Man Exposes Himself to Yorktown High School Student

by ARLnow.com March 25, 2011 at 8:46 am 2,671 20 Comments

A man exposed himself to a Yorktown High School student while she was walking to school yesterday morning, according to an email sent to parents.

March 24, 2011

Dear Parents:

This morning, a Yorktown High School student was walking to school when a man exposed himself to her. The incident occurred near N. 27th St. and N. Ohio Dr.

Upon arriving at school, the student reported the incident to administrators. The student’s mother and the Arlington County Police Department were called immediately. Arlington County Police are currently investigating the report and they plan to monitor the area.

We want to ask everyone to remind students to take precautions when walking to and from school, or at other times when they are out in the community. Students should walk in pairs or groups as often as possible and should immediately report any incidents to a teacher, administrator, or parent when something like this occurs so that appropriate actions can be taken.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to call any administrator at Nottingham.


Mary Beth Pelosky

The incident was first reported by Ballston Patch, which also reported that an incident two weeks ago, when a man made an “inappropriate comment” to a female Williamsburg Middle School student as she was walking home from school.

  • Aaron

    I think that’s the first time Ballston Patch has ever posted ‘real-news’ first

  • Arrrrrlington

    He “exposed” himself? I “exposed myself” to tons of people when I walked out the door this morning. Doesn’t everybody “expose” themselves everday?

    Can’t we think of better way of explaining the man pulled his genitals out in front of the girl?

    • Overgrown Bush

      “A man presented his package….”

    • borf

      “A man whipped out his junk…”

    • CW


      He exposed himself…for who he really was, or what?

      “I’m sorry, Jane, I’ve not been honest to you all these years…”

      Let’s not beat around the…uh…bush.

    • Dick Trickle

      Would you like to pet my squirrel?

      • Rosslyn Boom


    • Steve

      Spies also get “Exposed”. Someone exposed Alger Hiss.

  • Police?

    Students “should immediately report any incidents to a teacher, administrator, or parent when something like this occurs.” Isn’t this a time we can suggest students call the police? Maybe it’ll distract them from writing some parking tickets and give them a chance to do something productive. But in all seriousness, I don’t know why the school is sending out a letter that suggests students tell everyone except the police when a crime is committed against them.

    • Aaron

      Perhaps the school believes that the perpetrator is of questionable documentary status with respect to his presence in the country and they know that ACPD won’t get involved in those issues?

    • NArl

      the Police don’t write parking tickets, the P.S.A.’s do. Anyway to answer your question the public school here in Arlington don’t really care for the Police. They would like to keep everything under raps so they look better. Remember Williamsburg MS, and see how that turned out.

    • Dale

      This is a letter to parents of elementary students. (Nottingham, which is about two blocks from where this happened.) These kids aren’t likely to have a phone to call police. Thus it makes perfect sense to tell the kids to immediately find a school official or parent. That adult can then contact the police.

      • local

        Thank you.

      • Charlie

        Uh most kids have cell phones now. Especially going to be the case at a rich north Arlington school.

        • Dale

          No, they don’t. Williamsburg, many sure. Yorktown, of course. Nottingham, no. It’s very much the exception.

  • Lou

    Has Ohio Street been renamed to Ohio Drive?

    • Dale

      Funny, just yesterday I was having a conversation with a co-worker about how in some towns you don’t need to pay much attention to the street type. Meet me on 25th! In Arlington you need to be real clear on road, street, or place. It doesn’t hurt to understand the difference between drives and the rest as well.

  • Chris Hanson

    time for a Dateline NBC “to catch a predator” investigation in North Arlington to round up these terds!


    • jdogg

      No Chris Hanson, I was not showing up to try to have relations with an underage girl. Oh, the 6-Pack and box of condoms? I just found those on the side of the road and was going to throw them in the nearest trashcan.

  • Pedro

    “How bout them cupcakes”


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