Theft Leads to Dirt Bike Chase Through the Valley

by ARLnow.com July 7, 2011 at 4:14 pm 6,837 23 Comments

Police are looking for a man who stole a dirt bike in the Shirlington/Nauck (Green Valley) area this afternoon.

The man allegedly stole the green and white dirt bike after being dropped off by another man on a moped. Both the moped driver and the alleged dirt bike thief then tried to flee the area.

Police eventually surrounded the Shelton apartments (3215 24th Street S.) and detained a man believed to the moped driver. He was handcuffed, led to an unmarked police car and taken to the station. The moped was found abandoned outside the building.

The other suspect was reportedly followed by one of the victims, who hopped on another dirt bike and chased the suspect through the streets of the Valley. The victim eventually lost sight of the suspect, but was able to describe his appearance to police.

Update at 2:05 p.m. on 7/8/11 — Two men have been charged with theft of the dirt bike, according to an Arlington County police report item.

GRAND LARCENY AUTO-ARREST, 07/07/11, 3800 block of S. Four Mile Run Drive. On July 7 at 2:50 pm, two men stole a dirt bike from a business. Police apprehended both suspects. Reginald Jacobs, 25, of Arlington, and Raymond Young, 21, of Arlington were both charged with Grand Larceny of an Automobile. Young was held on a $500 bond and Jacobs was held on a $1,500 bond.

  • Wow! I’m pretty certain I saw the two of them scoping the bikes out when I went by on my bike around 1PM. There were four dirt bikes sitting outside an auto body shop on Four Mile Run. Looked like they were for sale. There were two guys checking them out… They had arrived together on a scooter.

    • Don Ager

      You should call the police and let them know. you’re a witness. you didn’t see the actual crime but you may be able to help place the suspects at the scene, etc.

  • Arlwhenever

    Finger fault, that would be 24th St. South.

  • Arlington, Northside

    Sweet! Sounds like a case for Ponch and John! Get Harlin to setup the Supercycle!

    During the late 80’s the Fairfax County Police patroled trails on NX250’s, I wonder if ACPD has or needs such off-road capability.

    • brendan

      FFX police still have a couple dirt bikes in their arsenal. Have seen them driving around in parks out there.

  • Green and white? That looks like yellow and black to me?

    • My mistake, I misread the last paragraph.

    • Guest McGuest

      Yellow and black was the chasing dirtbike I’ll bet! Last paragraph! And behind them all was the General Lee!

      • Arlington, Northside

        Ponch and John prefered the mean green Kawasaki’s too.

  • BarKroffter

    HA!!! The Nauck Green(Valley) area is a breeding ground of criminals. A few years back I had a dirt bike stolen out of my shed (arlington heights) by some lawnscaping company’s employees (which happen to all be family members). I even confronted the owner of the company who stole my motorcycle (i.e. mowed our lawn on 1 occasion) and he professed that his “boys” would never do such a thing as he’s warned him that they will be the first one’s blamed for missing items. Well Mr. Lawn Cutting Company, considering the shed was in the back yard protected by an 8ft fence no one ever would have known that bike was back there unless you were back there say, mowing the lawn.

    • BarKroffter

      Forgot to mention that said “lawn care” company had a Nauck Green address.

  • SaveDaveMckenna

    What are the boundaries of The Valley? I’ve lived here for more than a decade and never heard the term.

    • MC 703

      Good question. I live in the Dolley Madison on 24th Rd S. and can’t get a definitive answer from the maps.


      • The modern, cultural borders are arguably Walter Reed (West), Glebe Road (North), 395 (South Eastish) and Fourmile (South). Historiccly, the valley was supposed to describe the literal valley between the Arlington Ridge/Superman Hill but that has obviously fallen out of favor in recent times. Some of the houses on Arlington Ridge are dee’d as being in Nauck. The only true way to figure it out is dig out the old segregation maps and see where black people were allowed to buy houses or not.

  • Brendan

    Wait I actually saw a green and white dirt bike going down Washington Blvd and crossing Sycamore this evening coming home from work. Same one? I thought it was odd to see a dirt bike.

  • b

    wonder if these are the same guys who’ve been stealing bikes in the area over the past few weeks. 5+ bikes stolen from the alexan 24 in the last 3 weeks.

  • GardenGal

    I’m sorry – ‘The Valley?’
    Shall I put on my lip gloss and wear my hair in a side ponytail? Like, for sure?

    • PhilL

      Green Valley has always been colloquially referred to as “The Valley”. If you grew up around here you read that headline as clearly as if it said “Clarendon”

      • Larchmont


        • PhilL


    • I’ve been complaining for a long time on this blog every time they called the Valley “Nauck”. Super pleased they finally figured it out!


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