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Favola, Areizaga-Soto to Attend AGLA Forum Tonight

by ARLnow.com August 9, 2011 at 3:56 pm 3,099 18 Comments

Democratic arch-rivals Barbara Favola and Jaime Areizaga-Soto will both attend an Arlington Gay and Lesbian Alliance candidates forum tonight.

The forum, which will start at 7:00 p.m. at the NRECA building in Ballston (4301 Wilson Blvd), will give Favola, Areizaga-Soto and other Democratic candidates (there’s no contested Republican primary in Arlington this year) a chance to woo a group of largely Democratic voters just 14 days before the Aug. 23 primary.

House of Delegates candidates Stephanie Clifford and Alfonso Lopez are both expected to attend the forum. Other invited candidates include Adam Ebbin, Libby Garvey and Rob Krupicka (30th state Senate District) as well as Theo Stamos and David Deane (Commonwealth’s Attorney).


    How about we start talking more about Marriage Equality and less about bike lanes and complete streets?

    • Jake


  • Jeff

    Because more people care about bike lanes and complete streets than a fabricated claim to a manufactured “right”?

    • jjbug1

      Jeff, Your hatred is vivid. How does it help you get thru each day.

    • normal

      I didn’t hear anyone say “right.”


    As a Mason-Dixon Pennsylvanian/Marylander by birth, a DC resident of ten years and now a Virginian, Governor O’Malley of Maryland makes me proud. I will hold out hope for Pennsylvania and Virginia. Someday we’ll all get there:


    I’ll get off the soapbox now.

    • Dr. Kwok

      Go back to Maryland.

      • AllenB

        Sorry, Qwack, BIGPICTUREVA and his/her views are more than welcome here.

  • Dr. Kwok

    So are mine, Al….

    • Juanita de Talmas

      You should go back to Alabama.

      • Dr. Kwok

        Juanita, how close-minded of you. You should be ashamed.

    • Why

      ARLNow- Now that your site has established itself as the primary go-to site for timely Arlington news and information, I would like to challenge you to reconsider the comments section that follows most all articles. Having established your forums section, which I have never visited, I would propose that the comments section is no longer necessary. As a sometimes contributor myself (and admittedly not of always the most mature comments), I don’t think many of the posted comments ever actually contribute anything worthwhile to your site’s efforts and validity. Many of these comments frequently provide false or even malicious information, and serve no useful purpose. Readers who wish to contribute corrections or updated information can still do so via a “Contact Us” link. Otherwise, would you please consider removing all the vitriol to the forums section? I assure you most all your readers will still keep coming to the site for the spot-on timely news you give us, thankful to longer be tempted into reading the tabloid train-crash that has become your readers’ comments section. Thanks for the consideration, and keep up the excellent work!

      • We try to play “hockey ref” to some of the unpleasantness in the comments section, but two facts remain:

        1) It’s human nature to hold opinions and to argue over those opinions.
        2) The comments section has more interesting, informative, insightful and humorous comments than it does petty, argumentative and offensive comments. Comments are a net plus for the site and they’re not going away.

        We are, however, currently considering other ways to encourage constructive conversations in the comments section. If you have any ideas please let us know. Thank you for your feedback.

        • SouthArlingtonReady

          Comments by only registered posters would help. No anon-posts would cut down on the juvenile behavior.

        • G

          I agree, they are definitely a net plus. Maybe you could force people to use their Facebook account to post comments like many other websites do.

          • Maria

            Please no… I think you should let people retain some anonymity, though making people register isn’t a bad idea (though it would cut down on some of the funny in addition to the juvenile… too bad we can’t have one without the other!).

          • Bemused bystander

            Please don’t require a Facebook account. Some of us are boycotting it.

  • Why

    …thankful to *no* longer be tempted…


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