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Real Estate Tax Due Date Approaches

by ARLnow.com June 8, 2011 at 9:57 am 3,407 34 Comments

The Arlington County Treasurer’s Office is reminding residents that real estate taxes are due next week.

June 15 is the semi-annual payment deadline for property taxes. Payments postmarked after June 15 are subject to penalties and interest charges.

See the treasurer’s web site for more information about paying tax bills and about the county’s Taxpayer Assistance Program. Residents can also contact the Treasurer’s Office directly by calling 703-228-4000 or emailing [email protected]s.

  • NOVApologist

    The over/under on comments by the end of the day is 104.

    The over/under on comments about assessments of board members properties is 22.

    Who wants some action?

    • doodly

      $5 each on under 104 and over 22.

      • doodly

        can I change my bet on the 104?

  • JamesE

    I pay monthly escrow payments so it is not nearly as painful.

    • Until you do the math and add them up….

      • Foolish Consistency


      • doodly

        Who does that though?

        • Greg

          Probably most people (Income tax deduction?)

          • doodly

            Well, yeah, but that’s when the pain is replaced by the joy of a deduction.

          • I’d gladly NOT have a mortgage rather than take the income tax deduction.

      • JamesE

        still less painful paying in monthly instead of one large bend me over sum

  • Burger

    Remember when you stroke those checks that you are wealthier.

    • Foolish Consistency

      Yeah and all that you have to do in order to realize that “wealth” is sell your house and move you and your family !!
      (p.s. I know you were being ironic ;>) )

      • doodly

        Wow, some people will find any way to whine about being wealthy.

        Yes, you are wealthy. Yes, to convert that wealth to cash you would have to sell (or borrow using a home mortgage line of credit). Oh, the horror of having wealth in real estate.

        Millions of people are unemployed and have lost their homes. Tax rates in the county are really low. We’re one of the wealthiest places in the country. But the whining never stops.

        • Greg

          Primary residence is frequently excluded in wealth measurements for the reason stated above.

          • doodly

            Excluded by whom?

          • Greg

            Economists, financial advisors, etc. For example, see http://www.ml.com/media/113831.pdf

          • Dan

            People who have figured out that you need to live somewhere…..sheesh.

        • There are some nice properties in Detroit you can get very cheap. Sell your house here and you can live wealthy there! LOL. What a joke.

          • doodly

            Yes, “what a joke” is what I thought at the end of your post too.

  • FrenchyB

    People who enjoy whining about taxes.

  • Chris

    I find it odd that people like paying their taxes through the mortgage company. I never liked that because the mortgage company always kept approximately half the yearly tax bill in an escrow account. I’d prefer to keep that money in my own bank account. The only problem I have paying taxes myself is that Oct 15, the second payment date is only 4 months away from Jun 15, the first payment date. Fewer months to save up for payment. But not a big deal.

    • SomeGuy

      I don’t know that most people “like” paying taxes through the mortgage company. For most folks nowadays I don’t even think it’s an option not too. I could be wrong, but I think it’s often a condition at settlement..

      • cheeseeater

        Yes, we’re in the process now, and it’s a condition at settlement. Doesn’t matter to me–rather pay it monthly than in one lump sum. I’m already paying quarterly taxes so that’s enough lump sums for me to worry about!

        • Ha ha… just wait until the balance on your escrow account drops below the minimum threshold of say…. $1000 and then they ask (read tell) you to pony up a check to bring the balance up for them!

    • The problem is, the bank owns your home. They are protecting their ownership by ensuring a tax lien isn’t placed on the property. It is a condition of lending to you. I’d prefer it too but you can certainly see how less repsonsible people might go out and buy a Mercedes or yacht.

  • CW

    Slow news week? Just post a story about property taxes!

    • Take it down a notch

      Actually, I found this helpful. It reminded me to verify that my bank did in fact make the tax payment on time.

      • CW

        Ah, quite true. A good secondary benefit. Just like how I enjoy reloading the ArlNow homepage just to watch the temperature value displayed in the top banner rise and rise!

  • 4Arl

    Even if the average resident is wealthy, it does not mean everyone in Arlington is wealthy. But even if you rent you cannot escape paying property tax directly or indirectly. For a mostly liberal county I would have expected more concern about the burden on middle class residents. Or are there too few left for the board to care?

  • Grover Norplant

    If only we could cut the tax rates for the wealthy and corporations, then we would have a trickle-down utopia.

  • John Andre

    BB&T tells me they will no longer accept county tax payments after June 30. Wonder whether this was the county’s decision or the bank’s. In either case, this makes it more inconvenient for me to pay my tax bill. It also adds a “fee” in the form of postage!

    Last year they didn’t send a bill for the Oct. 15 installment. This makes it really inconvenient, possibly forcing me to go directly to the Courthouse to pay the bill.


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