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Bomb Threat at Wakefield High School

by ARLnow.com May 12, 2011 at 11:26 am 6,214 35 Comments

(Updated at 12:55 p.m.) The all-clear has been given after a bomb threat at Wakefield High School.

The school was evacuated after the threat was called in to 911 at 10:45 a.m., from a pay phone within the school, according to police spokeswoman Det. Crystal Nosal. The school One class was in the midst of Advanced Placement testing at the time.

Police dogs from five different law enforcement agencies — including Arlington, Pentagon, Fort Myer, Virginia State Police and the U.S. Marshals Service — conducted a sweep of the building. Students and teachers gathered at the school’s football field after the evacuation and are now heading back to class.

  • Arlington, Northside

    Exam week?

    • TGEoA

      Little punks. When we wanted out of an exam we would pull the fire alarm.

      • CW

        Fire alarm, bomb threat, both elicit a required large-scale response from the authorities. The former is less easy to attribute to a specific kid too.

    • loocy

      AP Economics

  • Miriam Gennari

    It would be helpful to have some comment available on the APS website. Even something as simple as we are aware and will post details as they become available. I first recieved notice from my daughter by text at 11:13.

  • Arl-Lady

    My stepson just called me two minutes ago to tell me. He didn’t know what’s going on.

    • Arl-Lady

      Thanks Arl-Now for being on top of it!

  • JamesE

    The call is coming from inside the house!

  • Catzmaw

    Used to happen a lot when I was at school at O’Connell in the early 70s. People used to think it was a hoot doing a bomb threat. If they catch this kid he’s going to be in a world of hurt. He probably bragged about it to friends, so I’d say the likelihood is high.

    • BoredHouseWife

      When I attended O’Connell In the late 80’s early 90’s, we had some knuckleheads actually make a brake fluid and chlorine gas bomb. Only one got expelled.

      • Arlington, Northside

        At Langley HS in the mid-80’s one kid set off a military smoke grenade. Good times…….I guess…..

  • Tabby

    When I was in college, a weird guy did this during exam week. He was expelled and prosecuted.

    • Arlington, Northside

      Only once? We had them at least once an exam week!

  • Arl bug

    Jail time.

  • Joel

    it’s not exam week, two classes are taking AP tests. everyone is back in class now

  • SoCo Resident

    Federal agents around Olmsted Building, out in Washington Blvd. etc at 1:45PM. Uniformed officers with big guns, so something must have happened there. You could tell they were federal agents because it said so on their windbreakers.

    • tdot

      There are always uniformed officers there with big guns.

      • SoCo Resident

        Not out in the middle of Wash Blvd.

  • young money

    [This post has been deleted]

    • Tabby

      Charming AND articulate.

      • young money

        what the F**** is a tabby lol hahaha

    • dynaroo

      I see that the students have gotten home and hit their computers.

      • young money

        your so tru

        • dynaroo

          Have fun cutting my lawn for the rest of your life, dooshbag.

          • KalashniKEV

            I thought that’s why we allowed the Criminal Aliens in Arlington? Lots of grass out there… Oh, wait… there isn’t.

          • Misspelling douche bag in an insult = epic fail. As Willy Wonka once said: You lose. Good day, sir.

          • dynaroo

            Ah, my blogging friend, you are mistaken.

            I assure you that I know quite well the proper spelling of “douche.” But doosh is routinely misspelled – deliberately – in order to beat word filters. Now, much like “pwn” or “ghey” it has become its own word with its own spelling. A douche is the irrigation of the vagina, or in French, a shower. A “doosh” is a jerk or loser or cast member of Jersey Shore.

            Now you know.

          • This is a stoopid argooment.

      • BoredHouseWife


  • Jerry

    My best friend use to work at Yankee Stadium, he took naps underneath his desk all the time. One time his boss, George Steinbrenner, came into his office for a surprise visit, while my friend (also named George) was napping and wouldn’t leave until he came back to his desk! So he called me from under his desk and asked me to phone in a bomb threat, I was hesitant at first, but decided to go with the plan.

    I did so unpunished, and I was able to get the Yankees to agree to give out fitted hats instead of adjustable ones, I also asked that the Yankees call each season ticket holder in the event of any postponement.

    So it is possible to get away with bomb threats, but then again, this did occur in the 90s, very easy to get away with stuff back then.

    While my story was very entertaining, I think calling in a bomb threat to a school may be crossing the line.

  • HeyBye

    Making a comment like “Have fun cutting my lawn for the rest of your life” is stupid and unnecessary. Please act your age or at least respect others that are actually concerned. -__-

    • G

      I thought the comment was funny, and if you had seen what young money had said earlier you’d agree that he deserved it.

  • young money

    I will have lots of fun cutting your lawn hahahaha lol your prollt a 40 year old virgin that still lives with there parents with no job hahahah your are surely mistaken your life has NO MEANING 🙂

    • Arl bug

      “Your” shows possession while “you’re” is a contraction for “you are.”

      Nothing the matter with a hard day’s work. Something the matter with ignorance and rudeness, regardless of the occupation.


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