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by ARLnow.com June 6, 2011 at 8:19 am 2,444 17 Comments

Moran: Arlington an Example for the Nation — Rep. Jim Moran (D) says that Arlington’s transit-oriented growth sets an example for other communities to follow.  For communities currently lacking such infrastructure, Moran says that tax policy can be used to help entice developers to build near transit hubs. [WAMU]

Death Penalty May Be Dividing Line in Race — The death penalty may be a key difference between the two Democrats who are running for Commonwealth’s Attorney in Arlington. “The death penalty doesn’t have a place in a civilized society,” said one candidate, defense attorney David Deane, in a recent appearance. His opponent, Chief Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Theo Stamos, has previously said she supports capital punishment in certain circumstances. [Sun Gazette]

Public Access Idea for Comcast — In response to the news that the county is holding focus groups regarding the upcoming renewal of Comcast’s cable franchise in Arlington, one blogger has floated an idea for a different type of ‘public access’ channel. The idea: allow members of the general public to upload videos to a ‘staging server’ where they would be reviewed, screened for inappropriate content and then broadcast in rotation with other community-generated videos. [Ode Street Tribune]

  • Videos of forums this past Friday with:

    Stephanie Clifford and Alfonso Lopez (49th House of Delegates district – Arlington and Alexandria): http://www.bluevirginia.us/diary/4030/49th-house-of-delegates-district-democratic-candidates-speak-at-business-forum

    Adam Ebbin, Libby Garvey, Rob Krupicka (30th State Senate district – Arlington and Alexandria)

    Jaime Areizaga-Soto and Barbara Favola (31st State Senate district – Arlington, McLean, Great Falls, eastern Loudoun)

  • rider

    Moran is right.

    • Half Full

      shameless pandering by Moran to stay ahead of the high-gas price political curve. Is there really a need for tax incentives to build near transit? Doesn’t that happen without further complicating the tax code? If Moran had any balls, he’d call for a gas tax hike to wean people from reliance on fossil fuels — a much easier call for a politician in an affluent area where there are many alternatives to driving.

      Even more shameless than Moran’s pandering is the shameless reporting by WAMU. I couldn’t believe when they gave him air time for that drivel.

      • doodly

        So, Half Full, do you support a gas tax hike? Or are you just like most of Moran’s critics, just trolling for any reason to hate him?

        • Half Full

          Yes, I support a gas tax hike. Once prices are consistently higher instead of fluctuating up and down, automakers have greater incentive to produce high-mileage vehicles, people have incentives to take transit, bike, carpool or walk, and alternative energy sources become more economically viable. And yes, you’d probably have to do somethign with the tax code to help low-income people, but that may be less prone to boondoggles and scams than tax shelters for developers to build near metro — which they already do anyway.

          • doodly

            Good. Then maybe you can back off a little when a congressman supports other good solutions that make a gas tax hike possible and also give them the means and incentive to get out of their cars and take transit.

          • Half Full

            the question is why you need provide a tax break to get a developer to do something they already do — locate near transit

          • doodly

            Do they already do that though? Enough?

          • Half Full

            Metro, no question they locate there. The 22A, maybe not so much …

  • JamesE

    Speaking of transit infrastructure, whoever did the repaving of 50 west and the new lane of 66 (I am guessing VDOT) should be shot. Absolutely terrible job, complete opposite of smooth.

    • AllenB

      I wonder if they did a more temporary kind of fix because it will get torn up again during the reconstruction of this interchange.

    • Burger

      the new 66 lane is not done. It was a temporary patch on the left side to keep 2 lanes of traffic open while they build the extended on/off ramps.

  • Arlington Voter

    David Deane’s position on the death penalty appears to have changed. In a Sun Gazette article dated December 21, 2010 he is quoted as follows:

    “… I cannot say that I would never seek the death penalty, but it would have to be a very extreme case for me to do so.”

    I’m surprised that the Sun Gazette didn’t pick up on the inconsistency in his position in their two articles.

    • FedUp

      Yep, and David Deane does not seem to understand that the death penalty is a General Assembly issue. Maybe he should run for delegate or state senator?

      • doodly

        It’s clearly a relevant issue. The C.A. has discretion on pursuing the death penalty in some cases.

        • Observer

          It is a relevant issue for exactly that reason. I think Theo is the better and more experienced candidate, but I do not agree with her position on the death penalty. It should be abolished.

          • tx2vadem

            The way to abolish the death penalty is through amendment of the Virginia Code. That is a legislator’s job.


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