Video: Arlington Soccer Player Scores Incredible Goal

by ARLnow.com May 24, 2011 at 3:27 pm 6,840 29 Comments

This video of a 13-year-old soccer player making an incredible bicycle kick goal at the Thomas Jefferson Community Center soccer field is making the rounds on the internet today.

BigLeadSports first posted the video on its web site this morning. That was followed by a post on the popular sports blog Deadspin, where it has received nearly 10,000 views in just four hours.

The player who made the “Rooneyesque” kick is said to be a 13-year-old from the Arlington Civitan club’s U13/14B Bengals squad.

Two years ago a 16-year-old Yorktown High School student made a similar bicycle kick goal that earned him “Goal of the Year” honors from the US Youth Soccer organization.

H/t to Mark Blacknell

  • Soccer mom

    That was amazing – I just forwarded it to my daughter’s U13 team. Maybe they can learn something!

    • TGEoA

      Please don’t. While that was a heck of a shot, id rather have kids practice fundamentals instead of low percentage shots.

  • LP

    Impressive! But this takes the cake.

    • LP

      Damn, no embedding allowed!

      Here you go – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CK97_vQetIc

      • PhilL

        In the NFL, that’s probably a 1 game suspension and $100K in fines.

        • LP


          Well worth it in my opinion though (if you’re making NFL $$$).

      • Thes

        Imbedding is allowed if you know some basic html coding. Try it — so fun!

        • Thes

          Ok, technically that wasn’t embedding of the video, but you get the idea.

  • Impressive shot, but he came from an offside position.

    Someone let United know. They need a striker.

    • LP

      Definitely didn’t come from an offside position. He was either even or in front of the sweeper.

      Legal goal!

      • I may give you the even, which makes him on. Be he certainly is not in front of him. From the angle of the camera, he could be off. Why can’t the parent who took this video be running up and down with the linesman? LOL

  • brendan

    saw this on Deadspin, nicely done.

  • Testing

    Test for performance enhancing substances…

  • Guest

    I know this guy 😀
    he goes to my school (:

  • Greamer

    What’s really refreshing is that all this wasn’t some fancy travel league but a Rec team. This is where the future of the sport is in the us- getting the immigrant population into the system. We remain the only country in the world where you new money to elevate inthe sport. But this kids goal and the likes of andy najar tells u a bit about the sports future in our country.

    • Dog and Kid mom


  • Bender

    That’s why soccer has a high number of physical injuries.

    Is it really all that good an idea to do a flip and land on your back/neck like that?

    • MB

      Yep, totally a bad idea. But when you’re him, or his friends, or anyone who sees it when it doesn’t result in injury? Pure awesome. Give him his kudos and wag a finger later.

      Thanks for posting, ARLnow.

    • Nah. While a bicycle kick takes skill, once you know how to do it the landing isn’t all that risky in terms of being injured. The injury issue in soccer is two-fold. First, concussions. Almost worse than the NFL. No headgear obvioiusly, and elbows flying everywhere on every head ball. Then, hard slide tackles can take out ankles, knees, and legs ending careers. MLS has three Joe Theisman – like broken legs this year alone. Check this one out….


  • Bender

    “once you know how to do it”

    Yeah, because kids always take the time to know how to do things properly.

    • You’re right. That said, it is no more dangerous than taking a hit in a Thanksgiving Day mud bowl football game or an elbow going for a rebound in a pickup bball game or a baseball to the head off of a bat. Twas my point.

  • imissTX

    Damn, Gina!

  • Neighbor

    Great shot, kid. But I think the author meant to refer to Pele – not Wayne Rooney – who is best known for the bicycle kick.

    • ArlForester

      Rooney made one of those goals recently and the video went viral. The reference was accurate.

  • wow, great shot. Congrats to the player. What I noticed was how he did not give a big performance after he scored. Nice to see some humility and sportsmanship!

  • “Bend it like Beckham!”

  • Jose

    i would like to be on a soccer team im 14

  • aslam azami


    • aslam azami



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