Pentagon Police Vigilant Day and Night

by ARLnow.com May 2, 2011 at 4:03 pm 3,790 18 Comments

As the country celebrates Osama bin Laden’s demise, Pentagon police officers are remaining ever-vigilant in their mission of protecting Department of Defense workers.

The Pentagon Force Protection Agency protects DoD workers at the Pentagon and at other leased and owned installations in the Washington area. An article published today by the American Forces Press Service details the work of the PFPA officers who work the night shift at the Pentagon.

The article discusses how officers monitor the various sensors and cameras around the 280-acre Pentagon reservation. Among the sensors present inside and outside the complex are sensors that monitor for potential chemical, biological and radiological threat.

The article also mentions that the PFPA monitors Federal Aviation Administration communications “so we can listen to aircraft that are coming our way.”

The ability to monitor incoming aircraft communications did not exist before the Sept. 11 terror attacks, the article says.

  • Arlington, Northside

    Keep up the great work!

  • John Goilios

    So what you are saying is, “It’s Monday.”

  • Tooth Fairy

    I am sorry, but if you believe the newest death of OBL, you’re stupid. Just think to yourself: they paraded Saddam’s dead sons around to prove they were dead. Why do you suppose they hastily buried this version of OBL at sea? This lying, murderous Empire can only exist with your brainwashed consent — just put your flags away and THINK!

    • Banksy

      Tooth Fairy: you got the wrong moniker. I believe “troll” is the correct mythical character you want…

    • MC 703

      Go rent Conspiracy Theory, 1997, starring Mel Gibson.

      Talk like this is a disservice to the brave men who went in and put three between his eyes.

      Saddam’s sons were not paraded around. Pictures of their corpses were released. I expect a picture of OBL’s will be released eventually.

      • Josh S

        Not sure where the bravery is to “put three between his eyes.”

        Murder is murder.

        • MC 703

          So you don’t think people who serve and put themselves in harm’s way are deserving of your respect?

          • Josh S

            Not the same thing. In general, it takes bravery to be a member of the armed forces. I just think this particular operation is nothing to glorify or celebrate. Bin Laden may be dead, but to celebrate this like its VJ Day or something like that is just wrong. There are lots of reasons why I think that, but just for starters – no war has ended. It’s not as if his death will end the so-called “War on Terror.” It’s an unending war. I personally think that declaring a “War on Terror” was a mistake to begin with. Bin Laden should have been treated as a criminal from the beginning. Raising him and his band of criminals up to the status of “enemy combatant”, while helping to loosen the purse strings in Congress, actually is probably counterproductive in terms of dealing with the actual threat.
            Perhaps I went overboard by using the term “murder.” I apologize for that. It’s just that I have been so dismayed by what seems to be the general reaction over the last 36 hours. The events are hardly cause for celebration.

          • MC 703

            I agree the WOT is government marketing.
            I think / would hope that none of the people celebrating at ground zero or in front of the White House believe that with OBL’s death we can bring everyone home.

            As you were I was dismayed that a lot of people on Twitter and FB were saying things like “OK he’s dead let’s bring everyone home” because unfortunately it is infinitely more complicated now.

        • ArlForester

          Why don’t you strap one on and put your life on the line if you think its so easy to put three between the eyes.

    • Bob

      Already finished critiquing the “forged birth certificate”, I see?

      • TGEoA

        I wanna see the death certificate

        • Lacey Forest

          Short form or long form?

        • KalashniKEV

          The State of Hawaii is cooking one up right now… don’t hold your breath though- the last “doc request” took YEARS!

          • dynaroo

            Tooth Fairy and KalashniKEV should meet up and form a medication buddy system to make sure they don’t miss a dose.

    • dynaroo

      The sad part is that there really are people like Tooth Fairy.

  • steve

    Let’s not offend anyone! Grandmothers and little kids should be heavily scrutinized as well!

    • dynaroo

      Yes, steve, they should be. Why? Because terrorists can hide bombs in kids’ backpacks, or disguise themselves as grandmothers, or whatever (using sophisticated makeup or even plastic surgery). Or then can even actually recruit an innocent-looking white lady – Google “Jihad Jane.”

      Leave security to people smarter than you.


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