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Lubber Run Amphitheater Damaged by Hurricane Irene

by ARLnow.com August 29, 2011 at 1:55 pm 4,550 11 Comments

The newly-restored Lubber Run Amphitheater was damaged by a falling tree limb over the weekend.

The large, rotted tree limb, felled by the wind and rain of Hurricane Irene, hit the back of the amphitheater building and damaged the concrete brick parapet wall and capping. Some wiring also appeared to be damaged.

The damage is not enough to close the amphitheater for next weekend’s round of performances — the last of the summer — according to county spokeswoman Mary Curtius. She said that the power lines to the building are intact, but will be checked by an electrician. (Update at 2:05 p.m. — We’re now hearing that the power connection to the building may, in fact, have been damaged.)

The building will be repaired by a contractor, Curtius said. The county’s urban forester, meanwhile, will check the tree to make sure it doesn’t pose any additional danger.

Award-winning local rockers The Grandsons will perform at the amphitheater Friday night. On Saturday night the amphitheater will host a teen talent and movie night. Inception will be shown, rounding out the summer’s entertainment schedule.

Hat tip to twelvemilecircle.com

  • Southeast Ben

    now we just need a bank robbery and a restaurant (burger, froyo, etc) and we’ve covered all things arlington today.

    • Richard Cranium

      And even some things not-Arlington!


      Donaldson Run Resident

  • Frivolous

    We shall rebuild

  • Jezebel


  • Civic Activist

    I am waiting for the first County Board member to blame Herbert Hoover for this damage: “He was president when this tree was planted.” rather than admit to a “world class” backlog of deferred maintenance on County property.

  • Charles

    The Grandsons are not “rockers.” They’re very good but it’s ain’t rock.

  • Pablo Hector Ortiz-Diego

    never heard of this place

  • Chris Scheer

    Thanks Arlington County! We’re looking for another SRO crowd for the Grandsons performance at the amphitheater this Friday… It’s been a short but great and gratifying season for the amphitheater which has more than proven is worth to Arlington and the DC metro area as a unique, desirable and family-friendly live performance venue for the best talent this area has to offer… You should have seen the crowd dancing down front on hurricane eve… check the Lubber Run Amphitheater Facebook page for more info…

  • John Andre

    Wonder if this will affect the bluegrass and fiddling contest which used to be scheduled at Lubber Run aoa the weekend of the autumnal equinox. If next weekend’s performances were supposed to be the last of the season it’s possible that no fiddling contest was scheduled this year.

    • Greg

      The summer performances are ending but the facility is there year round. I think a bluegrass festival is a cool idea and it’s a great setting for it. If you have any contacts for previous festivals, you should try to see if something can’t be organized.

  • ArlForester

    That looks like at least $1.2 million in damage. Sincerely, the idiots at Neale Architects.


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