Giant Hole Opens Up in Haley Park

by ARLnow.com April 19, 2011 at 12:02 pm 5,190 35 Comments

If Alice fell down this hole, she would probably reach Wonderland.

A hole that appears to be at least 20 feet deep has opened up in Haley Park, at 2400 S. Meade Street in Arlington Ridge. Police and crews from the county parks department responded to the scene this morning after a neighbor reported the hole, which apparently opened at surface level after this weekend’s heavy rains.

The hole is right smack in the middle of the small park, which used to be the site of an old house owned by the Haley family. The home eventually fell into disrepair about 30 years ago and the family donated the land to Arlington County, according to a neighbor. One possible explanation for the hole is that it used to be some sort of well used by the homeowners.

A man who lives near the park said that the hole has been a problem for about 10 years. Every couple of years since then, he said, the hole would appear and the county would work to fill. Nonetheless, like a bad habit, the hole keeps coming back.

  • Angel

    Buffy save us from the hellmouth!

    • Chris

      Sadly, I don’t have any recipes for sink holes or for Buffy. Now, if you’d all be so kind, please form the “buffy hole” joke line here.

  • YTK

    “And we sailed the Sea of Holes”
    Hey make sure no weasels are living in that hole before you once again fill it up – it could be a DEN!!

  • Money Pit

    The County Board could be seen racing over among hearing the news to throw money down the hole.

    • With any lucky they will jump in first.

      • Bluemontsince1961

        Ain’t that the truth!

    • ChrisG

      Well played, sir!

    • Bluemontsince1961


  • JamesE


  • Eponymous Coward

    A stealth attempt to widen 395?

  • OX4
  • SoCo Resident

    I am just glad a child wasn’t hurt here. Time to fill it with clay and rocks.

    • Z

      Or yuppies. Plenty of them to go around.

  • Lou

    If decades of watching horror movies has taught me anything, it’s to never do what that guy in the aqua shirt is doing.

    • Eponymous Coward

      That guy always has one line. “Hey, I think I see someth- AAAAAUUGGH!”

  • PotentialSlacker

    This store is hole-arious!

    • PotentialSlacker


      ….and I killed the joke.

      • mehoo

        Yep, that joke went right down a rat hole.

  • Damn gophers.

  • Arlwhenever

    Al Gore’s house was nearby — must be that global holing thing.

    • Chad


  • Bard

    Word is they’re going to fill the hole with gourmet burger restaurant

    • ConstantCritic

      I heard it was gonna be yet another froyo place

  • me

    Easy solution. Keep hole, rename Haley Park to Holey Park.

    • UrsusMajeure

      Make it a tourist attraction – “The Mysterious Haley Park Hole” aka “The Tunnel to the Center of the Earth!” Put some Luray-style cheesy billboards on I-95. Watch the money roll in.

  • OldTimer

    I know most of you are new to Arlington, but a similar thing happend back in the Spring of 1973 at that same location. For weeks before and after Easter, there were wild stories about something that roamed the local parks and sneaking around in the shadows. I found an old photo of that hole.

    • Chris


  • Melvis

    Anyone missing from the prisons?

    • UrsusMajeure

      Hmm … I may have seen John Goodman, coated in mud, rise out of the ground near there…


    Maybe this hole is the bottomless money pit known as Long Branch Park?

  • The Dope of South Arlington

    For some reason I am reminded of my ex-girlfriend.

    • mehoo

      Was her name Haley Park?

      • Ann of Tan Gables

        Courtney Love

        • borf

          I get it.

  • Caroline Temmermand

    Thanks for the comments and suggestion above about the hole in Haley Park. We want to make sure that this hole doesn’t show up again in future decades so we took steps to make that happen – my staff has reported that the hole was filled in recycled concrete from our earth products yard and covered with soil.

    And if you spot any problems in any Arlington parks please contact us at 703-228-6525 or by email at [email protected] so we can address them.


    Caroline Temmermand
    Division Chief
    Parks and Natural Resources


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