The Curious Grape Announces New Location

by Katie Pyzyk July 28, 2011 at 1:15 pm 4,886 32 Comments

Fans of The Curious Grape in Shirlington no longer have to wait to find out where the wine and cheese shop will reappear.  The store has announced its new location, and it’s not moving far.

The business, previously located at 4056 Campbell Avenue, will move around the corner to 2900 South Quincy Street.

“After 10 years, it certainly would have been hard to leave Shirlington Village,” said Suzanne McGrath, CEO and president of The Curious Grape. “You can’t beat that sense of becoming part of a thriving community.”

The new store will be twice as large, and will branch out into the restaurant business with the addition of a wine bar.  Customers will be able to try wine-friendly small plates and entrees.

Construction is set to begin soon and the store should reopen late in the fall.

  • YTK

    Great– Grape I missed you!! And, I am VERY glad your store will be much bigger this time!!!

  • RosslynBoom

    calm down, lots of other wine stores to choose from.

  • JimPB

    President and CEO, hmmmm. Is this store one of a number? Or does the owner have notions of grandeur?

  • G

    Sounds like it will be competing directly with Cheesetique

  • Alex

    Glad to hear it. Suzanne runs a great store!

  • Wineo

    I’m still sad about Best Cellars closing in Clarendon. That was by far the best and cheapest place to get good wine I knew about. Anyone know of a comparable place in the immediate area? Arrowwine is horrible, it’s overpriced and the staff wasn’t nearly as friendly as they were at Best Cellars. I need a new wine joint to get my some good cheap wine!

    • Ernest-Julio Gallo


    • Cyrus

      Agreed, I was a big fan of Best Cellars

    • G

      Trader Joes, when it opens.

    • CW

      Costco, costco, costco. They sell more wine than anyone else in the world, and with good reason. Their $8-15 bottles are $12-20 at a normal store.

      • Wineo

        Yeah but I fear the debacle that is the Pentagon City Costco parking lot. Plus, they don’t have the staff like Best Cellars did to help you find a particular type of wine. I’d just describe to them what I don’t like or like and BAM I was never let down. Sad times :(….

        • CW

          Metro + internet = problem solved.

          • CW

            (That said, I have always driven to that costco and it is not a problem. Go after work on a weekday or at open (9:30) on a Saturday.)

    • J

      Best Cellars was my fav too, but UnWined in Bradlee Center is nice.

      • Michelle

        Agree, I like Unwined. Vanessa can always find me a good wine.

    • Tater Salad

      I’m partial to Screwtop – only 2 blocks from the Best Cellars location. Not a huge wine selection but great wines at all price points and knowledgeable retail people.

      • Clarendon Resident


    • Kace

      Total Wine has good prices,friendly staff,& two locations are only a few miles from Arlington.

  • Arlington

    YES! Go grape!!

  • Take it down a notch

    Trying to figure out just where this will be. Are they taking the space where the big screen TV store used to be?

    • Nancy

      evidently, it’s next to The Energy Club. I think it must be in the space right after the post office (well, after the road after the PO). I can’t think of anything being there.

      • Take it down a notch

        I’m pretty sure that’s where the TV store used to be.

    • ATM in ARL

      Yes, the space was formerly occupied by the Big Screen Store.

  • Hello everyone,

    Yes, we will be where the big screen TV store used to be. So right next to the Energy Club. Thanks for your support and looking forward to seeing everyone when we reopen!

  • Jon

    Use to live in Shirlington Village and always thought their selection was good but their prices were high. Better options in Arlington IMO.

    • Tabby

      Not as high as Cheesetique’s bottle prices. More variety.

  • BlueSkies

    I’m a big fan of the chocolate options at Curious Grape and hope they’ll be part of the new location.

  • yay – good for them. They sell a great sherry.

  • Who cares?

    It doesn’t really matter… has anyone been to Cheesetique? Way better….

  • Skeptical

    I’ve been to Cheesetique in Del Ray, and I’ve been to the Grape.

    Jill (the Cheesetique owner) is a pleasant, customer friendly lady and the cheeses are terrific, but the prices are jacked-up to the max and I really am not at the pay grade where I can enjoy seeing my credit card cut for $60-80 after a light supper for two at their tables.

    The Grape’s selection spans all price ranges and you can count on anything you buy there being good at any price — none of these unreliable Trader Joe’s specials (sorry, TJ) that sometimes turn out to have the bouquet and mouth feel of Windex. No one sizes you up to see if you look wealthy or sophisticated enough to shop in their store (why I don’t go back in Arrowine) or throws you a lot of phony flattery about your good taste in making a selection (the Cheesetique hired help, every time I’ve bought something) or brooms you off when you ask what happened to the smaller less expensive sizes (Ah Love, which isn’t a wine store but acts like it wants to be, and a snooty one at that)..

    There is always a tasting going on at the Grape, there is no pressure, the staff have always been friendly and accommodating about a special order or any questions. I have just never had a wine from there at any price that wasn’t worth what I paid and then some. And I agree about their chocolate. I can’t wait to see them open back up.

  • I have lived around Mormon people my entire life and I’ve heard a few Mormons say that Jesus drank grape juice and not wine, but I’m curious whether this is a real teaching of the church or if it’s just something that some of the members of the church assume? Does anyone know? I’d ask my Mormon friends but I don’t want to offend them.

    Thank you.

    • knowitall

      He usually drank water, as the heat would often get to him, what with all the woodworking. He didn’t like carbonated beverages, but would occasionally drink a Sprite because he found it refreshing. He loved bloody marys, particularly during Sunday brunch with the fam. He did indeed drink wine, but he was a little snobby – always insisting that everyone hold their glasses by the stem and swirl before every sip. I’ve never heard anything on the grape juice front.


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