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Photos: Hurricane Damage Around Arlington

by ARLnow.com August 28, 2011 at 3:32 pm 7,460 21 Comments

Arlington residents woke up this morning to power outages and scores of downed trees and tree branches, thanks to the high winds and torrential rains of Hurricane Irene.

“It’s just terrible,” said County Board member Walter Tejada as he toured some of the worst scenes of destruction around the county with Acting County Manager Marsha Allgeier and Deputy Police Chief Michael Dunne. While many areas escaped with just a few downed tree limbs, some areas remain blocked and without power due to large trees that fell across roads and power lines.

County and private tree crews, along with crews from Dominion Power, have been working around the clock to clear debris and get power lines back up. As of 3:25 p.m., more than 4,800 Dominion customers were still without power in Arlington.

Arlington County has posted additional damage photos on a dedicated Flickr page.

  • Lou

    Anyone else having Comcast problems in 22205?

    • Suburban Not Urban

      None here – we did have to unplug the power on the minibox and box due to a power flicker yesterday.

      • Bluemontsince1961

        No problems with my Comcast, Lou.

        • Lou

          Thanks, it sorted itself out last night. When I called Comcast later in the afternoon I got a recording saying there was a service disruption in my area.

  • KARLington

    I ran on the Custis/W&OD trails this AM – Custis way messier than W&OD in case you plan to bike commute tomorrow. ArlCo dudes with chainsaws out in force on the trails cleaning things up – thank you.

    Also saw the tree down on Ohio – one of the silver maples that always wreak havoc in storms because over time their roots disintegrate and they rot from the inside. If you have one, think about spending the money to get rid of it, even (especially) if it’s a big mature tree. Nothing but trouble.

  • Andrew

    To echo what KARLington said, I was on Custis trail from Lee Highway to 66 and it was kind of bad. One tree behind Italian Store had fallen and two trees on the path parallel to 66 west of George Mason were completely blocking the path. No one was working on them as of about 11 am.

    This could have been much worse though. Hopefully injuries are minimal…property damage can be fixed.

  • Just Me

    Thankfully this storm was much smaller than Isabel.

  • Ted williams

    W&OD at 3:00 PM was in great shape. Had a good ride and only a few pedestrians — one of them was on a motorized scooter, though. Thought about stopping and pointing out that motorized vehicles are prohibited, but decided not to.

    • Charles

      Wise move. You never know what nutcase is going to pretend he’s a real man and pull a gun on you. This IS Governor McHandgun’s Virginia after all.

  • Sickey Mimpson

    My houses fell on a few trees…..no major damage to report.

  • Michael

    It’s about time we bury those darn power lines, this county looks like the third world with all the visible power lines. Let’s forget about putting up new power lines for the trolly and use the money wisely.

    • No kidding!

    • that’s just the effect, not the cause

      Sorry Michael, but the issue isn’t above-ground power lines. The issue is people not taking responsibility for trimming/thinning their trees properly. Properly maintained trees don’t topple over.

    • drax

      1. Storm knocks out power.
      2. Somebody says “let’s bury the power lines!”
      3. Someone else notes that it costs about $1 million per mile to bury power lines.
      4. Silence.
      5. Repeat at next storm.

  • Timothy


  • what the..

    just curious…were any of those trees recently pruned and by that i mean butchered by dominion (asplundah) recently?? did any have ivy growing up them? i’m asking because the trees in my neighborhood had one whole side of the tree sheared off. the other side left intact. one could see how in a wind storm they might topple off because all the weight was on one side of the tree or the limbed up so high that the tree is top heavy. the ivy weakens the tree.

  • Joe

    The silver maple on Ohio had a ton of ivy on it, in addition to the fact that the roots disintegrate from the inside on those trees anyway.

    The silver maple from Ohio fell over onto the neighbor’s front yard and crushed the neighbor’s car. Is the homeowner who had the maple in the front yard going to be on the hook–do homeowners have a legal responsibility to make sure that trees on their property are in good health? My guess is NO, but I’m wondering if any of the legit lawyers out here have thoughts. Thanks.

  • Voted last week

    Q. What can withstand a hurricane more reliably than a tree?

    A. An outdated, unremoved Jaime Areizaga-Soto campaign sign.

    • Tabby

      I thought the same thing.

  • Octagon

    Did they destroy the circular driveway?


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