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ACFD Traveling to New York for 9/11 Ceremony

by ARLnow.com May 4, 2011 at 11:39 am 3,624 31 Comments

More than 50 members of the Arlington County Fire Department will be traveling to New York this week to participate in a ceremony related to the department’s role on Sept. 11, 2001.

Fire Chief Jim Schwartz, the fire department honor guard and rank-and-file firefighters will help the Military District of Washington present a stone from the Pentagon to the Fire Department of New York. The 2,400 lb. stone, which was recovered from the damaged Pentagon after Sept. 11, will be handed over to the FDNY on Friday at Ft. Hamilton, in Brooklyn. ACFD was presented with a similar stone in March.

Arlington Engine 105, the first engine to arrive at the burning Pentagon 10 years ago, will transport the stone up to New York. A bus will carry most of the firefighters, who volunteered to attend the ceremony.

Photo courtesy Arlington County

  • SoCo Resident

    Our Arlington County firefighters and officals are heroes every single day. We should do all we can to make certain their lives are never in peril by respecting all fire and safety regulations. When it comes to fire prevention, they know best.

  • Skeptical

    I thought 101 was first in. As I remember being told they were returning from an exercise along Route 110 and sighted the crash scene. 105 is certainly the nearest station and where the command post was set up.

    • That may be. I’m told 105 was definitely first due, though.

    • Derek Spector

      @ Skepitcal, Engine (pumper truck) 101 was the first to see the plane (on I-395) not first to arrive. The first FD unit to arrive was the Crash Truck from Fort Myer which was damaged from the impact. The first ACFD unit to arrive was Truck (ladder truck)105 from Fire Station 5.

  • Tooth Fairy

    I hope they’re paying their own way. Arlington County taxpayers better not be footing the bill for the trip.

    • mr. Ed

      I hope if you ever have to call 911 you house doesn’t go up in flames…

      • Tooth Fairy

        I pay Arlington County a boatload in taxes. Firefighters are heroes for their brave work. Just don’t think Arlington taxpayers should be paying for this unnecessary trip to NYC. Perhaps we’re not footing the bill … so it would be a moot point.

  • Real Nice

    Hey Fairy … You are an idiot.

    • Tooth Fairy

      Thank you, Real Nice. If they want to be honored in NYC, let them go on their dime — which maybe they are. The ACFD has been honored many times since 9/11 here in Arlington County and will continue to be honored here at home w/o having to pay thousands in expenses to travel to NYC.

      • Arlington, Northside

        It is outreach for the county. Private employers cover the costs for their folks to be honored, we should be doing the samething.

        • Tooth Fairy

          Private employers are more than welcome to cover the costs for their employees to be honored — and I applaud the private companies that are spending thousands to see their employees honored in these hard economic times. I just think the ACFD can be honored for the bravery on 9/11 without costing us, the taxpayers, thousands of dollars. But maybe someone else other than Arlington taxpayers are picking up the tab for the trip.

          • dynaroo

            Let’s have a death match between Artisphere and the ACFD travel budget!

          • John Snyder

            And another thing–they used a taxpayer-funded flag to drape next to the smoking hole in the Pentagon on 9/11. What a waste! Everybody already knew the Pentagon is in the United States. Couldn’t they inspire the entire nation on one of its darkest days in a more cost effective manner? Don’t they realize the core of our existence on this earth is to lower our taxes by 45 cents–or complain incessantly if we can’t?

          • Proud Arlington FF

            nice one JS!

          • mr. Ed

            Who is paying you to take up time posting comments here?

  • Shane

    Fairy’s right. The County shouldn’t be paying for these guys to head up to New York. Particularly after the stunt Mike Staples and his people pulled with the change the government last year–resulting in multiple indictments and convictions amongst those charged with gathering signatures on behalf of these heroes.

  • dynaroo

    Shane and Tooth Fairy should personally tell the firefighters they think it’s a waste to spend taxpayer funds to send them up there. To their faces.

    • TGEoA

      It’s been 10 years. Fire fighters need to lose the prima donna complex.

      • JB

        Prima donnas that would die for someone they don’t even know. Real nice TGEoA…..

    • Tooth Fairy

      I’d be happy to express my opinion to Arlington’s firemen and women about the use of the county’s extremely tight budget resources. The local firefighters I’ve met through the years seem like open-minded people who are willing to listen to the concerns of local residents. While they may disagree with my sentiment about the trip to NYC, I think most of them would agree that it’s best for the county government to spend locally collected taxes as wisely as possible.

      • dynaroo

        That would be fine. All I want is for someone to be polite about it.

      • Toothache

        I’ll meet you name the place.

    • While they continue to deserve recognition, this is not an anniversary. September will be. Taxpayer monies should be limited to major anniversaries, or recognition immediately following a heroic act (such as receiving a medal, etc.). This is a sanctioned boondoggle.

  • Gonna Remove Again?

    [Comment removed]

    • Please refrain from personal attacks.

  • Eyesofarl

    Did you notice the volunteered part? You people are clowns. The anniversary is in September, thanks for the update. Prima Donnas? Seriously, I bet you wouldn’t have the guts to say that to an ACFD members face. But I am sure when you need them one day, you will be so thankful for them.

  • jjbug

    Not A Simple Question
    I’m impressed with the discussion here, but have another question. I recall that the County leaders declared that tho we held multiple gatherings to recall the terrors we felt here from the attacks, the County would not erect monuments to the destruction on those same grounds.

    Yet they did!

    Have you been in the TJMS gym to be horrified by the American flags hanging over the designated lap course? These flags destroy the lighting experts designed for the room and lend huge black shadows on the surrounds. Many days these flags are twisted because some ball hit them. If you raise your head to the skies, you see that these non-allowed flags give your a depressing picture of the gym. Why can’t they be removed as all other temporary memorial placements were? Why are these particular TJ students given a darkened room for PE?

    Why are these flags allowed to fly when the County agreed not to memorialize this event? Who bought into the County Fair leadership and paid for this awful memorial? Will I live long enough to see it killed?
    It is not a prize for Arlington.

  • Proud Arlington FF

    While your criticisms of County tax dollars are noted, and opinion respected, let me chime in to say that this event is not costing THOUSANDS of taxpayers dollars. 1 fire engine will be going, and a chartered bus. There will not be a loss of protection or coverage. Everyone not on the bus is told to find their own means to get there. Some are riding motorcycles, some are carpooling, and others are taking Megabus. Last summer we welcomed FDNY firefighters into our community for a steel dedication, so this is our gesture of good faith. It is our way of bringing closure to the events that rocked the nation and our community close to home. These individuals are not being paid overtime, or even straight time to go, they’re taking a day away from their family to honor their brother firefighters as well as their nation. There is no hotel accomodations, it’s a red eye in the morning, and back the same day, and is being hosted by FDNY at Fort Hamilton.

    The fallout from the petitions should not be a bad reflection on this department. The company was shady, yes, and that will all be ironed out in the court proceedings. Mike Staples worked very hard for the firefighters of this County, and retired with honor.

    I speak for myself and probably most of the department in saying that we appreciate all the support of the Arlington community. You all are great, and unfortunately, there will always be some who have their own personal reasons to not like us. That’s ok too, because either way, we’ll still show up when you call, and deliver outstanding service and professionalism.

    While I wish I was able to attend, I’ll be back home doing what I still love to do. God Bless and be safe!

    • JJ

      nicely said.

    • Tooth Fairy

      Hi Proud Arlington FF,

      Thanks for providing the details about the trip. I was hoping the county government wasn’t going to be paying thousands, and it appears the county won’t be.

      I find it hard to believe there are people out there who don’t like Arlington County firemen and women; just people who want to make sure their tax dollars are being spent wisely.

      My grandfather was a career fireman, rising from rank and file to fire chief in a mid-size city in Virginia. He lived a modest life and would always pay his own way for him and my grandmother when attending the Virginia Fire Chiefs Assn. annual conference in Va. Beach or other events where firefighthers were honored.

    • FDNY to DC Transplant

      Its great to see your comments present in a calm, intelligent, well thought out manner. It’s that professionalism and tact that exemplifies the the high quality of emergency services professionals that most counties would beg for.

      As for the trip to NY: Moral, motivation, and personal wellness are extremely important things to consider in any job. While I might have an office job now, even we do “Bagel Friday’s” or a company sponsored and paid happy hour, team building events like playing paintball or going to a Nat’s game….. it helps us work together, build stronger relationships and ultimately improves the quality of our work. I’m sure most people’s jobs do similar things no matter where they work, Burger King, some corporate office, and even not for profits and gov’t agency’s.

      I was a medic in NYC for about 3 years and know 1st hand how important it is to feel that comradery, the bond between 2 strangers who are and have been in similar situations.

      If, god forbid, the winy obnoxious liberals ever succeed on making this point and funding is ever cut for trips, memorials, or programs like this are ever cut…. PLEASE, get a site like arlnow.com to put up information on where we can mail in a donation and I’ll be the first one to send in a few dollars.

      Hell, I’ll even dust off my old uniform and drive you there myself!


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