Green Party Official Plans Run for County Board

by ARLnow.com April 14, 2011 at 1:46 pm 2,516 28 Comments

A Green Party official is planning on running for a seat on the County Board this fall.

“I do plan to run for County Board as a Green,” said Audrey Clement, a state Green Party officer and a national Green Party committee member. “However, I have not yet set up a campaign committee and filed my paperwork with [State Board of Election]. So I am not officially a candidate [yet].”

Clement’s campaign platform focuses on spending, housing and environmental concerns. On her web site, Clement says she wants to “focus funds on essential community services” like libraries, public safety, schools and the safety net, while “halt[ing] spending on wasteful building projects that we cannot afford” like the Columbia Pike streetcar and the Long Bridge Park aquatic center. She also criticizes the use of county funds for the Artisphere.

Clement says she wants to preserve historic garden apartment complexes in the county and “create and fund a housing authority in Arlington that will help low and moderate income renters and consolidate the county’s housing programs under one umbrella.” She also supports banning non-biodegradable plastic bags in “all supermarkets and chain pharmacies” while banning Styrofoam containers in “all public facilities and fast food outlets”

In 2009, Clement filed a federal lawsuit against the widening of I-66 inside the Beltway. The suit was dismissed, but Clement says she would work to “block any further widening of I-66 highway in Arlington by suing VDOT and seeking the transfer of the $35 million in Federal highway funds to repair Arlington aging bridges and streets.”

Clement will face Democratic incumbents Walter Tejada and Mary Hynes in the fall. She may also have a shot at a third county board seat if Barbara Favola captures the Democratic nomination for the 31st District State Senate seat.

  • South Walter Reed

    I’ve seen this movie before. I know how it ends.

  • Interesting

    From her website: “Finally I seek to expand recycling in Arlington, noting that the county lags behind other jurisdictions in the percent of solid waste that’s kept out of landfills, because only 10 percent of the refuse from multi-family dwellings is recycled.”

    Someone should tell her this has already been taken care of: http://www.arlnow.com/2011/02/04/business-owners-face-new-recycling-requirements/

    • pollosmoky

      In theory, compliance is another matter!

  • Lacey Forest

    Well, she had me on Columbia Pike, Long Branch Park and Artisphere, but then lost me on I-66.

    • mehoo

      Widening I-66 would just create a wider, congested highway.

      • The wider the barrel, the better the flow.

        • mehoo

          So really really huge highways like they have in Los Angeles flow really really fast, huh?

          These aren’t pipes we’re talking about. It’s simplistic thinking like yours that gets us into trouble in the first place.

          Oh, and the flow would be just as narrow when you hit the DC bridges anyway.

          • What about people going west? Surely you don’t have a problem with that?

          • mehoo

            Um, same principle – highways aren’t pipes.

          • You need to study some queue theory.

        • Thomass Paine

          “The wider the barrel, the better the flow” —

          Ahhhh, Grasshopper – let me instruct you as to how it really works. (We’ll write it in FORTRAN):

          10 Pave More And More And More Road
          20 Watch Area Quickly Get Built Up Again Until Congestion Is Intolerable
          30 GOTO 10

          The only way to stop it is to stop paving. That’s the only way that’s gonna work. Yes, you do wind up stuck at Line 20 (above) so … handle your grief and move on. (Or hey, maybe file suit? Oh, yer too busy, sorry …)

    • South Arlington

      I don’t get what people want to do, just cut funding to the Long Bridge park project and leave it as a big dirt pit? I don’t really like the Artisphere and was not in favor or it from the start, but now that it’s built and the money’s spent, $500K a year seems like not that much money for a new cultural center.

      • It was converted from a museum into the useless crap-hole that is now. Turn it into a homeless shelter and be done with it.

      • 4Arl

        The $500K being mentioned sounds like additional tax support. See the Artisphere memo http://www.arlingtonva.us/departments/ManagementAndFinance/budget/file81057.pdf It says expenses are expected to be $462K higher than budgeted- half of which is due to “hiring of staff above budgeted rates and increase in temporary employees”. (Since they mixed these two things together, one is left to wonder how much above budget they are paying, and why.)

  • Mike

    Great, now voters will have a choice between the the merely Liberal (Democrats) and the truly Left (Greens).

    • My thoughts. Exactly.

    • mehoo

      “halt[ing] spending on wasteful building projects that we cannot afford” like the Columbia Pike streetcar and the Long Bridge Park aquatic center?

      That sounds downright conservative.

      • Burger

        Not really. She is advocating spending the same money on social service areas.

  • April

    I will vote for her. I’ve had enough from the Arlington County Board of Recreation, Entertainment, and Overdevelopment.

  • Joe

    I wish someone would support electoral reform so we could have district representation on the board instead of 5 at-large members.

    • ChrisG

      Like a Change of Government referendum?

  • Chris

    She wants to get military recruiters out of public schools? Yes, let’s do that. The military provides a bunch of high school grads with honorable jobs. Why would we want that?

  • Charlee

    I like ice cream. What a lick?

  • Julie

    Bring Peacefighters into our schools. I am sick of the constant Warfighting in the Third World. What kind of future is that for our children? Wars and more wars. It’s been going on 3/4 of my life. I’m 48 years old.

    The military recruiters are pervasive in Arlington’s high schools. I was fortunate to be able to opt my child out of their contacting him, as they frequently do with students who meet their ‘criteria.

    Do you know how much warfighting in Korea alone has cost the USA since 1950? Three trillion dollars. No end in sight.

    Yes, I will vote for Audrey Clement.

  • MC

    “Wasteful projects we cannot afford” because she wants her own wasteful projects. Seriously, campaigning on styrofoam cups? Trying to keep ugly post-War brick barns euphemistically called “garden apartments” when they were built, but now sad monuments to bureaucratic mass conformity of a society that once had to cope with material denial. The Greens are killjoys — wish they would move away from Arlington and the rest of civilization and live in the stone age if they want, but leave people who live to see progress able to enjoy it. The Greens want you to be miserable – alarmism suggesting the world is going to hell, and that you should build a bunker and join the civil defense brigade.

  • FV Kristine

    I live in what you refer to as a “red brick barn” in the Fairlington Historic District. Want to tear my home down too? To construct an ugly orange brick box building with pieces of ugly iron sticking out of the ugly facade in its place?

  • Greens are unelectable but might use the platform of a campaign to hammer the Democratic tyrants on the Board. Diversity is great so long as you agree with them on everything. It’s the “Arlington Way”.

  • C.D.

    What’s been happening in Arlington over at least the past two decades is the Arlington Government Two Step:

    Step 1 – Allow public infrastructure, commercial and residential buildings, and so on to deteriorate.

    Step 2 – Point to the deteriorated infrastructure (e.g., Lubber Run Amphitheater, older market-rate apartments, etc.) and say they’re a mess and have to be torn down.


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