Candidate Essay: Libby Garvey

by ARLnow.com August 19, 2011 at 6:00 pm 2,570 19 Comments

Earlier this week, we asked the three Democratic candidates for the 30th District state Senate seat to write a sub-750 word essay on why the district’s residents should vote for them on Tuesday, Aug. 23.

Here is the unedited response from Libby Garvey:

Why You Should Vote for Libby Garvey:

  1. Actions speak louder than words.   All three of us candidates say pretty much the same things, but here’s the difference:  while they’ve talked about getting things done, I’m the only one to have repeatedly turned those values into action.   My entire life has been about public service, from serving in the Peace Corps in the early ‘70’s to my past 14 years on the Arlington County School Board.  On the school board, I’ve helped make Arlington Public Schools one of the top-ranked school systems in the country.  We’ve also closed the achievement gap significantly, will soon establish access to pre-school for all at-risk children, and rebuilt or renovated our schools on time and on budget.  I’ve also served on the regional Council of Governments and played key roles on many statewide councils and group, two of which I was appointed to by Governors Warner and Kaine.
  2. Life experience.   I have learned many hard lessons in my 60 years.   But I’ve spent my life helping others, first as a waitress to help my family during lean times and later after college as a Peace Corps volunteer in Africa. Today, as a cancer survivor, grandmother, and widow, I’m more ready than ever to serve as state senator.  There is a wisdom and understanding that can only be gained through time and experience.   If all our legislators had such wisdom, we’d have a better government.
  3. An independent, true Progressive voice.  I am truly independent and beholden to no one but my voters and continuing Senator Patsy Ticer’s legacy.  While my campaign raised the most money in the last quarter, I have received no money from the lobbyists or corporations who normally fund campaigns in Virginia.  That means we will owe this seat to no one but ourselves.  Only then will we be able to have the true progressive voice we need in Richmond to fight back against the extreme right-wing priorities of Ken Cuccinelli and Wisconsin-style labor policies, uranium mining, car title lenders and other corporate interests that seek to undermine our community.
  4. Some endorsements really matter.   I am honored to have many endorsements, but the support and endorsement of Senator Patsy Ticer and Supervisor Gerry Hyland mean the most to me.  Senator Ticer and Supervisor Hyland know the 30th District better than just about anyone.   They have cared for and well served the citizens of this district for decades. They know all the candidates well.   They support me.  I hope you will too.
  5. Finally, we need more women in Richmond.   Gender shouldn’t be a deciding point, but everyone should be concerned about the lack of women at all levels of government.  Women are over 50% of the population in Virginia, yet only about 17% of the delegates in Virginia’s House are women.  With the retirement of Senator Ticer and Senator Whipple, we could be down to 7 or fewer women out of 40 senators depending on this election.  While Republicans in Virginia are consistently waging their war on women’s rights, we need more women in Richmond to shape the debate and ensure that our rights are upheld.  We need to worry less about scoring political points and focus on getting things done.

Your reason?   If this doesn’t convince you to vote for me on the 23rd and you’d like to talk about my campaign or an issue that concerns you, please call my office at 571-312-7260 or send an email to [email protected]   Talking with voters about issues is what I most enjoy and I look forward to doing just that for many years to come.


Libby Garvey

  • JimPB

    As a father of three daughters, I welcome new opportunities for women. For that part, women can add important experiences and perspectives to decision-making. And the men have left considerable room for the women to be better than what the men have done. From her essay, Libby Garvey sounds like she could contribute nicely in both areas.

  • alebt

    First, a hearty thanks to ARLnow for hosting these candidate essays. Second, I appreciate a race and this is a race. Kudos to all the candidates. Third, in a race with relatively small policy differences between the candidates, the details matter. And for that reason, as a woman, I will cast my vote to maintain the toe-hold we have now of female representation in the Virginia State Senate. Northern Virginia would be taking a step backwards to send an XY to the Senate at this time.

    Go Libby!

    • Undereducated

      This is the same progressive thinking that got Obama elected president. Wake up. Stop making excuses for being uninformed.

      • alebt

        ??? Please do enlighten me with providing the following: a list of substantive policy issue differences between the three candidates in this single Democratic party primary election. I gave my reasoning for how I will cast my vote in this particular election. In no way should you draw a conclusion as to how I will vote in future elections.

  • Tabby

    This is the best-written response. Thank you, Scott, for asking the candidates to do this, and thanks to all of the candidates for replying.

    Please stop killing trees with those relentless mailings and please stop Robo-calling me.

    • TGEoA

      Use Google Voice to block them. I’ve been using it for 3 months now. I love it.

  • GCH_Now

    “There is a wisdom and understanding that can only be gained through time and experience. If all our legislators had such wisdom, we’d have a better government. ”

    “You are soooooo fortunate to have someone as intelligent, good looking, and generally above average as moi to stoop and let you elect me as your leader”

    Libbly, I know you’re running for office, but perhaps show a little more humility?

    • Deb

      There is a small vocal opposition to Ms Garvey. Something to do with killing library hours and the like. Leaflets were handed out at EFC metro…Sounds to me like not everyone is in her court. Just saying….

      • Undereducated

        Garvey lost my vote when she failed to show Murphy the door over the Francis debacle. Arlingonians have short memories and Garvey is aware of that.

    • GS24-7

      Notice how you don’t see these kinds of comments on the posts from the men? That’s the difference between running as a man and running as a woman. Thanks for make the point for me, GCH!

      • GCH_Now

        I don’t see this as a gender issue. None of her opponents make a claim that if all politicians were as “wise” as her, then we would have much better governance. I’m sure this wasn’t her intended message, but it does smack of arrogance.
        Rereading her essay, it appears that her target audience is senior citizens (note she mentions being a widow, something that would resonate strongly with this group. There’s nothing wrong with targeting a key voting bloc, just make sure not to alienate other voters in the process.

        • Skeptical

          You do not need to be a senior citizen to be a widow. You just tipped your hat that you have your own arrogance.

  • Rosslyn

    How about a story on the car personal property tax in Arlington? Taxes for my six year-old Jeep have now gone up for the third year in a row. Arlington continues to charge more for an old Jeep that isn’t getting any more valuable.

    • Tabby

      That’s bizarre! I would contest that. How much do they say it’s worth?

      My car tax is only $62 this year, for a 2002 Acura RSX.

      • Charlie

        This is true and was covered earlier this year on ArlNow.
        There is a shortage of used cars. Between the tsunami, big three bailout and economy there is. Shortage of people trading in cars. Thi has caused the supply of used cars to become more valuable hence the assessment on mot that old of cars has gone up.

        • Tabby

          Yeah, I had heard that. Do you know where the county gets its assessments figures? Edmunds? KBB?

          My car is worth a fair bit more than the county assessment, because of its very low mileage.

    • AnonymousA

      I hear that!

  • brian

    What’s wrong with car title lenders?

    Are they bothering you?

    if people need cash.. why stop them?

  • John Fontain

    Not surprisingly, none of the candidates made any mention of fiscal matters.


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