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Moran Promotes Work of Arlington Free Clinic

by ARLnow.com March 29, 2011 at 9:56 am 2,088 14 Comments

Rep. Jim Moran dropped by the Arlington Free Clinic (2921 11th Street South) yesterday to help promote the clinic’s mission of providing high-quality health care to low-income individuals.

Moran spent the afternoon helping to check in patients at the clinic’s front desk. Between patients, he talked about the clinic’s importance to the community.

“I wanted to give more visibility to the Arlington Free Clinic and the people they serve,” he said as a half dozen patients read magazines in the clinic’s sunny waiting room. “They desperately need this service. Otherwise they couldn’t afford their prescription medicine, or the preventive care, or the specialized care the clinic is able to refer people to.”

Currently, the clinic only accepts about 30 percent of patients who apply for care through a lottery system. Moran said that even with the new health care reform law that he championed, the Arlington Free Clinic will continue to play a vital role in the community.

“This is a valuable service,” he said. “This will supplement what we’re able to do through health care reform.”

Since it opened in 1993, the Arlington Free Clinic has been providing medical care to uninsured adults. The clinic relies on a team of 700 volunteers, including 170 physicians. AFC says it does not receive federal or county funding.

Moran’s volunteer work at the clinic was part of his “Jim Pitches In” series, which is intended to highlight the work of local non-profits. Last month Moran delivered Meals on Wheels to seniors in Alexandria.

  • Burger

    At first, I thought the headline said “Moron Promotes…” and I thought it was a misprint. Then I saw the picture, and I was right.

  • 1234

    Let’s not allow political name calling to get in the way of recognizing this fantastic resource in the community.

    • Winthrop

      You mean this “resource” that gives them reason to STAY in our community. You clothe them (Doorways), you feed them (A-SPAN), you care for them (Arlington Free Clinic), and you shelter them (First Baptist Church), then WHY WOULD THEY LEAVE????

      Meanwhile, I know two houses in Lyon Village that went for about $1.35 million each. Surely they would have gotten $1.75 million save for what I list above. So when is A-SPAN going to send along some Balducci’s and Whole Foods gift certificates as reparations, or when is Doorways going to send along some Nordstrom and Jos. A. Bank threads? Sorry, but $400k per household is a heck of a price to pay for “recognizing this fantastic resource”.

      • 1234

        That’s right, and to me these are important uses of my tax money. I choose to stay in Arlington, with all of it’s foibles, in large part because the county does do a lot to take care of those that don’t have the same benefits that I do.

      • borf

        Really? You’re comparing someone’s first dollar with someone else’s millionth?

  • Kathy on Columbia Pike

    Note: Arlington Free Clinic does not even use any tax money. I was reading through the annual report on their website and was suprised to see that my own HMO (Kaiser Permanente) has a foundation that is one of the largest donors to the Clinic. With so many other better things to complain about, I think it is great that we live in a county that can provide these very necessary services to our fellow residents who can’t get them otherwise. Yes, THEM are residents who are just as deserving as anyone else for receiving needed medical care. Winthrop, I don’t know why THEM should be denigrated. There are so many people who don’t have access to affordable health care- this is a national issue.

    • mehoo

      Well, well, what do you know. Everyone – on both sides – just assumed it was taxpayer funded. Thanks for actually looking it up, Kathy.

  • DT

    I thought everyone was covered under the new bill and the neediest were being covered immediately. Did Arlington opt out of the HCA like most other left-leaning entities?

    • mehoo

      Let’s break this one down.

      “I thought everyone was covered under the new bill and the neediest were being covered immediately.”

      You thought wrong. Under the new law (not a bill any more), full coverage for the uninsured doesn’t kick in until 2014.

      “Did Arlington opt out of the HCA like most other left-leaning entities?”

      Arlington cannot opt out. Only a few entities can, and that’s because they already provide health care coverage that satisfies the requirements of the law, often after negotiations by the beneficiaries.

      So you’re silly, half-bake, Fox-informed comment is pretty much 100% wrong.

      • LVGuy

        The health care law also doesn’t make healthcare free, either. You’re still going to have to pay for your insurance and other procedures your insurance doesn’t cover.

  • The native

    Winthrop do you even know what AFC or doorways do? I think not. Ever been to either? I think not. Your preconceived ignorant notions are just wrong. Think before you type, or better yet just don’t type.


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