Car Runs Off Road, Flips Over in Rosslyn

by ARLnow.com March 24, 2011 at 9:03 pm 4,058 16 Comments

A driver was brought to the hospital after her Volvo ran off the road and flipped on its side in a small field across from the Marriott in Rosslyn.

The car was heading southbound on Fort Myer Drive, just past Key Bridge, when it hopped a curb, hit a tree and flipped over. Firefighters responded and used heavy equipment to extricate the woman from the driver’s seat.

The accident happened around 7:15 p.m., near the end of the evening rush hour. Key Bridge traffic heading into Arlington was snarled as emergency vehicles blocked all but one lane of Fort Myer Drive.

No word on what caused the car to veer off the road. The woman is expected to be okay.

  • Volvo. Lemme guess, MD tags?

    • CrystalMikey

      That was my first guess, but the blur leads me to believe D.C.

  • wow – it’s weird to see a car upside down like that.

    Thanks to all emergency personnel who get into the most dangerous situations and odd positions to save our lives!!

    • Tabby


  • Overgrown Bush

    Looks like someone wanted to test the Volvo crash test rating.

  • Joe

    Yawn. Police, this is why you have to do unannounced enforcement. Not just announced “campaigns” that get media coverage. Not just easy Sunday morning pullovers on 110 and George Mason Drive. But rather, unannounced enforcement in actual hazardous areas, such as North Fort Myer at the bridge, as well as Glebe and Fairfax. For that measure, start actually citing cars who blow through the stop sign in front of your headquarters. Start doing this so that cars realize you can pop up anywhere and cite them for poor driving.

    That then calms EVERYONE down, so that we don’t have Volvos flipping over and endangering everyone else.

    • AllenB

      And you know they’re not doing this how?

      • Ballston resident

        Joe’s right – the Arlington police simply don’t enforce the traffic laws how they should. I was in an accident on 10/19 last year (it was actually the subject of an arlnow.com article) at the intersection of N. Fairfax and N. Glebe. My Accord was totaled because some idiot in a Chevy Avalanche turned left into me (from the opposite direction) as I was going straight on the green light through the intersection. My air bags blew – it was scary! Thing is, there have been so many other accidents in Arlington that I’ve avoided because I’m a defensive driver. People do some really really stupid stuff on the roads around here, and the police don’t do much about it.

  • PikeHoo

    Cars seem to be flipping over all over Arlington. Maybe it’s just increased news coverage on ARLnow?

  • Overgrown Bush

    It looks like a late-model Volvo. The spare tire holder looks awfully rusty for such a new car.

    • Dave

      It’s a first-generation S40 so it’s at least 7 years old. Surface rust is pretty normal on unpainted parts after that long with road salt.

      • Overgrown Bush

        Thanks. I’m not too familiar with Volvo body types.

  • CW

    Are these novapj photos?

  • Scott



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