Power Outage Update

by ARLnow.com August 29, 2011 at 1:06 pm 3,268 11 Comments

(Updated at 1:15 p.m.) As of 1:00 this afternoon, nearly 1,800 Dominion customers were still without power, according to a spokesperson.

At its peak, immediately after Hurricane Irene left the area yesterday morning, more than 14,000 Dominion customers were in the dark in Arlington.

“Arlington, Alexandria and Springfield experienced some significant damage,” said Dominion spokeswoman Le-Ha Anderson. “Due to that, we know that it will be Tuesday night before all of those customers are restored.”

  • QPGirl

    We’re in Virginia Square and have no Verizon phone service. Has anyone else heard of anyone with that problem? Because Verizon itself is pretty much useless when it comes to sharing information.

    • JamesE

      A lot of buildings in the area “mysteriously” lost phone service during the strike.

      • QPGirl

        We just lost it Saturday/early Sunday.

  • Still out

    Out since late Saturday night in Aurora Highlands due to a downed tree. VA power is quoting between 5 and 11pm tonight for restoration, but haven’t seen any workers yet, so I’m not very confident.

    • Powerless

      Are you talking of the tree in the alley between Inge and Ives? I got the same info from Dominion. Also not confident, as I have seen no one out there.

      • Powerless

        The crews did an amazing job and restored power to our streets around 9:15pm. I hope everyone else still waiting for power restoration gets some good news today.

  • Arrrrrlington

    Good ‘ol Colonial Village never even flickered during the storm. We in Courthouse got L-U-C-K-Y.

    • JJane

      Is it me or has the electricity situation in Colonial Village significantly improved in the last year or so? Our power used to go out quite frequently, especially during bad weather. While it still goes out on occasion, it seems to have gotten a lot better.

      • Michael H.

        Maybe they moved the power lines underground?

  • Ballston

    We have power but no Verizon phone service either. What the….

  • Still out

    Yes, I’m talking about the tree in the alley between Ives and Inge. Thankfully they are out there working hard now! Crossing my fingers.


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