Moran, McDonnell Ask for Delay in Mark Center Move

by ARLnow.com May 13, 2011 at 12:08 pm 3,631 9 Comments

Congressman Jim Moran is asking Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to delay the planned move of Defense Department workers from Crystal City and elsewhere to the Mark Center in Alexandria.

The Base Realignment and Closing Act (BRAC) mandates that the moves take place by September 15, 2011. But Moran is asking Gates to include the Mark Center move among seven BRAC recommendations that the Secretary of Defense will have the authority to delay for up to a year, under a defense funding bill currently making its way through congress.

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell is also asking for a delay. Earlier this month McDonnell sent a letter to Gates asking for the moves to be delayed while major infrastructure improvements are made to the Seminary Road exit off I-395, which is expected to handle the traffic from thousands of new Mark Center workers.

  • KalashniKEV

    I’ll bet Gates would eliminate Moran’s position if he could…

  • ArlRat


  • MC

    Moran and McDonnell appear to agree on an issue, but insist on acting separately. You would think these guys would bother to talk to each other and coordinate their requests.

  • brian

    watch, it’ll open and everything will run smoothlyyyyyy hhahaha

  • Robin

    Moran worked hard to get the BRAC building in the Marc Center location and now wants to pretend he is working to undo his mistake. Moran is respnsible for this mess. IF he hadnt worked to get the monstrosity into the Marc Center location in the first place, he wouldn’t have to work to clean up his own mess.

    • Mark

      Hey Robin. Do a little research. Moran wanted the BRAC building on Eisenhower Avenue. It was Davis who wanted the Mark Center. Might be good to check your facts before you go painting him with such a broad brush.

  • Roy

    To be honest…a one-year delay won’t be enough. I’d be guessing closer to two years. But these folks will be stupid enough to push opening at the end of that twelve months….then face hostile employees who spend an hour in line to get off the interstate and into the parking lot….then spend another hour in the afternoon to get out of the parking lot and onto the interstate. Most will opt to quit after six months of this.

    Maybe the whole intent is to create massive turmoil and force people to quit working for their current government operation….that’s my take on this mess.

  • Marge

    If this was just a typical office building that was new and being leased out to random companies on the market would there be such an uproar about congestion? I get the feeling that because the government is involved directly and there is a single tenant (essentially) that it is getting more attention than other projects.


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