Missed Connections in Unlikely Places

by ARLnow.com May 31, 2011 at 9:09 am 4,014 10 Comments

If you’re unfamiliar with Craigslist’s “Missed Connections” section, it’s ostensibly a place for people to go to try to find love interests who they saw or talked to in a fleeting moment, who they now have no other way of contacting.

The past week or so has seen a number of Arlington-related missed connections, many of them involving unlikely places or situations to be looking for love.

  • Army Dude by the Horses (Arlington Cemetery) — “I probably talked more to the horse than I did to you, but I do remember you smiling a lot.”
  • Taste of Arlington (Ballston) — “You have a nose piercing and we traded a few looks as we waited for the [paella] to be finished. Despite my dressed down attire, please note that I am employed.”
  • Columbia Pike Farmers Market — “I asked you about the single fruit you had purchased… We also spoke about seafood.”
  • 25C Bus — “We were on the bus together. Looked at each other a lot.”
  • Sitting in Court (Courthouse) — “I’m not the shy type, but something about asking for your number during court just seemed wrong.”

  • missed connection

    Clarendon – You were drinking a PBR on your fixie wearing an ironic shirt. I was the guy in brown flip-flops and plaid cargo shorts. We exchanged glances but then I realized I had become a Clarendoosh and ran home and cried.

    • YoBimbo

      Hahaha! Well done!

    • Clothes

      So instead of brown flip flops and plaid cargo shorts, do you wear deck shoes and khaki shorts?

      • missed connection

        Actually, I wear square-toe shoes, indigo pre-washed jeans and striped shirts. Really short hair and sideburns too.

  • Stu Pendus

    A friend of mine has a good MC story that involves a highly visible CNN White House reporter (clue: he has two first names). Funny part is, he posted the ad. Takes all kinds.

  • Failed Again

    I saw you at the Artisphere…you were the only other person there…I saw you combing through the same waste of taxpayers dollars dubbed “art”. See you there again sometime, hopefully–

    • Burger


    • Boom! Roasted


  • Take it down a notch

    Hmmm, I was on jury duty last week. I wonder if I saw those people at the courthouse. Although I was only in a courtroom once, and I didn’t get picked for that jury so I wasn’t there for very long.

  • Plasmo

    I think the best thing about a MC, is that it can be turned into motivation to go out more and see that MC’s might not be a “every once in a long time” event and to forget about the ones that you didn’t speak to. It 90% of the time never feels right saying hi to strangers, but if you try, you’ll at a minimum get a good story out of doing it 🙂


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