Storms Roll Through Arlington

by ARLnow.com April 16, 2011 at 7:23 pm 1,829 11 Comments

A line of storms rolled through Arlington this afternoon, knocking down trees and power lines and generally making a soggy mess of the area’s spring blooms.

As of 7:10 p.m. there were 724 Dominion customers without power in Arlington County. Among the areas where downed trees were reported were N. Dittmar Road in the Old Glebe neighborhood and in the parking lot of an apartment complex at S. Scott Street and Columbia Pike (above).

Weather watchers report that another line of storms may impact the area in another hour or two.

  • wat

    i keep waiting for this to happen to my car :/

  • Xhibit

    yo dawg…

    • Cloud chaser

      That’s not how that meme works

  • Reader

    I luv that ARLnow has weekend news/coverage.

    • CrystalMikey


  • Michael H.

    Three of the Rosslyn/Court House-area Capital Bikeshare stations were installed yesterday in that bad weather. One of the stations is located in a previously unannounced location, on Rhodes & 16th. The station at the Rosslyn Metro is scheduled to be added on Monday. The Uhle St. (Court House Metro) station will be delayed until summer. After Monday, there will still be four new CaBi stations in N. Arlington, with the Rhodes St. location subbing for the Uhle St. station.

    • G550

      Delayed until summer? Inexcusable. Many people I know live west of Courthouse and this was going to be the closest station to them. The other stations are non-starters.

  • Michael H.

    I believe the other stations were always intended to be installed in that timeframe. The only switch was adding the Rhodes St. station for the Uhle St. one. The installation schedule follows the funding schedule. Funding becomes available on or around specific dates. Once the money comes in, the new stations get added. The Clarendon/Ballston stations have never had a specific install date, other than sometime later this year. They won’t be added all at once. As the money comes in, one set of stations is added, and so on.

    There are supposedly ongoing negotiations to have private businesses and groups sponsor stations and help support the cost. If any of that money becomes available, that can speed up the installation process.

    It’s inconvenient for people in Clarendon and Ballston, but to be fair, there have never been any promises on dates for those stations other than the Uhle St. station. Apparently there is a siting/space issue at that location. I don’t know why it wasn’t coordinated before the install date was announced.

  • Michael H.

    I should clarify that no timetable for the Clarendon and Ballston stations has been announced yet. It’s possible that some of those stations could be installed before the Uhle St. station. But that’s just a guess.

  • Regarding the CaBi stations, Michael H. is correct. We would have liked to have installed at Uhle & 15th as part of the first batch of 4 but we needed a specific part to fit into the space and I goofed and didn’t have it ordered in time. I’m sorry. The good news is that a 5th station will be installed there in about 8 to 10 weeks once the part is manufactured. Later this summer and then again in the fall the rest of the stations will be installed fanning out from Court House to Ballston. We have to do these stations in this order so as to keep them every 2 to 3 blocks apart. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line.
    Chris Hamilton
    Commuter Services Bureau Chief
    Arlington County DES Transportation

  • Wow

    It’s nice to hear somebody taking responisbility for making a mistake, and not hiding behind some garbage-y spin.
    Mistakes happen. People aren’t perfect. Thanks for treating us like grown-ups who can deal with that fact.


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