Morning Poll: New Comcast Guide

by ARLnow.com June 29, 2011 at 10:56 am 6,925 96 Comments

A week ago Comcast rolled out a new on-screen guide for digital cable customers in Arlington.

The new guide was touted in mailings as faster and easier to use with a few new features that had been requested by customers. Many local customers, however, have taken to our comments section to blast the new guide, which eliminated the sleep timer and picture-in-a-picture functions that were available with the old guide.

Now that you’ve had a week to try it out, how do you feel about the “upgrade?”

Screen capture via Comcast

  • TGEoA

    The extra banner ads are annoying. But the DVR “upgrade” sucks the big one.

    No 30 second skip?

    • Bluemontsince1961

      The old guide didn’t have the banner ads (at least mine didn’t). Those banner ads on the “new” guide are annoying when scrolling through the listings. I’d contact Comcast and ask them to take the banners off, but it would probably take at least a year and an Act of Congress for them to do so. The “new” guide is more like getting pop-up after pop-up for “netflix” or something else when looking online at a news site.

    • Marty

      I agree, the DVR upgrade is terrible.
      – when DVRing something you can’t turn off the cable box in the middle of DVRing and have to leave the cable box on. Why would you do this Comcast?!?
      – No more “skip to end of recording” option. This was useful when i missed the end of programs or just wanted to watch the end.
      – I had to re-program all of my TV Shows that I DVR because the “upgrade” erased them.

      The only thing i haven’t figure out is the “back” button in the OnDemand Menu when searching for Movies or Shows. For example: when you’re in a menu for TV Shows, you can’t hit a back button and go to Movies. I had to change the channel, then go back to OnDemand and start from the beginning. Annoying.

      These are my problems in life…

      • AVer

        You hit the Last button to go back.

        • Marty


        • RosRes

          Thanks! I couldn’t figure it out either!

          • PHD

            me either!

    • BMH

      The new guide is terrible, it looks like it was developed for the Atari 2600. The font is enormous, looks distorted in widescreen format, the ads are obnoxious, and the worst “improvement” is that you can now only see four channels at at time. The old guide showed a lot more channel listings at once, which required a lot less scrolling. Poor effort, Comcast

      • b0rk

        Hey they have the newest version of MS Paint! You are right. This “upgrade” sucks huge satchel. The text size of everything is HUGE, pixelated, and garishly designed.

      • thalweg

        You can shrink the font and get five lines of programs instead of four. You change it under the red Menu button somewhere.

        The banner ads at the bottom and the time wasted cursoring over them are the most annoying thing about the new guide for me. Why am I having to pay to watch their banner ads?! They should be paying me! I’m SO tired of seeing Lady Gaga’s big open mouth every time I bring up the guide.

  • YoBimbo

    There’s nothing “new” about it. My in-laws in Boston have had this guide for a couple of years now. I’d much rather see them improve the sketchy service. It’s not uncommon for my Internet to go AWOL during the weekdays, and the sound keeps cutting out. Fortunately, I’ve figured out that if I do the “instant replay” button, the sound magically reappears.

    New on-screen guide? Bah.

    • D W

      ^ +1.

      The new guide is nothing but a warmed-over skin of the old guide, plus banner adds, and minus some of the navigation functions that it used to. I never used picture in picture but hearing about any loss in functionality pisses me off.

      And, indeed, they should fix the service. If they just ditched Cisco/SA and went Motorola like they have in DC, then maybe we can get a better new old guide and better service, too!

    • carbonita

      Seriously! I feel as if I’ve been transported back to Boston 2008. At least I know how to use this classic UI.

    • Cate

      I used to live in Boston and was quite used to this guide – I’m actually glad it was changed to this one, just on personal preference. Can’t speak to the DVR issues, seeing as I don’t have one.

  • @gogogaryo

    It’s awful. It’s completely out of date. Knowing that sloth of a company they decided on this upgrade 4 years ago when it was relevant and only now got around to implementation. Go for Tivo folks! Price almost works out the same and the Tivo is free with subscription.

    • ??

      What’s this Tivo option? I’ve heard nothing about this at all.

    • NPGMBR

      Have to admit that I never look at Comcast’s guid because I have TiVo. Just got my roomie connected and he loves TiVo compared to the Comcast DVR.

      • Wanker

        Please tell me how you got this TiVo option. I called Comcast about it and they were clueless. They said my tv needs a cable card slot to use the TiVo and mine does not. Help me out here please!!!!!

        • SSeymour

          TIVO is a separate company that was one of the first to manufacture DVRs. You still need some source for your programs – cable, FIOS, satellite — but then the TIVO is your DVR. Google them. I’ve had TIVO for 4 or 5 years, and also have a Cox DVR (I’m retired and watch lots of TV, plus it seems lots of my favorite shows run the same night). I have Cox, not Comcast — there were some initial set up problems with Cox and getting the required cable cards and tuning adapter to get the HD TIVO to work. But TIVO is much more user friendly in my opinion. Having both, I can compare….

  • FrenchyB

    Plusses: The search functionality is much better, and the DVR section is more intuitive.

    Negatives: Picture-in-Picture gone, banner ads, very little info on the channel guide per screen, and Vic-20 caliber graphics.

  • Lou

    Don’t like:

    -Seems harder to add/delete Favorites
    -On Demand menu locked up on me once already and I had to call customer service to reset the box
    -Scrolls slower
    -Ad banner
    -Sometimes can’t scroll backwards to see earlier programs
    -Zoom/HD button on my remote not working anymore.


    -It is a bit faster

    Overall: Neutral. It’s a freaking TV menu.

  • Take it down a notch

    They took away DVR features that I used regularly so they could “fix” something that had nothing wrong with it in the first place. The guide shows less information than before and is less easy to navigate. There is simply no upside, nothing is better than before. I watch tv when I want to relax and forget about the things in life that are annoying. Now Comcast has added “watching tv” to the list of annoying things.

    • @gogogaryo

      “I watch tv when I want to relax and forget about the things in life that are annoying. Now Comcast has added “watching tv” to the list of annoying things.” I thought the exact same thing last night… I gave up and watched an infomercial on the magic bra.

    • Bluemontsince1961

      “I watch tv when I want to relax and forget about the things in life that are annoying. Now Comcast has added “watching tv” to the list of annoying things.”

      Ain’t that the truth, Take it down a notch! For me, the new guide’s print is a little larger, and for my 50+ year eyes, that is a plus, but that’s about it. Otherwise, it seems klunky and the constant banner ads at the bottom of the screen reminds me of those annoying Internet sights that put up Netflix pop-ups every time one selects an article or clicks the next page of a multi-page item. Yes, I know there are pop-up blocking features in browsers, but it doesn’t seem to block all of them.

    • Can’t Stand Comcast

      I agree 100%. The new DVR features are stupid, pointless and just confusing. I liked the old DVR better.

  • James

    Several times, I have “paused” a program only to have it freeze on a “play” status and I can’t change it. The program continues, live, but the “Pause” icon is displayed. I can’t pause it, I can’t change the channel, I can’t do anything except turn off the DVR completely.

    Also, my premium channels now occasionally give me a message that I need to subscribe to them (even though I already do).

    In short, it sucks.

  • BrownFlipFlops

    My DVR now records all episodes of shows, when the settings are clearly, “record new episodes only.” There’s a disconnect on the “new” flag somewhere, and it needs to be fixed.

    If you turn off your TV and set top box while the DVR is recording, it now gives you a warning, and makes you select off or on. The old software was smart enough to know that if you turned off the box during a recording, it should finish the recording, and then shut down. If you make the mistake of hitting power now, you have to select, “leave it on,” and you don’t get an automatic shutdown when the recording is over. Your DVR stays fully on, sucking down the juice, until you come back and manually turn it off.

    Sleep timer gone? COME ON. That was a very useful feature. I’m sure I’m not the only person who used it.

    Overall, it’s a usability FAIL.

    • Can’t Stand Comcast

      I have the same problem. I went through my menu last night just to double check that the settings are for first run episodes only. They all were. Yet it still records repeats en mass. Also, has anyone else noticed that the guide is actually incorrect at times. My DVR “recorded a show” (one of the many repeats) but it actually turned out to be another show. I just don’t get it.

  • Chad

    Nothing about this guide is an “upgrade”. This is clearly a down-grade and a money-saver for the company. Banner adds? Seriously? The only positive in this whole “upgrade” is that it is more responsive to the remote control. But the negatives far outweigh the positives. A change like this always makes me wonder who does the Q&A for this kind of stuff and thinks that what they put out is “great”.

    Comcast fails again. Where are you Verizon Fios?!?!?!

  • brian

    1) takes a lot longer for the picture to come in when channel surfing
    (and it was bad before!!) analog had the fastest channel switching.

    2) when going through the guide viewing whats on each channel, up/down is now reversed.

    1) digital converter box goes into standby when turned off (not sure how long it lasts). at least my last channel is finally saved.


    1)the blue colors are better than the old yellow.

  • TGEoA

    I urge everyone to flood the county with complaints. Comcast gets fined if enough complaints are recorded:


    • CW


      • TGEoA

        Even if I moved, I still would file a complaint. Comcast=Cox, which is an apt name

    • @gogogaryo

      The county recommends you take the online survey about renewing the Comcast franchise here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/L3L7SK2

      • Bluemontsince1961

        Thanks, I also added my comments, etc. to this one.

      • TGEoA

        That survey is a joke. Most of the questions relate to ACTV so the slackers that work on the government teat can justify their job.

        • Take it down a notch

          It doesn’t justify anyone’s job if you write that you never watch those shows and aren’t really interested in them (like I did). Or, you could just be angry and insulting instead.

  • Webster

    The way they have organized the adult On Demand movies makes no sense to me.

    • TGEoA

      Never ordererd one before. I assume its all crappy soft-core anyways.

      • BerryBerryCold

        Neither have I, but I think the pay stuff is hard-core minus the $hot.

  • BoredHouseWife

    So they invested their time and money with a crappy screen instead of fixing the crappy service.

    TV cable through comcast is horrific.

  • TGEoA

    By the way, if you use the “page down/page up” buttons you can skip having to move over teh banner ad.

    • Bluemontsince1961

      I’ve used the page down/page up buttons and at least for me, it still stops at the banner ads. When I get home this evening and dig out my Comcast account number, I will be putting in a complaint at the Arlington County web site at the link you noted in your other posting.

      • TGEoA

        You don’t need the account number. I’ve filed about a dozen complaints over the years and a Comcast manager or Arlington rep always gets back to me, usually within 24 hours.

        The online complaint form cuts down on the stress.

        • Bluemontsince1961

          Thanks, TGEoA. I went ahead and submitted my beef to the County web site. Appreciate your help.

  • charlie

    what is Comcast?
    oh, right, the inferior cable subscriber service. ditched em long ago.

    • Nick

      Yeah, I think we all would ditch them if we had a better option. Unfortunately, many of us (like me) live in apartments where FIOS and other cable options are not available – sucky comcast has the monopoly on the building. And without a balcony or on the wrong side of the building, you can’t get a dish for DirecTV, which I found to have far superior customer service in the last city where I lived.

  • brendan

    It’s kind of like if Microsoft had simply re-released XP under a new name following the stability w/ Vista…

    How do they get away with releasing crap like this? Oh right… There’s no other option for a majority of us. Comcast is pathetic. Coding/design for this interface should not be that difficult, especially for a multi-billion dollar company. This looks like they hired the CEO’s son to do it for them.

  • Mark

    Like I have mentioned in a previous post, to me the most annoying thing is how the on screen guide is now stretched horizontally to fill my HDTV. Before, the guide was in 4:3 with vertical letterboxes, and I was fine with that. Stretching a guide with a similar aspect ratio to fill a 16:9 screen looks downright horrible. There doesn’t seem to be any fix for this…

    • ??

      Completely agree. I’m glad I’m not the only one that noticed this and is super annoyed by it. It looks terrible.

  • DD

    Anyone having problems with their Scientific American Explorer 2100 box? Not sure if it’s the equip or the upgrade.

    • LA

      where it randomly shuts itself down and you have to reboot to get your picture back? yep.

      • PHD

        YEP! glad, but sorry, to hear others are having the same problem.

      • Dan

        I have the same issue is well. I have to reboot the box once per day. Usually happens after the TV has been off for a while (overnight, or while I’m at work). I get some fuzz on the screen or random blips of green and blue. Wish they would have just left it alone until they upgraded the actual equipment.

    • Wildhair

      Yes. I had the problem with my old Scientific Atlanta box, traded it for a Cisco box, and still have the problem.

      The service is total crap…..and I hate the new on guide.

  • Or..

    The guide isn’t that new or different. Either way, whatever.

    Comcast, please focus your efforts/ attention on charging less money for my fairly basic service. I’m happy to pay a fair price but your current rates are out of control. Don’t even think about proposing another increase. I’m already checking into FIOS packages.

    • Costs

      FIOS is as expensive but the quality and reliability have been astronomically better than Comcast. I made the switch right after the over-the-air transition to digital, when Comcast then took the opportunity to piggyback on the confusion in the market to insist that they had to upgrade everyone to a digital tier package, which was a bald-faced lie. I was paying $15/mo for basic cable, which were all of the standard channels up thru 99. I know others paid more before but that’s because they didn’t know how to ask for the service since Comcast loves to hide information from its consumers. I was given the choice of paying $25 for just the first 32 channels on the dial or going up to over $60 to keep what I had. So I went with FIOS.

      It’s an apples-to-oranges comparison in the sense that I’ve upgraded a lot of my services (which I was already considering doing with Comcast, but I wanted it to be my decision and not theirs), so at the end of the day I’m still paying more. From the prices I’ve seen, I’m paying about the same for what I get. But, the signal is crystal clear with no freezing or dropouts, the channel lineup is better, and the internet is lightning fast. There was one outage one time and Verizon called me to tell me about it. That’s versus Comcast’s internet randomly not working for hours at a time every other weekend, and, when you called for help, they’d tell you to unplug your modem six times and swear that no one else had a problem when everyone on the block did. And then it would magically fix itself on Monday morning. So long to Comcast forever for me.

      • Lee-n-Glebe

        “That’s versus Comcast’s internet randomly not working for hours at a time every other weekend, and, when you called for help, they’d tell you to unplug your modem six times and swear that no one else had a problem when everyone on the block did. And then it would magically fix itself on Monday morning.”

        I thought it was just me. It also goes out during the week. I can tell because I not-infrequently come home to find a message from MS Outlook asking for my network password. This happens when the “internets go down.”

  • CW

    I can’t believe the number of Comcast-related stories on ARLnow. One would think that it’s like a part of the county governent or something. If FiOS really not available to that sizeable a portion of the county to where every move Comcast makes is such a huge deal?

    • CW


      • Sal

        Yes, there is an xfinite amount of Comcast stories here.

    • Thomas

      I only keep Comcast because they are the exclusive carrier of “The Comcast Network”, formerly CN8. That network is typically useless, but they air lots of CAA basketball and football games, and as a graduate of JMU, that’s important to me.

      But yeah, that’s what’s keeping me on Comcast for now.

    • CrystalMikey

      A lot of the older highrises in the county don’t have FiOS, mine included.

  • Sjm

    Why are there banner ads when we already pay for service?

    • BrownFlipFlops

      Great point. When I’m bombarded with banner ads on a free web site, I just remember, “if you don’t pay for the product, you ARE the product.”

      I pay a hell of a lot for this product, though. Why then, am I being sold to banner advertisers? Sounds like the triumph of a slimy ad sales exec over the folks who care more about customer satisfaction.

  • Thomas

    Don’t like that you only see two channels at a time when moving the arrows up and down.

    Don’t like that the current selection in the guide moves up and down, rather than leaving the selected item in the center while the other channels move around it…that probably made no sense, but I’m not sure how else to describe it.

    I didn’t have the DVR problems others have had…my old scheduled recordings were all still there.

    • Ringo

      To address your first complaint (I am at work and doing this from memory, so the wording I use might not be accurate):

      Press Menu, choose Main Menu, choose Setup, choose Guide Setup, there are two settings where you can switch between “Double Height” and “Single Height” — one is for the small guide at the bottom of the screen that you are talking about, the other is for the full-screen guide. Change one to Single Height and it will now show 3 channels at a time rather than two. Changing the other one will show 5 channels in full-screen rather than 4.

      Hope that helps. I know what you’re talking about for your second comment, but I actually prefer the new way.

      • Michael H.

        Thanks. That did help.

        The banner ad is still there. Too bad there’s no way to make that disappear.

      • Thomas

        Thanks! Worked great!

  • John

    It is their old menu (DC had it for years) just brought to Arlington for consistency. Now has had, less remote functionality, and just marketed as better. All in sales, none in delivery.

  • a

    I sent the following letter to Comcast (at http://www.comcast.com/customers/feedback/default.cspx )
    and also sent a complaint to the county using the form at http://www.arlingtonva.us/departments/TechnologyServices/CableTVAdmin/customercomplaintform.aspx :

    I’m very disappointed by Comcast’s recent “upgrade” to cable service in my area. I do know that people typically don’t like change, but this isn’t about getting used to something new — it’s about things that used to work well and now don’t. Specifically:

    1. When DVRing something, you can’t turn off the cable box in the middle of DVRing and have to leave the cable box on. This is a change for the worse.

    2. If you’re DVRing two programs at once, the box stops showing the time. Instead of displaying the clock, it says REC. This is a change for the worse.

    3. You removed the “skip to end of recording” option in the DVR. This was useful when i missed the end of programs or just wanted to watch the end.

    4. I had to re-program all of my TV shows that I DVR because the “upgrade” erased them.

    5. If you turn off your TV and settop box while the DVR is recording, it now gives you a warning, and makes you select off or on. The old software was smart enough to know that if you turned off the box during a recording, it should finish the recording, and then shut down. If you make the mistake of hitting power now, you have to select “leave it on.” This is annoying and a change for the worse.

    6. The DVR list of recorded programs always goes back to the top of the list now, rather than holding your place from a few minutes ago, like it used to do. This is a change for the worse.

  • Modwop

    No sleep timer? How could they lose that functionality in this so called “upgrade”? And this just after the New York Times ran a story about cable/dvr boxes being electricity “vampires” that used more electricity when on than a running refrigerator?? And don’t get me started about the DVR continuously recording all versions of a program at every time slot and not just “new” episodes, despite re-entering the recording instructions (no longer intuitive, BTW). I’ve had to take The Daily Show off the programmed recordings because of that new little “feature” since it runs three times a day at least four days a week. Sheesh.

    Oh – is it just me or is the memory space reduced for DVR users as well? It seems like fewer programs take up a significantly higher percentage of my available space than they used to.

  • Nick

    Other features that were eliminated with this “upgrade”

    – the ability to set the closed captions to come on only when I mute the sound. Useful if I’m watching something and I get a phone call and don’t feel like pausing it. Now, to turn on the captions, you have to go through several steps on the menu and your only options are ON or OFF.

    – the ability to custom set the DVR start and end times. I frequently wanted to have DVR’d programs actually stop a couple minutes early so they didn’t overlap with other things I wast trying to DVR. Now the only options are to start the DVR early or to stop it after the program ends by a few minutes.

    – in the on screen guide you can only scroll to the right (that is, one hour or half hour at a time) instead of being able to jump to a certain day. They need to fix this the way my dish company could years ago – you have an option to jump on the guide to any day and any time you want. And the old Comcast guide at least let you jump to specific days. Now, if I want to go forward on the guide by several days, my only option is to hold down the right arrow and wait while it scrolls through.

    – for scrolling vertically in the guide, if you scroll one channel at a time it takes forever and you can’t skip the pop-up ads. But if you hold down the up/down arrow, it goes way too fast and in a manner of one or two seconds you’ve scrolled 100 channels up or down.

    And having to leave the DVR box on, even when the TV is off, if something is recording is ridiculous.

    God I hate F***ing Comcast. Can’t wait til I can afford to move to a better apartment, one with a balcony so I can get the dish again. And I can’t wait until I have a TV company that isn’t such a massive pain in the ass to deal with on the phone. F***ing losers.

    • Take it down a notch

      You can scroll forward by one day at a time — I don’t remember the button, maybe C? You have to look at the tiny print around the buttons to see which one. But if you want to skip several days ahead, you do have to page one at a time.

      There are page up and page down buttons that will jump the guide 4 lines up or down at at time without moving the cursor to the damn ad. They’re arrow buttons on the left and right side of the remote.

      I agree with you about the loss of flexibility in editing start/stop times for recordings. It also sucks that you can only choose between recording new episodes of a series and all episodes ever — I used to use “all on this channel in this time slot” for several shows but now that choice is gone.

      • Michael H.

        You can also scroll more than 7 days ahead. I think we can now look at listings for the next 2 or 3 weeks, instead of just 1 week.

  • NrNy2ArlVa

    I Love Comcast…….who else charges you 150.00 for XFINITY Bundled Services just for picking up another DVR, but after a few phone calls and threatening to cancel my service, they are not going to charge me the 150, and I now get to watch HBO and Cinemax free for 3 months……..If you didn’t notice I am being sarcastic. Oh yes and how can I forget the excellent service I had received a while ago when my cable was going in an out everytime the temperature went up outside, after it was fixed, within a few hours one of their Contractors cut my cable off, I am assuming because the technician who was their earlier noticed an illegal hook-up. Called Customer Service and they said I have to make an appointment and some will be out within a few days. One day I am just going to forget cable and put an antenna on my roof.

  • ??

    Does anyone have the Tivo service add on??

    • NPGMBR

      Yes I have TiVo but its not an add on. TiVo is a separaet thing all-together.

    • NPGMBR

      Yes I have TiVo but its not an add on. TiVo is a separaet thing all-together that works with your cable provider.

  • ComcastSucks

    South Carolina has had this menu for years. This looks horrible on a big-screen. Welcome to 1998, Comcast. Don’t DVR anything and try to watch something else at the same time unless you want to go into an epileptic fit from the picture skipping in and out.

  • Arlington Cable Administrator

    I encourage you to comment on Comcast services on our County sponsored Online Survey, as part of the County’s Cable Franchise Renewal process: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/L3L7SK2 Unfortunately, under FCC regulations, Arlington County has no authority over the actual Digital Channel Guide, and therefore no ability to fine Comcast complaints about the Guide. The County may only act on problems reported to Comcast directly, but not resolved to your satisfaction.

    • TGEoA

      Complain to the county AND Moran.

  • North Cherrydaler

    I agree with the complaints here, especially the fact that the DVR must remain on when a recording has started; what a waste of electricity. I think the DVR is harder to navigate, and I don’t like having my future recordings separated day by day; it was easier to keep track of them when they were all in one list.

    I have pretty simple and limited TV needs, and this “upgrade” certainly fails to meet them.

  • Cyrus

    It’s a beautiful day outside. I recommend turning your TV off, and getting some fresh air.

    • NPGMBR

      You must be kidding. Why go outside when I can sit comfortably at home, with the a/c blowing, bundled up in my favorite quilt, a tall glass of Splenda sweetened lemonade in hand, watching all my favorite shows that my TiVo was nice enough to record for me when I was running around in the heat all week?

  • arlwhat

    Oh, hey, nifty, now On Demand isn’t working. But the banner ads on the guide are still feeding through just fine.

    My cable rates have gone up ~120% since I first signed up for the old Arlington Cable back in 1997. Can’t say I’m getting 120% better service over that same time frame. Sure wish my income had increased by that same percentage.

  • a

    I just called up Verizon Fios and am making the switch, inspired by this. Fios is giving me a cheaper overall price than Comcast and way better features, and it has the multi-room DVR service that Comcast still doesn’t have in our area.

  • sophia

    They got rid of the custom set time for DVR programs. Bad move comcast.

  • Billy

    The new guide is absolutely awful. I’m going to seriously consider switching to Fios now.

  • John Andre

    The new guide is somewhat LESS convenient than the old system I was used to. It also does some funny things when I turn the TV on or off with my remote.

    My advice: Don’t fix something which “ain’t” broke.

  • John Andre

    I’d also like to know why they got rid of “picture-in-picture”, an app I found mighty convenient with the old system!

  • John Andre

    While I’m here I’ll add TWO negatives about my TV service this week.

    First, NBC4 dumped their 11 am newscast for Wimbledon TV coverage. If I want to watch tennis at midday I’d turn to the Tennis Channel. There’s no need on a weekday to drop the regularly scheduled newscast for tennis! [What if Tropical Storm Arlene were threatening Ocean City rather than Tampico??? Betcha they want us to turn to the Weather Channel which would be occupied by a warmed-over “Storm Stories” rerun!]

    Secondly…they rudely interrupted my “Price is Right” programming AND the noon news for a Presidential press conference. [Perhaps the White House ought to think twice before scheduling a press conference over the noon hour.
    Granted there was no weather emergency today but there easily could have been one.]

  • k

    1. I had no clue so many people used picture n picture. I have never used it and don’t really get the point? Regardless my TV does it without comcast’s help. . .

    2. For those mentioning the color, you realize that you have always been able to change the color on the old guide and you can change it on this one? It is under settings. My guide is now purple (a prettier purple than it was under the old guide).

    3. I still like this guide becuase I can skip around channels on the guide and it won’t change the actual tv channel

    4. I am annoyed that it is recording all programs not just new ones; however, I think comcast seems to do this from time to time for whatever reason and it will be fixed eventually.

    5. I am also annoyed that on the DVR there is no longer a “this show at this time” option. So, if I want to record a NEW show I can’t set up a series recording for the second showing because it will recognize the first showing as the one it wants to record. Not sure if that makes sense.

  • alex smith

    I think the new Comcast is considered a downgrade ,defiantly not an upgrade. I set sleep timers daily and its not any quicker ,esp. With the new ads. If it doesn’t change soon I plan on switching to a different cable company perhaps back to direct tv

  • J.C.Richardson iii

    “IT SUCKS”


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