Arlington, VA

A 28-year-old Arlington woman who was struck by a pickup truck near Washington-Lee High School two weeks ago has succumbed to her injuries, according to police.

Alison Beth Drucker, an environmental consultant with Falls Church-based JDM Associates, was walking her dog on the Quincy Street bridge on Monday, April 11, when police say a pickup truck traveling northbound on the bridge struck her and the dog.

The dog died on the scene. Drucker was taken to the hospital with critical injuries, including a head injury. She was eventually placed in a medically-induced coma by doctors and earlier today she passed away.

The 18-year-old driver of the pickup truck, Joseph DiFilippo, was charged with reckless driving a day after the accident. No word yet on whether additional charges will be filed. Police say they are still investigating the accident.

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  1. That is sad 🙁

  2. othersideoftheriver


  3. Terrible news. RIP

  4. I hope the courts do the right thing and send this kid to jail for a while. A light sentence would be wrong and send a wrong message to our youth.

  5. I drove past where this happened today, there is a sign asking if anyone who knows anything to call the number given. I was wondering how she was doing, now I know. My condolence to her family and friends.

  6. what a horrible tragedy. RIP.

  7. I’m so saddened to hear of this tragic loss.

    When I went back and read the original story I was also very disappointed to see how critical and nasty the comments became. This blog is a wonderful resource for local news that doesn’t make it into the paper (I read the Post everyday and this was never mentioned) and I really hope the comments on this article don’t go in the same direction.

    Prayers and thoughts for the friends and family of all involved.

  8. Bless her heart. She was a beautiful girl, I’m sure with a promising future. Her family must be broken hearted. Please let us all make a better effort to pay attention and to realize that carelessness while driving can have horrible, horrible consequences.

  9. The young man responsible for this should have to pay a heavy price, he took 2 lives. Teenagers these days need to learn that there is a price they will have to pay for their reckless and irresponsible actions.

  10. This kind of comment is irresponsible and unwarranted. Do you really think that this young man won’t be paying for this tragedy for the rest of his life?? How insensitive and mean spirited can you be?

  11. so, what do you think should happen to him, a little slap on the wrist?

  12. Please do not sully Alison’s memory by turning this thread into another terrible comment battleground. People are mourning her loss, and this space should be reserved to honor her memory and extend condolences to those who loved her.

  13. I am so saddened by this. I look at the spot on the bridge every time I pass it. Condolences to the family and please, commenters, behave.

  14. Arlnow, please close the comments.

  15. I happened to go past the accident sight this evening while jogging with my husband and I was thinking about her and wondered how she was recovering. I’m saddened to learn that she didn’t survive.

  16. I walk this route often with my dog…My prayers go out to all she has left behind. I hope they are able to find peace.

  17. this is really sad. my thoughts and prayers go out to her family & friends.

  18. The sight in the photo of this beautiful young woman hugging her beloved dog, both happy and full of life, drove me to tears. Let us just mourn and save talk of fault for another time.

  19. I am just heartbroken at this news. I cannot imagine what her family and friends are going through right now. I also cannot imagine what the young man who hit her and her dog is going through either. I pray for them all.


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