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Falling Tree Crushes Car, Closes Road in Arlington Village

by ARLnow.com April 12, 2011 at 2:48 pm 3,236 17 Comments

(Updated at 2:55 p.m.) Windy, rainy weather helped bring a large tree down across S. Barton Street in Arlington Village today.

The tree crushed an unoccupied parked car, blocked S. Barton Street and damaged another tree. A tree crew is on scene removing the debris.

A closer-up look at the damage, after the jump.

  • Cakes

    Ouch. I live in the Village and was actually taking a walk there last night with my kid. Glad no one was hurt

    • G. Clifford Prout

      Hey Cakes? Are you the former “Cupcake?”

      • Tabby

        Oh, I liked “Cupcake” on the AV blog!

  • MC 703

    Would this be almost considered Columbia Heights? What are the boundaries of Arlington Village?

    The best map I have found so far is this one below. Anyone have a better link to one? Thanks!

    • Cakes

      Its in the Columbia Heights neighborhood but also part of Arlington Village Condo.

      • MC 703


      • ClizzleDizzle

        Columbia Heights? No thanks, I value my life and prefer not to travel on the green/yellow line.

        • Tabby

          Wrong jurisdiction.

        • MC 703

          H Street is the new Columbia Heights

          • Tabby

            Totes. I don’t like going there and getting hassled on the street, only to pay $14 for a chi-chi cocktail in a hipster bar. OK, so it was tasty.

        • What?

          Why don’t you read the thread before making a stupid comment? I think they teach context clues in the 4th grade.

          • CW

            ’twas clearly a joke, albeit a low-hanging groaner of one.

  • charlie

    another candidate for the Car Free Diet.
    another reason to DRIVE to work, cuz who knows what happens when your car is home.

    • MC 703

      I’d say that I have a better chance of getting into a horrific accident driving to work than I have of a giant tree branch landing on my Pontiac G6.

      • charlie

        yeah, but if you had a Pontiac G6 you would want a tree to land on it.
        25+ years commuting, three fender benders, nothing horrorific for me.

  • ArlingtonNative

    This clear calls for a study and the formation of a citizen action campaign. After which, they will determine that we need to cut down all old growth trees and plant new trees with a height restriction of less then 12 feet.
    Until all the old-growth trees are eliminated, the county will put parking restrictions in place prohibiting parking within 100 feet of any old growth tree.

    • Bluemontsince1961

      As one native Arlingtonian to another…LOL, ain’t it the truth!


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