Is ARLnow.com Among ‘The Best Journalists on Twitter?’

by ARLnow.com March 29, 2011 at 10:45 am 2,276 14 Comments

Yes, go ahead and roll your eyes. It’s yet another online popularity contest for local media-types.

But, if you’re so inclined, feel free to vote for ARLnow.com in TBD’s #DCjournotweeps competition, which seeks to rank “the best journalists using Twitter in their coverage of local news.”

We are in the esteemed company of such local notables as the Washington Business Journal’s Missy Frederick and Sarah Krouse, WTOP’s Neal Augenstein and Adam Tuss, and DCist’s Martin Austermuhl and Aaron Morrissey. It’s tough competition, but let’s at least not finish last.

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  • Steve

    If I were a psychologist, I would use facebook and twitter to do research on narcissistic personality disorder, and other personality disorders, on my breaks, from studying the personality disorders of politicians, and also people who move to the DC area.

  • Bluemontsince1961

    I voted for ARLnow. I discovered ARLnow about seven months ago, and it’s the best for local Arlington news and events.

    • Thanks!

    • SoCo Resident

      ARLNOW is for Arlington primarily/only. ARLNOW is good on presenting facts, but no analysis, relating to Arlington. Some would dispute the “journalism” tag. It seems to close down on weekends. Nice job, fills a niche, but limited.

      • MktCommon


        @SoCo Resident. Exactly, Arlnow fills an important niche. And journalism includes presenting facts. It doesn’t have to be analysis, unless you always need a journalist to tell you what to think.

  • curmudgeon

    I never thought I’d see the words “journalist” and “Twitter” in the same sentence.

    • You’ve obviously never heard of Jake Tapper.

      Also, ARLnow is currently holding steady in 3rd place with 13% in case anyone is curious.

  • Rebecca

    ArlNow will get more cred with me when they start doing investigating “journalism” instead of just posting the obvious. IE what the hell is going on with that lot on the corner of S. Eads and Army-Navy Drive.

  • Mike

    I visit ArlNow daily and now even have it bookmarked. Always a must read of what’s happening in Arlington County.

    Oh, and i also voted.

    • LVaristocrat

      Yeah, I have it bookmarked as well. I am out of the country right now and Arlnow keeps me close to the community. I feel plugged in – It’s great community service = got my vote.

  • brendan

    I think scott/arlnow has done a terrific job filling a void in local journalism. The Washington Post is too broad, the local papers too slow and other news sites such as tbd are far too disorganized.

    The simple blog format w/ a constant stream of content and timely news combined with surprisingly good reporting (better than any attempt at arlington based news by the WP, TBD or other outlets) was surprisingly non-existent in one of the most tech-connected counties in the country.

    While DCist has largely plateaued due to their corporate overlords and the loss of Sommer, ARLnow has grown from a virtually unknown site to hundreds of active commenters, 10 side column ads and now plays an important role in local affairs. To do that in the first 15 months is pretty impressive.

    A couple weeks ago i posted something on twitter about the mess on Washington Blvd coming from a Clarendon construction site that arlnow retweeted. The next day there were street cleaners out in force. Not sure of the correlation but it’d be surprising if the county isn’t making a concerted effort to address concerns ARLnow raises, which i view as the baseline for quality reporting.

    I still think WTOP is the best ‘local’ outlet and Neil Augenstein the top local reporter/twitterer, but in terms of arlington news, it’s hard to find something as focused and comprehensive as arlnow’s reporting and twittering.


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