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Traffic Lights Coming to Clarendon Intersection

by ARLnow.com August 24, 2011 at 3:06 pm 4,757 28 Comments

Traffic lights are coming to the intersection of Washington Boulevard and N. Garfield Street in Clarendon.

The lights and illuminated crosswalk signs have been installed at the intersection, but have black plastic covering them as the county prepares to turn the signals on. Several pedestrian safety improvements were recently made at the intersection, but it’s still difficult for drivers on Garfield Street to see oncoming traffic on Washington Boulevard.

  • Stinky

    That intersection needed a light badly.

  • Thank GAWD!

  • Kramva

    What!?!?! Where is my light at
    Irving and 10th???? Please at least have an acpd sit there and hand out 500 dollar tickets to cara trying to kill the folks walking to the metro.

    • Richard Cranium

      Hey! Leave Cara out of this!

    • Captain Krunchy

      The only $500 tickets in the police arsenal are parking citations for handicap space violations. Fines are established by the legislature at the state level.

    • Walker

      The worst situations I’ve seen at 10th and Irving are when a car actually does yield to a person trying to cross – often the car behind the car that yields doesn’t see the pedestrian and thinks the car yielding is trying to turn so swerves around the stopped car or they lay on their horn. I saw this yesterday evening. People need to chill.

  • ArlingtonDweller

    Now will they re-time the light at Garfield and Clarendon and Wilson? Those two lights are out of sync (other than rush hour – morning / night) and they have less green time than the two lights north and south (at Highland and Filmore.)

    • CW

      Probably for “traffic calming” aka traffic-congestion-creation purposes. See Wilson between Four Courts and Veitch. The Garfield/Clarendon intersection sucks because a single car trying to turn left onto Clarendon from southbound Garfield holds up traffic all the way onto Wilson.

      • Aaron

        Wait, they “calm” the traffic by making drivers really ticked off to the point that they would rather blow through a very red light than wait for the lights to cycle through again? This is intentional?

        • CW

          I’m not saying it was my idea…

  • BerryBerryCold

    Is this in preparation for Trader Joe’s?

    • Clarendude

      The light was probably planned anyway, but it sure won’t hurt with TD coming in.

      • Trader Doe’s

        Special on venison this week.

  • CW

    It’s about time. There’s only about five 10+ story buildings where that is the path of least resistance to get to Washington Blvd.

    Highland and 11th is a bad intersection too, but now with this new light going in there will be little need to use it, because the only point in getting on Highland there is to then immediately turn onto Washington.

  • Tim

    Take a look up on top. Looks like cameras to me…

    • BerryBerryCold

      Those are vehicle sensors.

      Not sure of their purpose in this situation (especially for those pointed towards Washington Blvd.)

      • Lee-n-Glebe

        I’m not positive, but I believe them to be traffic light preemption sensors. They sense the flashing lights or siren of an emergency vehicle and switch to allow it to go through more easily.


        • Tim

          I stand corrected. Thanks.

          • Captain Krunchy

            They are vehicle sensors, and replace the old standard of putting sensors underground just behind the stop line to trigger the light cycle (within the pre-programmed timings… it is not *automatic* per se (though it can be at certain off-hours))..

          • MB

            This is correct.

        • CW

          Wait, so if I put a flashy light on top of my car I’ll get green 100% of the time? That can’t possibly be how they worked. I always thought the whole idea of emergency vehicles being able to make lights turn for them was either 1) an urban legend, or 2) based on an RF transponder system.

          • Josh S

            Yeah, I figured transponders, too. I have a hard time believing those sensors / cameras are there just for emergency vehicles.

  • Me ke

    Finally. My family was in a serious accident there requiring hospitalization for an elderly woman

  • charlie

    this is stupid. this is the last place we need another light. are people incapable of walking to the light at Highland. maybe we should go ahead and reopen Garfield Street between 10th and Washington. Just cut thru the lobby of 3000 Washington Blvd.
    east going cars are going to back up and block Highland Street and west going cars are going to back up Garfield and 1`0th street.
    we need more pedestrian crossings, but this is dumb. all the dumb drunks crossing at night STILL aren’t going to wait for traffic to be clear.

    • CW

      This has nothing to do with pedestrians. This has to do with the fact that several huge buildings’ garages worth of cars have to try to cut across three lanes of rush hour traffic with a blind view obstructed by parked cars in both directions in order to get onto southbound washington.

      • charlie

        i know why YOU support it..
        i just hope the lights are synchronized. otherwise time to short cut thru the neighborhood.

        • CW

          Shortcut? To where? I can’t think of any route on wash blvd where cutting through clarendon (and its stop signs, pedestrian traffic, and additional lights) would save you any time.

          • charlie

            turn right on garfield right into the garage and toast traffic at Sam and Harry’s… then go back out when lights matter less.


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