposed to be available on March 15, according to a mailing sent to customers. After they missed the self-imposed deadline, Comcast told an Arlington County official that the channels were to be switched on no later than March 24.

Hat tip to @reidjoshua

  • Josh

    You’re welcome. Now everyone DVR the Greg Giraldo special on Comedy Central at 11:30pm tonight. RIP.

  • LyonSteve

    Awesome! Now can we get rid of these terrible SA boxes? The guide appears from the 1980s.

  • JerrySeinfeld

    Does anybody know whether there’s a way to remove channels I either don’t get, or don’t care about, from the Preview Guide? If Comcast is going to start focusing on the 800s, but there are also worthwhile ones in the 200s, it seems dumb to have to scroll through 600 (I know, not really) superfluous ones.

    • I haven’t been able to find a 200s channel that’s not also in the 800s. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

    • OX4

      I know what you mean. Scrolling through the list 10 at a time is painful. I get impatient and hold the button down, but then I can’t stop it from scrolling. Sigh.

    • Cyrus
    • GMo

      Just set up a “favorites” list and then you don’t have to look at any of the dozens of channels you pay for but don’t care for 😉

  • Becky

    Thank you so much for reporting on this… we checked the other day, didn’t see the new channels, and might have forgotten to check again if I hadn’t read this. And you’re exactly right: just barely in time for the tournament!!

  • SE

    Does anyone know what the new channels are? There are so many I’m sure I’ve scrolled past these new ones?

  • NMPR

    No boxes?! Really, how did you manage? I received a digital box, haven’t had one for over 20yrs, it’s a LARGE (converter) box for the TV to receive digital channels – the other TV’s will not receive digital channels unless I pay $5/mth extra per TV. Will have to figure out something else, cause my TV’s are on the wall and don’t want a box on the floor.

  • Dan

    Channels not working in Shirlington

  • Karen

    They’re not all working at Courthouse either. No Comedy Central HD for me, but 3 ESPNs. The new channels show up as To Be Announced on my Tivo menu whether they work or not.

    • Dan

      Guess they are still ironing out a few things. All the new channels show up in my guide, but say “Not Authorized” when I try to view them. When I spoke to someone in the local Arlington office they thought the launch was still set for March 24.

    • Carmen

      Me too. I should have known it was not true

      • Dan

        Still not activated for me. 3 phones calls to Comcast all yielded nothing. They sent a variety of signals, had me reboot the box…nothing worked. Hopefully, it’s all fixed by the 24th.

  • SamsontheCat

    What about HD standard channels (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, etc)? When are they going to give us those? I used to get them in HD by plugging my cable into the wall without the box (and all I lost was the On-Demand crap) but now if I want to get half my channels i have to use the stupid box

  • Suburban Not Urban

    So when the new encryptions came on line, my friends 3rd party DVR started recording just the screen saying you need a box-which she has. So she called Comcast and their support rep said – well it looks like you should be getting this and the box reports it’s working, we’ll reset it and call us back in 1hr if it’s not working. Called back in an hour, same answer. Called back in the next hour – they said Oh I guess we’ll have to setup an appointment. She then took off work, to meet with the guy. The appointment time goes bye and no show, so she calls and they say “we are not sure where he is we’ll call you back”. An hour later, she calls again after 2 or 3 calls someone tells her that the tech was scheduled for 13 stops today, and only made the first one. She re-scheduled and took off work again.(BTW apparently everyone keeps telling her that they feel her pain – which is a poor excuse for lousy execution) When he arrives, He goes “Oh the problem is your DVR” – so he proceeds to completely bypass the DVR and says “Oh, thats all I can do, you need a cable card but I can’t do that and you’ll have to schedule another appt.” Now her DVR is one of the largest on the market, and I know it doesn’t take cable cards, so this guy was completely clueless. I looked at her system, and the best she’s going to do is tell the DVR that only one of the 2 tuners can get most of the channels via the box, which makes it about 1/2 as functional as last month.
    Thats your world of Xfinity.

    • NPGMBR

      Classic Comcast to make an appointment and miss it time and again.

  • Pete

    Anyone have the new set of HD channels yet? They appear in the guide but are still locked. (I’m in Dominion Hills area). A call to Comcast this morning was not terribly helpful, all they could tell me was that the channels were not listed yet. Stay tuned I guess.

    • Dan

      Same boat as you…having Comcast send signals didn’t do anything. I’m wondering if it’s a cable box thing, as it seems odd that some would have it and others wouldn’t if the stations were activated.


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