Artisphere Seeks Participants for Video Project

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Artisphere is going to be hosting an installation by NYC-based video artist Maya Ciarrocchi this fall. Before the work goes on display on Oct. 1, however, Ciarrocci needs members of the public to come to Artisphere to have their “video portrait” taken.

Participants who drop by between noon and 2:00 p.m., from Sept. 11 and 15, will be asked to stare at a video camera for nearly half an hour.

“Participants are welcome to move their body but are asked not to look away from the lens,” Artishpere said in a press release. “The work is very much about identity and what happens emotionally and physically when a body is asked to simply be in space and time. Additionally, the project aims to illustrate how place is defined by its inhabitants.”

More about the exhibit and how to volunteer, after the jump.

From Artisphere:

Artisphere presents an opportunity for the public to be part of the art with the latest installment of Maya Ciarrocchi’s newest video work, I’m Nobody! Who Are You, in the Works In Progress (WIP) Gallery from Saturday, September 10-Friday, September 23, 2011. The project will be shot from start to finish using members of the public from Sunday, September 11-Thursday, September 15. Ciarrocchi will edit the film during her onsite residency from Friday, September 16-Friday, September 23. The final work will be shown October 1-31 on Artisphere’s Town Hall Video Wall. Please note that from September 10-28, other video works by Ciarrocchi will be played in rotation on the Town Hall Video Wall during her onsite residency in the WIP Gallery. This interactive video project is an example of Artisphere’s continued commitment to engage the public in artistic creation as well as provide opportunities through exhibitions and programming to see and experience innovative and thought-provoking art.

Inspired by Emily Dickinson’s poem of the same name, I’m Nobody! Who are You?, is a multi-channel video installation comprised of life-sized video portraits exploring the question of identity and whether the mediated image can adequately reflect the reality of the subject. Each subject reveals a subtle, but visible, shift in response as his or her countenance evolves over time for an imagined viewer through the lens of the objective, ever present, camera. For the viewer, the tension of watching and being watched only subsides when he or she allows for a state of suspension away from place, time and narrative construct.

To “pose” for the piece all that is required is to stand in front of the camera for less than 30 minutes. Participants are welcome to move their body but are asked not to look away from the lens. The work is very much about identity and what happens emotionally and physically when a body is asked to simply be in space and time. Additionally, the project aims to illustrate how place is defined by its inhabitants. To be involved in the video work, members of the public can come to drop-in hours from Noon to 2pm every day from Sunday, September 11- Thursday, September 15 or reach out directly to the artist at [email protected] to schedule an appointment.

  • TGEoA

    Get the homeless to participate

  • Arlwhenever

    Wow, that’s incredible value! Without the Artisphere, where could they sit?

  • JamesE

    They are filming the sequel to The Money Pit.

  • KalashniKEV

    “Ciarrocci needs members of the public to come to Artisphere…”

    Whoa! That’s a tall order…

  • BUD


  • Mr. Brown

    Ugh…. this is a perfect analogy for the Artisphere.

    They just want people to do nothing, and be filmed, and this will become art. Can’t we just get them a few archived County Board meetings?

    • Bluemontsince1961

      +10, Mr. Brown!

    • Plunkitt of Clarendon Blvd

      Well to be fair county board meetings are kind of Shakespearean in a manner…..you know, “Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”…..

  • KalashniKEV

    They should offer a side event of anonymous public homosexual make out… isn’t how they got some people to show up there the last time? Has anyone ever gone there since?

    • Bert

      Great idea, Kev. How about you and a homeless guy? I would pay to see that.

      • KalashniKEV

        I’ll be there in drag.

      • Tabby

        I know just the homeless guy–the one who just abused me in front of the food trucks at Farragut Square. I saw a package of peanut butter crackers go flying, and asked him if they were his. Opened his mouth big to show me that he has only a few brown, elongated teeth left. ‘No teeth.” Not sure much would go down. Froyo?

        Anyway, I went to stand in line at the lobster truck and he cursed at me. Nice guy.

        • KalashniKEV

          Ummm… I think if I was going to make out with a homeless guy, we all know who it would be:

          “A pennnnny o’ a nickle fo’ a disabled vet’rin…”

  • Lou

    If someone shows up with a political message written on their forehead can they still participate?

  • I’d like to film faces of the taxpayers of Arlington as they are informed about how much money this place costs them, and then submit a synopsis of facial expressions as art.

    • Bluemontsince1961

      You nailed it, Overgrown Bush.

    • KalashniKEV

      We need an update on the budget… last time it was covered it was 75% below projected revenue. I’d like to be reimbursed the $7,300,000… and the giant check should have Fisette’s name at the top.

  • RosRes

    Sounds like a very interesting project. I look forward to seeing it!

    • Really?

      I guess if I were a psychologist maybe it would be of interest to watch people’s facial expressions for half an hour but really ?

      I long for the days when art was creating something that evoked beauty and joy in people and maybe took a little more than a single “clever” idea but no real talent.

      Now, its either gimmicks or things that are purposely meant to shock and abhor people. I’m not saying that it isn’t art if it is abhorant but it just seems that the people who run a lot of the modern art programming are always looking for the things that has never been done before and they need to look more for things of beauty and quality.

      Some stuff does stick with you. I saw an exhibit of Mona Hatoum’s “art” and it definately made an impression. See the picture at link below. A simple wheelchair with razor sharp knoves as handles. Ouch, and sick.


  • Bob

    Just put a camera on the Metro subway. There. Done.

    • NoTalentDude

      Lots of variations of this ‘art’ theme… ATM camera footage (“The Face of Money”), Bank surveillance footage (‘The face of ill-gotten money”). Footage of people’s faces in the audience at a County Board meeting would make a nice project.

      Here’s my artisphere art project


      But, the video of people just stitting there does have a certain … nihilist nothingness… about it (I feel I should be smoking a cigarette in one of those long cigarette holders when I say that)


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