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Candidate Essay: David Deane

by ARLnow.com August 22, 2011 at 2:55 pm 2,697 9 Comments

Last week, we asked the two Democratic candidates for Commonwealth’s Attorney in Arlington to write a sub-750 word essay on why residents should vote for them on Tuesday.

Here is the unedited response from David Deane:

My name is David Deane and I am seeking the Democratic nomination for Commonwealth’s Attorney for Arlington County and the City of Falls Church. As Commonwealth’s Attorney I will make the office more accountable and accessible to the citizens of this community. While the office has been well run under the current leadership, I believe that we should always be striving for better. I am committed to starting a Drug Court Program, working in collaboration with Arlington’s judges and community services agencies to treat and intensively supervise non-violent addicts rather than abandon them in jail. I am committed to hiring Spanish speaking prosecutors and educating the Hispanic community so that all citizens, regardless of their ethnicity, heritage, or immigration status feel safe. I am staunchly opposed to the death penalty. I believe that the citizens of this community understand that this draconian means of punishment is expensive, ineffective, and inhumane. As both a former prosecutor and a practicing defense attorney I have the breadth of experience to achieve these goals and to improve the level of service provided to the members of our community. I would be honored to have your vote on August 23rd, 2011.

  • Burger

    Apparently, David doesn’t believe in paragraphs.

  • ClizzleDizzle

    What does speaking Spanish have to do with feelings of safety? I know a Spanish speaking lawyer that would have no trouble calling ICE on an illegal.

    • ClizzleDizzle

      Why does this man try to make us believe that all Spanish speakers are on the side of people breaking the law? That’s bigoted.

    • ????

      There apparently is not a single Spanish speaking attorney in the Arlington CA’s office. Doesn’t that strike you as odd given the sizable Latino community we have here? Doesn’t it also strike you as odd that it took an outsider to suggest that it might be a good idea to hire someone who speaks Spanish?

      All of Deane’s ideas seem to be very well thought out.

      • Independent in Arlington

        The biggest advantage I see Mr. Deane having over Ms. Stamos is also his biggest disadvantage, namely her long, long experience in the Arlington Commonwealth’s attorney’s office. This gives him an outsider’s perspective, which I think would be extremely useful – though undoubtedly disruptive – after 18 years under Mr. Trodden and Ms. Stamos’s 24 years in the office. This is reflected, for example in some of his “policy” ideas which he articulates in this essay. There are almost certainly many reasons why his ideas may be thought of by the CA’s office as impractical, or pointless, or dumb, and they may be, but it is a good idea to add new blood once in a while to challenge the conventional wisdom of this (or any other) public office.

        • AnonymousA

          Well, so much for change. I guess Arlington’s pretty comfortable with the way it’s been.

  • TGEoA

    Drug courts suck

  • Jay-nonamous

    Don’t worry Clizzle, I’m sure whoever wins they will have at least 1 english only ignorant curmudgeon to help one of his own if you need their services. btw, I’m an English only caucasian saying that…you should open your eyes as to who many of your fellow Arlingtonians are.

  • Voted today

    Under what statutory authority does David Deane propose to establish a Drug Court? You’ll forgive me for not holding my breath while waiting for an answer.


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