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Eat and Drink Cheap for a Good Cause

by ARLnow.com April 7, 2011 at 10:01 am 2,059 26 Comments

Even if it wasn’t for a good cause, and even if there wasn’t a DJ, a raffle and a fun crowd, the food and drink specials alone would be worth the trip to The Front Page in Ballston (4201 Wilson Blvd) tonight.

The restaurant will be hosting the second annual Team Kickin’ it for Krista’s DC Walk for Lupus Now fundraiser tonight from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m.

What is lupus? It’s an autoimmune disorder with a variety of chronic symptoms.

Who is Krista? She’s a young woman who lives in Arlington, who was diagnosed with lupus several years ago, and who’s passionate about her work with the Lupus Foundation of America.

Tonight’s happy hour will feature the following specials, all of which are available with the purchase of a $5 wristband:

  • $3 off appetizers
  • 1/2 price burgers
  • $4 shooter special
  • $2.75 rail drinks
  • $3 drafts
  • $3.25 glasses of house wine
  • $2 Miller Lite bottles

Raffle prizes include Washington Wizards tickets, gift cards to local restaurants and other schwag. Music will be provided by DJ Pat Premier.

Last year the happy hour raised $2,000 for Krista’s Walk for Lupus Now team, which raised $19,500 overall. Krista is hoping the happy hour will help her team reach $20,000 for the walk, which will take place in D.C. next weekend.

Photo courtesy Krista Blackburn

  • CrystalMikey

    Wish them the best of luck…my allergies are keeping me homebound today.

    • LV

      Say…isn’t The Front Page one of Arlington’s biggest tax scofflaws? Will the County be getting its cut of tonight’s business?

  • Erin

    Last year was a blast! Cheap food, cheaper drinks, and lots of dancing. Can’t wait til tonight!

  • DT

    Wizards tickets? They’d be better off giving away lupus.

    • MS

      If it were at all possible to “give away” a debilitating autoimmune disease like Lupus, it would be done (perhaps to you, for that comment)… but those of us who deal with it on a regular basis would rather put our energy and passion toward making others aware of just what this disease is. Maybe you should check out the event tonight before making such a snide comment.

      • Aaron

        +1 gazillion .. what an offensive comment. I know the affects of lupus and wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

        Krista — you are an inspiration, keep up the amazing work

      • DT

        I should have guessed some oversensitive person would fail to see any humor. I know lupus is miserable. I have a friend who has spent the last decade nearly dying from it. Luckily though, she still has a sense of humor and isn’t a miserable person, just a strong person with a miserable disease.

    • Rebecca

      DT = hilarious. It was a joke. If you found that offensive, how do you watch Family Guy or South Park?

      • MS

        Jokes on TV are one thing (I personally LOVE the Seinfeld episode-“LUPUS–Is it LUPUS?!”) But a snide, slightly ignorant remark toward someone who’s actually put in a lot of hard work to put on events like this is another thing. If you’d like to learn more about the disease or the walk you should check this out: http://lupusdmv.kintera.org/faf/home/default.asp?ievent=447013&lis=1&kntae447013=47380727955E42A6B02EE7222365C69C

        • PikeHoo

          +1 to MS and I hope it’s a success

          Don’t just assume that others are not offended by Family Guy and South Park. I’m not, but to each his own.

        • If anyone should have been offended it was Wizard fans.

          Oh.. nvm.

      • mehoo

        Come on, everyone, it wasn’t an offensive joke.

        • Tabby

          A bit dumb, but not that offensive. It was a slight against the Wizards, not people with Lupus.

  • RK

    This was awesome last year, great prizes – def going again this year

  • Joe

    If you want to support research on lupus, give directly to the Lupus Foundation of America. But DO NOT attend this event.

    The Front Page Grill in Ballston has been routinely behind on their meals tax payments to the county. As of February 2011, they now owe $46,000 in meals taxes; this is more than double the $17,000 they owed in August 2010.:


    Remember that there is no excuse for this, as they already charge you the meals tax when you pay. They simply refuse to pass on the money to the County.

    Now, evidently you can get the menu specials with purchase of a $5 wristband. But wouldn’t Front Page give the specials anyway, just to get you in the door? Wouldn’t they benefit from the Krista fundraiser bringing in all these extra people?

    Don’t give the Front Page the benefit of your limited generosity. Donate directly to the Lupus Foundation instead.

    • RK

      Joe, no idea about FP taxes, but here is the donation website if you rather not attend tonights event. Thanks! http://lupusdmv.kintera.org/faf/donorReg/donorPledge.asp?ievent=447013&supid=201592988

      • Joe

        Thanks RK. I already do give to the Lupus Foundation, but I appreciate giving out the link for everyone else.

    • CW

      Oh my.

    • JH

      While your hatred for Front Page and their tax evasion may be valid, this event is about raising funds and AWARENESS about a horrible disease. It is NOT about fingerpointing. Your negative comments may keep people from going to an event, donating, or becoming more familiar with Lupus. What if this is the only event some people go to? Any help, even if its from the Front Page, is better than nothing.

      • Joe

        At the end of the day, the fundraiser will raise less than one twentieth of the Front Page’s debt (as of 2/3/2011).

        Numerous establishments who DON’T show up on the list would have loved to have hosted this, given the publicity and the many patrons who would have shown up. Examples include Clarendon Grill, Baileys Pub and Grille, Clarendon Ballroom, and RiRa.

        If people don’t go, if they don’t donate, then that’s the price for failing to do due diligence on where you host a fundraiser.

        • Lou

          I agree, reluctantly. Scofflaws definitely do not deserve our business, but I hate that any residual impact would affect a charity. At least an alternate way to support the cause was posted.

        • RK

          Hey Joe, Baileys hosted a Lupus event 2 weeks ago – they are great. The restaurant/bars you mentioned all donated gift cards for tonights event – and we greatly thank them! Tonight, people will pay money for the raffle to win the gift cards and prizes, the entire amount collected goes to the DC area Lupus foundation – to provide treament and support to those not as furtunate as maybe you and I.

          • MS

            You are so right RK! 🙂 Bailey’s is great, as all the area bars are.

            In fact Bailey’s has been a HUGE supporter for the Lupus Walk/Foundation over the past month!

  • mehoo

    Wow, this isn’t going well.

  • Josh M.

    Is Lupus even real?

  • Brandon C

    It’s never Lupus.


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