Empanada Cart Launching in Arlington

by ARLnow.com May 27, 2011 at 12:21 pm 5,848 21 Comments

A new food cart is planning to launch in Arlington this weekend.

Capital Empanadas will serve “freshly-made Andean-style empanadas” to denizens of the Rosslyn-Ballston corridor and, in a few weeks, Crystal City as well.

The cart’s owner, Richard Villegas, is a native of Colombia and a ten-year Arlington resident. Villegas says he is “thrilled” to introduce this “unique treat” to the area.

“Our Andean-style handmade empanadas have typical flavors from our beloved Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru,” the Capital Empanadas web site says. “We put our heart and soul into our empanadas and youā€™ll feel the love once you meet us and enjoy them.”

The cart is scheduled to make its first appearance at the Courthouse Farmer’s Market, starting at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday. Empanada fans will be able to follow the cart on Twitter and Facebook.

The Capital Empanadas menu includes:

  • Meat (carne) empanada
  • Chicken empanada
  • Cheese empanada
  • Veggie empanada
  • Plantain chips
  • Dulce de Leche
  • Water and soft drinks (including Colombiana, Inca Kola and Coke products)

Photo courtesy Capital Empanadas

  • Now tell me where I can get a decent Jamaican beef pie.

    • CGrl

      In Herndon- Jamaica Jamaica or in DC- Sweet Mango.

  • Stoneridge

    Like most people, I prefer the Andean style. Yum.

  • Yum!

    This is awesome news, as I feel Nova is sorely lacking on the empanada scene.

    • Empanada lover

      Seriously! So excited for empanadas in Arlington!

      Note the editor: the first quote should say “Andean-style,” not “Andrean-style,” although I’m sure there are plenty of people named Andrea who also love them šŸ˜‰

      Yay for empanadas!!

    • bb

      Have you never been to the Pan American Bakery on Columbia Pike? The cheese empanadas are very good (and huge!), the salteƱas are even better. I guess it depends on if you count salteƱas as empanadas.

      From what my old Bolivian landlord told me, they’ve got better Bolivian food than the “Pike Pizza” place next door. That place, too, sells salteƱas.

      • Empanada lover

        I’ve been to both, but thanks for the recommendations! I like the salteƱas better at the Pike, but yeah, they’re not the same. What we need in Arlington are Argentine empanadas, so I don’t have to drive all the way to El Patio in Rockville to get them!

  • Spel chek

    “Andrean-style” in the second sentence.

  • Andrea

    I prefer them Andrean-style.

    • Empanada lover

      I knew there had to be an Andrea somewhere who preferred them that way šŸ˜‰

    • bb

      Damn misspellings! Now I’ve got the song “Valley Girl” stuck in my head. “My name is On-dree-ahh. On-dree-ahh Wolfson…”

      • doodly

        Okay, fine, fersher fersher
        She’s a Valley Girl and there is no cure…

  • Henry S

    Cool, can’t wait until they get to CC. I miss Julia’s from when I used to work downtown.

  • Had one today at the Courthouse Farmer’s Market. YUM. My tummy thanks you, Richard!

    PS. For those who don’t know the difference between Andean-style empanadas and other empanadas, the ‘masa’ (dough) on the Andean-style ones is made with cornmeal. Other empanada masa is usually made with white flour.

  • Bubba

    Mr. Villegas makes the most delicious empanadas. This is such a treat for the area.

    • john botero

      I am just expecting the arriving of free samples in Sarasota Florida……………..

  • CW

    Saw these dudes out in force this weekend; once at the Court House farmer’s market and another time in Clarendon. Did anybody give them a try?

  • ArlRat

    What about during the week?? Where can we find him?


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