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ACPD to Get Night Vision Goggles, Training

by ARLnow.com June 6, 2011 at 11:16 am 3,978 32 Comments

Criminals in Arlington will soon be afraid of the dark.

The Arlington County Police Department is set to receive 19 night vision goggles, valued at $178,125, as a result of a federal Homeland Security grant. Another $37,430 in grant money will cover training for ACPD’s tactical team, which will be using the goggles.

The equipment has an estimated life span of 5 to 7 years.

The funding for the goggles are part of a larger $1.6 million grant designed “to increase response capabilities of tactical teams [within] the National Capital Region.”

Update at 4:10 p.m. — The goggles “will provide the SWAT team with the capability to operate in low light situations such as buildings without power, wooded areas at night, etc.,” said Capt. Kevin Reardon of the police department’s Homeland Security Section.

  • CW

    Maybe they should just work the beat a little bit harder so they can, say, catch bank robbers running out onto Washington Boulevard.

    Also, how much, as a fraction, of the county is really not lit by streetlights at night?

    • PhilL

      Only the fun parts.

  • SouthArlJD

    Oh brother. I can hardly wait to hear of the fun they’ve been having with those things. It’ll be like their taser period, except less painful.

    • bb

      I imagine there will be some things like new moon golf cart races out on country clubs or through parks at night… Great, now I’ve just given them an idea.

      • ArlOfc

        That is brilliant. Now I wish I could get a pair of the goggles…

  • danielobvt

    Yah! Now our police department can keep up with it’s neighbors in the race to make themselves into a paramilitary organization!

    Though I do get a good laugh when I hear cops refer to the public as civilians…. As a member of the military that always warrants a smile, since anyone not in the armed forces (and falling under UCMJ) is a civilian to us… Including law enforcement.

    • Just the Facts

      And, I’m sure, in cop parlance, a “civilain” is anyone not in law enforcement….including those in the military.

      • Just the Facts

        make that “civilian”

  • Grateful

    The police should be able to watch sports on the O’Connell HS athletic fields.

  • CW

    Over/under on how long until I see the first ACPD cruiser bombing down Wilson with its lights off?

  • Chris

    It seems to me that it would be cheaper to hire a group of professional Ninjas instead of buying goggles. Ninjas can respond with authority to a wider variety of law enforcement and honor issues day or night while these goggles are really only useful at night. In addition, having a cadre of Ninjas on staff would lend greatly to ACPD street cred as there are very few people who can pull off the Rainbow Six look without seeming foolish. In conclusion, Ninjas good and Goggles are silly.

  • VASQ-Dave

    $178k for 19 pairs….wtf people?!? I bought my nephew a pair of NVG’s for $50 from toys-r-us. This is a gross waste of tax payer money. This counties spending is completely and absurdly out of check.

    • doodly

      Your’e right, we really should be getting our police equipment from Toys-R-Us.

    • ACPD is receiving the equipment and training through a federal grant, so the county is not spending a dime.

      • LyonSteve

        And where does this Federal grant come from? The United States Treasury, which is funded by the tax payers and our generous lenders. Maybe the county isn’t paying for these, but its citizens sure are.

        • doodly

          Then go complain about it on FEDnow.com.

    • john

      It’s not the county’s money: they are too smart. Instead they are wasting federal grant money. Think of the night vision goggles as a gift from China … There is no way the US is ever paying them back more than $1 trillion when many more police departments need night vision goggles!

  • SupahBling

    Each pair cost $9375? Sheesh couldn’t they have at least gotten a volume discount? At this website the most expensive pair (Gen4) is still $12844 bucks cheaper for 19.


    Come on Arlington-stop wasting OUR MONEY on your super deluxe bling wish list.

    • MC 703

      Come on SupahBling (great name) read THE ARTICLE. Arlington County

      “…as a result of a federal Homeland Security grant. Another $37,430 in grant money will cover training for ACPD’s tactical team, which will be using the goggles.”

      • Chris

        Still think Ninjas are a better idea.

      • TooEasy

        Hope this tip saves the at least $30,000.00

        Oh joy joy , just in time for the summer. Who needs the stinking scanners at the airport when you got some night vision goggles.

      • NoArl

        OMG you’re right MC-I missed that. Federal Homeland Security is funded by a very generous (shhhh anonymous) patron of the american taxpayer. Sorry – forgot. It would intriguing to know where those Russian or Chinese oops I mean American-made goggles came from.

        (thx4 the compliment btw)

  • MC 703

    You were talking about Arlington County wasting money. It wasn’t Arlington County’s money. What am I missing?

    DHS has awarded plenty of profligate security grants in the name of keeping us safe from terrorism.

    • NoArl

      Yes it’s true our federal gov’t spends our money so flagrantly that this hardly seems worthy of a rant, but it sure seems like a lot of money to allocate for 19 pairs of night goggles.

      I will celebrate that Arlington Co. cops will be able to SEE my mugger accurately before he gets away!

  • G Clifford Prout

    They were made for the Government so you know there’s a 2000 X markup.

  • ArlingtonNative

    Hmm … think I’ll apply to DHS for a grant to support our neighborhood watch group … Night Vision and some MP-5’s should keep us safe from the beer garden partiers, rowdy DJO athletes… and worst of all … South Arlington dwellers!
    (Oh yeah, we’ll watch for terrorists too!)

  • G Clifford Prout

    I’m sure they’ll use them to spy on me as I sit at home matriculating.

  • Arlwhenever

    Wow! ACPD can use these at 4:00 am to see when the fresh donuts are being unloaded at the loading dock behind the Dunkin Donuts. Hopefully, DHS has taken care to ensure that the communication systems are fully integrated so they can call their colleagues on the Pentagon Police force to come up the Pike for the treat.

    Our children and grandchildren will be paying for this insanity. Let’s put to an end all Federal boondoggles large and small.

    • doodly

      Yeah! What a waste. When has Arlington County ever been attacked by terrorists anyway?

      • LyonSteve

        How do night vision goggles protect us from terrorists?

  • 4Arl

    Not Arlington’s money? Will there be grants every 5-7 years when it comes time to replace them?


    Shouldn’t we all be down at the memorials dancing?!?!
    How much do professional ninja’s cost?
    Can you find them on Craig’s List?
    How can you tell the difference between a pro and
    an amateur ninja? I want my moneys worth…..


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