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by ARLnow.com May 6, 2011 at 8:31 am 3,406 12 Comments

Petition Contractor Waives Extradition — The man whose company was hired to collect signatures for a petition to change Arlington’s form of government is likely headed to the Arlington County lockup. Shawn D. Wilmoth, 24, was indicted last month on voter fraud charges. Yesterday he waived extradition in Macomb County, Mich. [Washington Post]

McLean Residents May Sue Over Redistricting ‘Insult’ — McLean residents are apparently none too pleased that their pristine ‘burb has had its state Senate representation split in two by redistricting. One of the new McLean districts is the 31st, which also includes most of North Arlington. One resident said it was an “insult” to have their neighborhood lumped in with Arlington. A McLean citizens group is contemplating a lawsuit over the redistricting outcome. [Sun Gazette]

Curious Grape to Hold Moving Sale — The Curious Grape will be closing its Shirlington location at the end of the month. To help prepare for the move to a new, thus-far-unannounced location, the store is holding a moving sale. Alexandria-based wine-and-cheese retailer Cheesetique will be taking over the store after Curious Grape moves out. [Shirlington Village Blog]

How to Score Free Coffee — Patch has come up with a comprehensive guide for scoring free coffee in and around Arlington. Among the tips: pretend like you’re interested in the espresso maker at Williams Sonoma and ask for a sample, go car shopping and ask for coffee, or get free samples at Whole Foods. [Patch]

  • The lady in blue had better watch out.

  • Mike
  • JW

    Haha, can’t wait to see privileged white people try and make a Voting Rights Act claim.

  • V Dizzle

    I’m embarrassed for McLean as well. G. Bush Center for Intelligence?

  • PhilL

    I welcome our new northern Fairfax district-mates. There will be a good infusion of money into this campaign as a result.

  • Jenny-Bear


  • Tooth Fairy

    Next time, can you post a photo of Arlington’s welterweight women’s soccer league? Pics of the heavyweight division sends a bad message to our girls that pigging out at the dinner table and soccer are a good mix. Mercy!

    • KP

      Really, Tooth Fairy? So we should only feature pictures of people being active who meet some sort of physical ideal? I think this photo sends the exact message that our girls need – physical fitness is for everyone! Let’s move!

  • Arlington, Northside

    The demographic difference between McLean and Arlington/Alexandria had me seriously puzzled when I saw the new map. Might not be PC to say, but the McLean complaint has real merit.

  • charlie

    i agree that the 31st district is an insult. I hope that the Obama DOJ will return any and all favors it has received from McDonnell and the Cooch and determine this plan to be illegal. It smells.

    • Wayne Kubicki

      The State Senate district lines were initially drawn by the State Senate Democrat majority. Gov. McDonnell vetoed that first plan. The Senate Dems then made a few changes to their initial plan – and these changes were what ultimately passed and signed by the Governor. But the NOVA lines were not changed in the second go-around – the new SD31 reflect the original Democrat plan.

  • Novanglus

    The Patch article failed to mention churches and AA meetings.

    I’m so glad the Patch is around to fill our unmet need for “comprehensive and trusted local coverage”.


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