ART Bus Schedule Changes

by ARLnow.com March 31, 2011 at 9:50 am 3,470 6 Comments

Some changes are coming to the ART 41 and 87 bus routes.

Starting on Monday, April 4, the ART 41 will start running on a new weekday schedule. Buses will now run every 15 minutes during the morning and evening rush hours. Additionally, bus service will start earlier in the morning and end later at night.

Also on Monday, three new rush hour bus trips will be added to the ART 87 route. Three additional buses will leave the Pentagon Metro at 4:35, 5:15 and 5:55 p.m. Those buses will make all the normal outbound stops.

See the new schedule (in PDF format) for: ART 41 and ART 87.

  • JimPB

    How often at rush hour were Art 41 busses before the change?

    • GM

      I just dug out my office copy of the ART 41 bus schedule, and they were… every 15 minutes. The hours look to be greatly expanded, though.

  • Chef D

    Man, the ART bus is so much better than Metro Bus. These bus actually run on time. BIG UPs to the ART for increasing services. Even ART 77 is running until 10:30pm.

    • The ART buses are great now. In particular, I love how the ART 87 can let people off by the Randolph Square Office Building (the corner of Campbell Ave and S Randolph Street) instead of having to go all the way to the Shirlington Station.

  • Novanglus

    For those who don’t want to open the PDF’s:

    ART 41 is the Courthouse-Ballston-Glebe-Columbia Heights route
    ART 87 is the Pentagon-Army Navy Drive-Shirlington route

  • Janet

    Why was this change necessary? Because Barbara Favola and Mary Hynes didn’t want poor people in their neighborhoods in Clarendon and Lyon Village, so DHS was removed to near Ft. Myer.


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