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AM Road Closures Possible in N. Arlington

by ARLnow.com July 5, 2011 at 5:00 am 3,489 15 Comments

Crews are still working to clean up toppled trees and tangled power lines left in the wake of the powerful storm that ripped through Arlington Sunday night.

The photo above depicts damage in the area of Glebe Road and Old Dominion Drive, in one of the county’s hardest-hit neighborhoods. As of 3:00 a.m., 1360 Dominion customers in North Arlington were still without power.

Glebe Road finally reopened between 33rd and 36th Streets late last night, but Arlington officials warned that the following roads may still be closed during this morning’s rush hour.

  • Old Dominion Drive, between Glebe Road and Williamsburg Blvd.
  • Rock Springs Road from Glebe Road to Little Falls Road

“Please allow for extra travel time tomorrow, and be prepared to take an alternate route,” officials advised.

Flickr pool photo by Lifeinthedistrict

  • NOVApologist

    Vacation Lane is completely blocked as well.

  • Blueloom

    We live just one block off the area circumscribed by Williamsburg, Glebe, Old Dominion, & Rock Spring.

    I have seen nothing to explain why that small area was so devastated when nearby areas were untouched. Are we talking micro-burst here or what? Any info at all?

  • Rick

    Estimates for power restoration in my neighborhood (this one) are now 5-11pm. Unacceptable. These are pepco numbers

    • CrystalMikey

      Nah, Pepco would take at least 3 more days.

    • LVGuy

      There was A LOT of damage throughout the county. I was upset that my cable hadn’t been restored til yesterday afternoon. Then I saw the damage caused by the macroburst.

      • Rick

        Be glad you have cable. I can walk 50 feet and see people with power, yet I have none. Traced the wires and they go to the same place… there better be a good reason (and a food voucher)

    • John Fontain

      People’s homes and vehicles were destroyed or heavily damaged. A man was killed by a falling tree on the canal. And you are whining about your power being out for a few more hours? Get some perspective.

      • BrownFlipFlops

        Seriously. I don’t have power, either. There’s a snapped power pole upstream, in back of a neighbor’s newly-condemned house. Now is a time to adapt and overcome, not petulantly whine. Take a walk down 30th Street or Rock Spring, and get some perspective.

        • Rick

          I’m not sitting and whining. I’ve been out. I’ve walked Little Falls, Rock Spring, Glebe, Williamsburg, Old Dominion etc. I have structural damage to home and property. I have seen plenty of dominion “supervisors” in chevy pick-ups, but they outnumber the actual work crews by a wide margin. Its embarrassing.

    • Loocy

      Replacing snapped power poles takes a while. Having surveyed the massive destruction in that area, I would be thoroughly impressed if your power was back on by tonight.

  • Steve

    Dominion Electric team working yesterday morning (4th) said they had about 50 downed trees to clear from wires, than there is all the small stuff that didn’t take down wires but are still tangled up in the wires, so I can understand why it can take a while to untangle everything.

    What does puzzle me is why the police have put up only minimal detour/direction signs. I saw one small detour sign on Northbound Glebe and nothing on Old Dominion. We’ve been watching a steady stream of cars driving through the neighborhood streets (many of which are blocked too) trying to navigate the maze.

    • Rick

      you should have seen the fairfax side of old dominion… it looks like the residents put up blockades. Didn’t look like the cops had been there at all

  • DR

    I live in country club hills and I think Dominion did a great job clearing trees off of power lines and getting power up and running. I was thrilled to have power again this morning considering the damage that the storm caused.

    • BrownFlipFlops

      I agree. Dominion crews work hard. They busted their asses for us during the blizzard. They’re out there working hard, now. There are huge trees on power lines all over the place. Let’s count our freaking blessings, instead of throwing tantrums.

    • Rick

      I’m in CC manor. We’re apparently second class citizens

      (joke. no one go mental on me please)


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