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ACFD Rescues One from House Fire

by ARLnow.com June 1, 2011 at 8:02 am 5,472 24 Comments

(Updated at 9:45 a.m.) Firefighters rescued a woman from a house fire on N. Carlin Springs Road this morning.

First arriving firefighters found heavy smoke and flames at the front and back of the house on the 5100 block of N. Carlin Springs, said Arlington County Fire Department spokesman Lt. Gregg Karl. One victim had managed to escape the blaze, but another was still trapped inside on the second floor.

“[Firefighters] made an aggressive interior attack and search,” Karl said. “They located the victim and removed the victim via ground ladder from a second floor window.”

The two victims were transported to Virginia Hospital Center. The woman who had been rescued was then flown to Baltimore Shock Trauma for treatment of smoke inhalation, Karl said.

The flames broke out around 1:45 a.m. Northbound and southbound Carlin Springs Road was closed near the scene for much of the morning, as the Fire Marshal’s office investigated the cause of the blaze.

  • TGEoA

    Nice grab ACFD

  • LyonSteve

    Curious why Inova Fairfax couldn’t handle the burns, or Washington Hospital Center. They both have extensive facilitates to treat burns. I know the victim was flown to Baltimore but that seems kind of far for critical treatment? I’m not trying to Monday morning quarterback, just trying to get a handle on the situation.

    • Stu Pendus

      It could have just been as simple as availability of the hyperbaric chamber. They can’t afford to wait if there are issues at any of the possible sites.

    • CW

      +1, glad to see everyone else had the same question as well…INOVA Fairfax and WHC both have great facilities.

      • Nooner

        INOVA Fairfax does not have a burn center. Most likely Washington Hospital Center was full.

        • CW


  • ArlForester

    That is odd that they wouldn’t take her to WHC, one of the top burn units in the region.

    • rickloginname

      We live immediately behind these folks – on Granda. It was quite a fire. ACFD were definetly aggresive in getting it under control. They sent a hose and a couple guys through our back-yard in addition to all the firefighters on Carlin Spring.

      I didn’t realize that the woman was so severly injured. I hope she makes a speedy and full recovery.

      • brian

        different house or same house? Just wondering.. 5100 block does have quite a few houses on it.


        BURGLARY, 7/30/2008, 5100 block of N. Carlin Springs Road. Sometime between 11 am on July 26, and 11 am on July 29, an unknown person broke into a vacant residence and intentionally left water running which caused severe water damage. There is no suspect description.

        • SoCo

          Obviously different, you posted about a vacant house. The fire house was occupied.

          • brian

            Houses usually don’t remain vacant for 3 years.

          • Westover

            Yeah, vacant does not mean abandoned.

    • All: We’re backing off the burn reporting. We’re now being told she was taken to Shock Trauma for smoke inhalation. At this point, there’s no definitive word on whether she had burn injuries as well.

  • Michael

    Both are members of my church. We received word this morning that the woman had carbon monoxide poisoning and was flown to Johns Hopkins in Baltimore.

    • Fox

      And what a voice she has! Prayers, brother.

  • blueflipflops

    Excellent job, ACFD!

  • SoCo Resident

    Our heroic Arlington firefighters once again! How fortunate that they were able to get there in time to save this woman’s life and knock down the fire. Second counts in such situation, which is why it is so very wrong for the the selfish Lyon Park Citizens’ Assocation to defend parking on narrow streets which inhibits emergency vehicles. If this fire had been on N. Edgewood, the woman might be dead, a firefighter injured and the fire damage greater.

    • JB

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Without such rapid access to ground ladders, this victim would not have been saved. Had this fire been on Edgewood St., the ladders would of needed to be carried all the way up the street, wasting precious minutes and a life….
      Fires do not discriminate!

  • Derek Spector

    Great Job C-Shift. Once again money well spent by the citizens for the citizens. The reason the victim went to Shock Trama in Baltimore is because she had severe carbon monoxide poisoning and they are the only hospital in the region that has a large hyperbaric chamber.

    • Fox

      Derek – are u speculating or did you get that bit about the CO from somewhere? thank you.

  • Laura

    Thnk you for all your prayers. I’m recouperating in baltore because of their hyperbolic chamber. I should be out of the hospital tomorrow. Your prayers ha e worked.

    • Fox

      “For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.”
      –John 3:17

  • susan

    I wish that the cause of these fires would be put on here, after a dtermination is made, because I think people would like to know it’s not arson. There was that fire over in Ashton Heights on the back porch, and now this, and we never hear what the outcome was.

    • Fox

      Look at the comment 2 above yours, dated 6/3 @ 2:28 pm. That’s the best outcome anyone could have hoped for.


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