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Fire at Pentagon Row Apartments

by ARLnow.com August 25, 2011 at 7:07 pm 3,787 9 Comments

A fire broke out on the fourth floor of the Pentagon Row apartments just before 6:00 tonight, sending residents into the street as firefighters battled the flames.

The blaze reportedly started and was mostly contained to one apartment on the east side of the building. However, water and smoke damage were possible in floors above and below the apartment. At least one family was displaced.

No injuries were reported. Police blocked eastbound Army Navy Drive between S. Joyce Street and S. Hayes Street to allow fire equipment to access the scene.

  • Kris Dunlop

    Really, you didn’t blur the child’s face? Did you have to put the family in one of the pictures?

  • Brad

    Wood framing…

    • charlie

      yep — although this might be metal. and while under construction in May 2007 this building suffered a major structural collapse above BB&B.

      • BerryBerryCold

        Pretty certain its wood… Was in an apartment there and could hear the floors creaking above, a sure sign of a wood subfloor.

  • Charles

    Shouldn’t the officials either keep people OUT when the alarms are going off, or shut off the alarms if there’s not danger?

    Even though the alarms were still going off, the fire and police were not keeping people out of the buildings. Shoppers were allowed to freely go into the Harris Teeter, for example, as the alarms were sounding and the strobes were firing. This was acceptable to the officials??

    (One problem is that most firefighters and police officers are “guys” not men, in other words, lacking in the brains department.)

    • Sam

      Could there possibly be a firewall between the structures? I know you want to criticize their brains or lack thereof, but is it possible that maybe they (the ones who do this for a living every day) know more than you?

    • Intelligent

      Since you seem to know so much “intelligent” information about fire procedures Charles, maybe you should apply to become the Counties fire chief! Apparently you aren’t a firefighter or police officer, and apparently you weren’t an official on scene either. So cutting down what these brave men and women do for a living is very rude. To say they are “lacking in the brains department” is a harsh thing to say. So maybe if you ever need emergency assistance you can call someone else, since you have such little faith in those that do what they do for a living to protect fools like you!

      • Aaron

        You can be a brave man (or woman) and still be entirely lacking in the brains department. Talk to one sometime!


    Charles and Aaron. When either of you have a massive heart attack, or most likely sprain your wrist on your keyboards call this number and NOT 911: 703-522-3333. You will get the level of service you DESERVE.


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